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PuffendoifTs Law of Nature and

Nations, 30.
Hist, of Europe, 00.
Pullein (S.) Cult, of Silk, 60.
Pursuits of Literature, 164.


Quarterly Review, 175.
Quick (J.) Stjnodicon in Gallia, 11.
Quinctiliani (M. F.) Opera, 15S.
Quiuctilian's Institutions, by Guth-
rie, it,

Quinti Curtii, de Reb. Gcst. Alcx-

andri, 155.
Quintus Curtius, by Pratt, 156.


ftabbinical Writings,9.
Racine (J.) Oeuvres, de 172.
Radcliffe (A.)Jonr. thro' Holland,69.
Raleigh (SirW.) Report onAzores,7 2.

Essays, 170.
Ramond (L.) Jour. to Mont Perdu,

Ramsay (A.) Gent. Shcph. 167.
Ramsay (D.) Life of Washington,


Raphelii (G.) Annot. in Scrip. 8.
Rapin (M.) Hist. of Engl. 112.
Ray (J.) Philosopb. Letters, 41.

Synopsis Stirp.Britann. 43.
Raynal (VV. T.) Hist. des lades, 85.

Europ. Settl. in W. Ind. ib.
Real (M. de) Science du Gouverne-

ment, 24.
Reece (R.) Dom. Medieal Guide, 49.
Reed (W.) Tables of Gain and Dis-
count, 53.
Rees (Dr.) Cyclopedia, 57.
Reid (Tho.) Essays on Powers of the
Human Mind, 20.
Enquiry into Hum. Mind, ib.
Regnard (M.) Journey to Lapland.G<).
Reinbeck (G.) Trav. through Mos-
cow. 76.

Reinesii(T.)Synt. laser. Ant. 87.

Reliquix Wottonianx, 170.

Rennell (J.) Mem. of Map of Hin-

dostan, 78.
Renny (R.) Free Trade to E. I. 129.
Repertory of Arts, etc. S5.
Report of Bullion Committee, 26.
Of Society for Bettering Condi-
tion of the Poor, ib.
Reresby (Sir J.) Memoirs, 114.
Rerum Angl. Script, rarii, 110.
Retrospect of Dicov«ries, 36.

Reuilly (J.) Travels in Crimea, 7U.

Revealed Religion, 2.

Defences of, 12.
Revolutionary Plutarch, 136.

(Female) ib.
Reynolds (Bp.) Works, 17.

(Sir J.) Works, 58.
Rhazes de Variolis, 49.
Rhetoric, 143.

Riccii(A. M.) Dissert. Homer. 14S.
Richard (——-) Hist, of Tonquin,7».
Richardson (J.) Dissert, on Eastern
Literature, 128.
Arab,. and Per. Diet. 139.
Arab. Gram. 140.
(Prof.) Poems, 164.
Richer (T.) Hist, of Spain, 126.
Riedesel (M.)Trav. through Sicily,?!.
Riesbeck (C.) Trav. through Ger-
many, 69.
Ripa (C.) Iconologie, 88.
Ripley Revived, 20.
Ritson (J.) Engl. Anthol. 160.
Robert of Gloucester's, Chronicle,112.
I Roberts (Capt.) Ve yage to the Ca.
naries, 32.
Robertson (D.) Isle of Man, 161.
(G.) Mem. of Chart of China

Sea, 64.
(W.) Hist. of Scotl. 120.
Hist. of Char. V. 188.
Hist, of America, 130;
On India, 126.
Rodoginus (Ir.) Diff. between the E.
and W. Churches, 14.
; Roe (Sir Tho.) Voy. to E. Indies, 76,
I Roemer (J. J.) Gen. Insect. Linn.44.
Rogers (Sam.) Pleas, of Mem. l64.
Rollin (M.) Ancient History, 93.
Hist. Romaine, 96.
Belles Lettres, 144.
Roman History and Antiquities, 94.
Roscoe (W.) Life of Lorenzo de Me-
dici, 136.
Life of Lec X. 46.
Rose (Geo.) Observations on Fox'»

James II. ] 15.
Rous (ft.) Archtzol. Altica, §4.
Rousseau (J.J.) Diet, de Musiqne,5<S.
Ronsset (M.) Rec. des Traites, 124.
Royal Society of Lond. TransacttOWt
6f, 34.

Of Edinb. Transactions, 3S
Irish Academy, Transact. ib.

Rubruquis (W.) Trav. in Tartary,7*.

Rudiments of Aire. Architecture, S$.

Rugen (Island) Tonr of, 68.

Ruhnkenii (D.) Schol. in Flat*-
nem, 149.
Opuscula, a Kidd. 14$.

Rural Ectnomy, 5*.

Ruseam (R.) Coiintr. Jewel, 59.
Kusssell (A.) Nat. History of Alep-
po, 74.

(Lady) Letters, 134.

(P.) Treat, of Plague, 49.

(W.) Hist. ofAntieut and Mo-
dem Europe, 90.
Russia. Hist. <>f, 123.
Russian, Germ, and Fr. Diet. 139.
Rutherforth (T.) Nat. Phil. 38.
Rutty (J.) Hist. of Quakers, 16.
Ruyschii (F.) Opera, 46.
Rycaut (Sir P.) Lives of Popes, 92.


Sage (M.) Descr. du Cabinet des

Mines, 41.
Sainbel (C. V.) Veterinary Art, 60.
Saincte,Marthe (Sc.) Gen. Hist. of

Portugal, 126.
St. Palaye (M. de) Anc. Chiv. 122.
St. Vincent (M.) Voyage on African

Seas, 82.

Sallengre (Alb.) Norm Thes. Ant.

Rom. 9$.
Salmon (Mr.) Chron. Hist. 112.
Salvo (Marq. de) Tour from Italy,71
Sallustii Opera, is6.
Sallust, translated by Steuart, ib.

by Murpby, ib.
Samoiedia, Amount of, 74.
Sanchoniatho'j Pben. Hist. 93.
Sanderson (P.) Antiquities of Dur-
ham, 103.

(W.) Graphice, 58.
Sappho's Works, by Fawkes, ib.
Supphus Fragment. Gr. Lat. 150.
Sarbievii (M.) Carmina, 158.
Sarytschew (G.) Voy. of Discov. 76.
Saugnier(Mj Voyage to Africa, 81.
Saumarez (R.) Principles and Ends
of Philosophy, 38.

Syst. of Physiology, 49.
Saunders (W.) on Mineral Waters,

Saunderson (N.) Elem. of Algebra,


Saurin (M.) Disc, snv la Bible, 8.
Saussure (M.) Tra. to M. Blanc, 71.
Sauveur (A. G.) Trav. through Ba-
learic Islands, 78.
Sarage (J.) Librarian, 174.
Scapulae Lexicon, Gr. Lat. 139.

Appendix, ib.
Scheele (C. W.) on Air and Fire, 51.
Schleusneri (J. F.) Lexicon post
Bielium, 3.

Lexicon in Nov. Test. Gr. 6.
Ssuuicisttr (J.G.) Miueralogy, 41.

Schmidii (Erasmi) Concordant. in

Nov. Test. 6.
Schwicr (E.) Dutch Gram. 140.
Scott (W.) Minstrelsy, 165.

Lay of last Minstrel, ib.

Marmion, ib.

Lady of Lake, ib.

Ballads, ib.

Vision of Don Roderick, »6.
Scotch Acts, 30.

Scotland, Topography and Hist, of,

Scott (Dr.) Append, ad Steph. The«.

Scriptores Graci, 144.

Latini. 151.
Scriptures, 2—4.

Scriptores Rei Rustics Latini, 13G.

Sculpture, 57.

Seeker (Abp.) on Catechism, 18.
Seguierii (J. F.) Plant. Vcron. 43.
Selden (J.) Works, Lat. and Eng.

by Wilkins, 170.
Selec. from Gent. Mag. 170.
Selkirk (E ) on Emigration, 26,120.
Semple (R.) Travels in Spain, 72.
Senecae (M. A. Rhet.) Opera, 156.

(L. Ann. Phil.) Opera, i6.

Epistles, by Morell.ii.

Works, by Lodge, 16. I

Morals, by L'Estrange, 16.
Sermons, j6.

Seume (J. G.) Tour thVo' Germ .6y.
Sevigne (M. de) Letters, 172.
Seward (Anna) Letters, 134, 170.

Poetical Works, 165.

(W.) Anecdotes, 134, 136.

Biographiana, 136.
SeweU (W.) Hist, of Quakers, 16.

Dutch and Eng. Diet. 139.
Seymour (C.) Survey of Kent, 104.
Shakspeare (W.) Plays, by Johnson,
Stevens, and Reed, 167.

with Index, by Ayscough, ib.
Sharpe (G.) lntr. to Un. Hist. 90.
Shaw (Dr. Geo.) Gen. Zoology, 38.

Zoolog. Lectures, ib.

(P.)NewMeth.of Chemistry,52.

(Tho.) Travels in Barbary, 81.

(S.) Tour to West of Engl. 100.
Shee (M. A.) Elements of Art, 58,

Shepard (Tho.) Theses Sabbaticv, 13.
Shepherd (A.) Tables of Refract, and

Parallax, 55.
Sheridan (T.) Lect. on Elocut. 144.
Srbscota (G.) Deaf and Dumb Man'a

Discourse, 144.
Sigonri (Car) Fasti Consulares, fj$.
Silii Italic! Punic. Lib. XVII, 15ft.
SimpsoB (Dr.) Plea for Religion, lit
Simsonii(E.) Chronicon, 90.
Sjeddadi (B. F.) Vita Saladini, 127.
Skene (SirJ.)AuldLawesofScotl.33.
Skinner (St.) Etym. Ling. Augl. 139.
Skrine (H.) Tour in Wales, 118.
Sloane (Sir H.) Hist, of Jamaica, 85.
Smart (J.) Interest Tables, 53.
Smeaton (J.) Acc. of Edyst. Light
House, 59, 102.

Acc. of Ramsgate Harbour,l64.
Smellie(W.) Philos. of Nat. Hist.38.
Smith (Ad.) Theory of Mor.Sent.22.

Wealth of Nations, 26.

(Eliz.) Fragments, 170.

(Dr. J. E.) Intr. to Botany, 43.
, Flora Britannica, ib.

Tour on the Continent, 71.

(John) Select Discourses, 18.

(John) Memoirs of Wool, 26.

(Rob.)Syst. of Optics, 55.

Harmonics, 56.

(Tho.) Wond. of Nat. & Art,67.
Smithurst (B.) Brit. Glory, 122.
Smollett (Tob.) Hist, of Engl. ill.
Snelgrave(W.)Account of Guiuea,81.
Solini (C. J.) Polyhistor, 156.
Solvyn(B.) Costume of Hindostan,78.
Somers (Ld.) Coll. of Tracts, 170.
Somner (W.) Ant. of Cant. 104.

Treat, of Gavelkind, ib.

Diet. Sax. Lat. Angl. 139.
Sonnini (C. S.) Trav. in Egypt, SO.
Sophocles, Tragedies, by Franklin,

by Potter, ib.
South CDr.) Sermons, 18.
Southey (Rob.) Chron. of Cid. 126.

Hist, of Brazil, 130.

Spec, of English Poets, 160.

Metr. Tales, 165.

Poems, ib.

Madoc, ib.


Curse of Kehama, ib.
Sowerby (J.) Elucid. ofColours, 58.
Spain, Trav. in, 72.

History of, 126.
Spallanzani (L.) Trav. in Sicilies, 71.
Sparrman (A.) Voyage to Cape of

Good Hope, 82.
Speed (J.) Hist, of Britain, 112.
Spelman (Sir H.) Works, 170.

VitajElfredi, 114.
Spence (Isab.) Scot. Scenery, ] 20.

(J.) Polymetis, 88.
Spenser (Edm.) Works, by Todd,l65.
Spilsbury (F.B.) Voyage to Africa, 81
Spitsbergen, Jouru. of Seamen at,6s.
Stackhouse (T.) Illustr. of Tumuli,

« 100.

(Tho.) Hist. of Bible, 8.

Stafforde (,—) Niobe, 18.
Stanhope (Ld.) on Tuning Tnstr. 56.
Stauihurst (R.) Descr.of Ireland,121.
Stanley (T.) Hist, of Philosophy, 19.
State Papers, ll6.

Miscell. Collection of, »6.
State Trials, collection of, 29.
Statii (C. P.) Opera, 156.
Staunton (Sir G.) Embassy to China,

Stavorinus (J. S.) Acc. of Java, 79.
Stedman (J. G.) Surinam,

Steel (Mr.) Argument, 33.
Stephani (H.)Thes. Ling. Gr. 139.
Stephens(AL) Hist. of War, 115.
Stevens (G. A.) Lect. on Heads, 170.
Stewart (D.) Philos. of Mind, 20.

Philosoph. Essays, ib.

(Sir J.) Principles of Money, 26.
Stillingfleet (Bp.) Orig. Sacra:, 14.
Stosch (Ph. de) Gemmae Ant. 87-
Stone (A. D.) Diseases of Stomach,

Storch (H.) Pict. of Petersburgh, 76.
Stow (J.) Survey of London, 106.
Strabonis Geographia, Gr. Lat. 150,
Strass (Fr.) Stream of Time, 90.
Stuart (G.) View of Society, 26.

Hist, of Ref. in Scotland, 120.
Suetonii Opera, 156.
Suetonius. by Thomson, ib.
Suidae Lexicon, Gr. Lat. 139.
Sullivan (J.) Tracts on India, 129.
Sully (Duke of) Memoirs, 125.
Surgery, 46.

Sutherland (Capt.) Tour to Constan-
tinople, 74.
Swammerdam (J.) on Insects, 44.
Sweden, History of, 123.
Swift (Dr.) Works, 170.;
Swinburne (H ) on Wills, 30.

Travels in Sicilies, 71.

Travels in Spain, 72.
Swinden (H.) Hist, of Yarmoulh,107
Switzer (S.) Syst of Waterworks,55.
Switzerland, Travels thro*, 70.

History of, 124.
Sydenham (Tho.) Opera medica, 49.
Sydney (Sir P.) Works, 170.
Sylvester (N.) Life of Baxter, 134.
Symeonis (Dunelm.) Hist. Dunelm.

Symcs (M.) Embassy to Ava, 79,
Symmons (Ch.) Life of Milton, 134.


Taciti (C.) Opera, 157.
Tacitus, transl. by Murphy, ib.

Talmud Bahylomcum, 10.
Tanner (T.) Notit. Monast. 100.
Tansillo( Nurse. byRoecoe, 172.
Tartary, Account of, 74.
Tassie (J.) Catal. of Gems, 87.
Tasso's Jerusalem Delivered, by

Hoole. 172.
Tatham (W.) Inland Navigation, 59.
Tatiani Oratio ad Graecos, 12.
Tatischeef (M.) Russian Laws, 30.
Tatler, 170. ,

Tavernier ( ) Voyages to the

East, 79.
Taylor (C.) Rec. of Literat. 174.

(J.) Mann. Saqvic. 104.

(Jer.) Sermons, is.

(Tho.) Parable of Sower, 18.

(Tho.) Arithm. of Infinites, S3.
Teignmouth (Ld.) Life of Sir Wm.
, Jones, 134.

Temple (Sir W.) Works, 170.
Tench (Capt.) Acc. of Port Jack-
son, 79.
Tennant (Dr.) Ind. Recr. 129.
Terentii Comediae. 157.

Terence, by Colman. ib.
Terry (E.) Voyage to E. Indies, 79.
Teschemacher (J. R.) Table of Ex-
changes, 53.
Testamentum (Vetus) 2.
Testamentum (Novum) 4.

Gr. a Woide, ib.

Gr. Bezae, ib.

Gr. R. Stephani. ib.

Gr. tat. Montani, ib.

Gr. Millii et Kusteri, ib.

Gr. Wetstenii, ib.

Gr. Baskervillii, ib.

Gr. a Hardy, ib.

Gr. Harwood, 16.

Gr. Griesbachii, 5.

Syr. Gutbirii, ib.

Engl, by Wieliffe, ib.
Theocritus, by Fawkes, 150.

by Polwhele, ib.
Theology, 1.

Theophrasti Characteres, 150.

Hist. Plant. Gr. Lat. ib.
Thesaurus th eologico,philologicus,6.
Thompson (C.) Voy. in Europe, 74.
Thomson(Dr.) Elem.of ChemistrySl.

System of Chemistry, ib.
Thornton (T.) Present State of Tur-
key. 74.

Thorpe (J.) Regist. Roffense, 104.

(Serj.) Charge at York, 33.
Thucydidis Hist. Gr. Lat. 150.

Thucydides,by Smith, ib.
Tibet, Descriptions of, 74.
Tibullus, 151.

Elegies, by Grainger, 16.

Tighe (Mrs.) Psyche, 165.
Tilloch (At.) Philos. Magazine, 35.
Tillotson (Abp.) Works, 18.
Timaei Lex. Platonic. 150.
Timour, Institutes of, 128.
Todd (Tho.) Perp. Astron. Kal. 55.
Tongataboo, Narrative of, 79.
Tooke (J. H.) Div. of Purley, 140.

(W.) View of Russian Em-
pire, 76,123.

Hist, of Russia, 123.

Life of Catharine, ib.
Topography of England,inGeneral,97

of particular Counties, 101.
Torr (J ) Antiq. of York, 109.
Tournefort (M.)Voyage to Levant,74
Townsend (Jos.) Journey through

Spain, 72.
Tractt, viz.

On Eccles. Discipline, 11.

Political, 26.

Miscellaneous, 170.

On High Price of Provi. 26.
Transactions of Philos. Soc. 34.

R. S. of Edniburgh, 35.

R. Irish Academy, ib.

Society of Arts, ib.

Horticult. Society, it.

R. Humane Society, ib. 50.
Travis (G ) Letters to Gibbon, 14.
Treaties, ll6.

Trial of the Witnesses, 14.
Trotter (Dr.) on Drunkenness, 50.
Trotter (J. B.) Mem. of Fox, 134.
Tucker (A ) Light of Nature pur-
sued, 20.

Tuckey (J. P.) Voy. to New South

Wales, 79.
Tuke (H.) Duties of Religion, 16.

Principles of Religion, ib.
Tunkin, Expose Statisque du, 77.
Turkish History, 126.
Turubull (J.) Voy. round World, 68.
Turner (S.) Acc. of Tibet, 76.
Turpin (—) History of Siam, 76.
Tymme (Th.) Silver Watch Bell, 18.
Typographical Hist. % Antiq. 172.
Tyrrell (Ja.) Hist, of England, 112.
Tytler (A. F.) Elem. of History, 90.

Principles of Translation, 143.


Ulloa (A.) Voyage to S. America, 84.
United Prov. Hist. of, 124.
Universal History, 88.

from earliest Accounts, 90.
Universal Magazine, 175.
Usserii (J.) Annates N. T. 8.


Valentin (Ld.) Trav. to India, etc.79.
Valerii Flacci Argonautica, 157.

Maxim Diet, ct Fact. ib.
Valesii (Ant.) Hist. Franc. 124.
Valle (P.) Travels in Persia, 76.
Valpy (Dr.) Gr. Gram. 140.
Vancouver (Capt) Voyage, 68.
Van Helmont (F. M.) Paradoxical

Discourses, 38.
Van Swieten (G ) Comm. in Bocrhaa-

vii Aphorismos, 5O.
Vau Voorst (J .) Address to Gas Light

Co. 51.

Varro (M. T.) de Ling. Lat. 157.

de Re Rustica, ib.
Vassor(M.) LouisXIII. 125.
Vattel (M.) Law of Nations, 30.
Velleius Paterculus, 157.
Verdun, Picture of, 70.
Verueiden (J.) Effig. Theologorum,

Versailles, Description de, 70.
Verstegan (R.) Rest, of Dec. Intell.

Vertot (Abbe) Revol. Romanies, 96.

Veterinry Art, 60.

Vida's Art of Poetry, 158.

Vieyra (Ant ) Portug. and Engl.

Diet. 139.
Vincent (Dr.) Voy. of Nearchus, 63.

Periplus of Erythr. Sea, ib.
Virgilii Opera Burmauui 157.

Ed. Bipont. ib.
Cod. Med. Laur. ib.
Virgil, Lat. and Eng. by Pitt
and Wharton, ib.

Engl, by Ogilby, ib.
by Dryden, ib.
Virloys (M.) Diet. d'Architect. 60.
VUringa(C) Com. iu Jesaiam, 8.
Vitruvii Architectura, 137.
Vocabulario della Crusca, 139.
Volney (C. F) Travels in Syria,

&c. 81. •
Von Troil (Dr.) Lett, on Iceland,70.
Voyages and Travels, 64.

Modern and Contemp. Collect,
of, 64.

to South Pole, and round the

World, 67.
Sweden, Denmark, Germany,

&c. 68.

Netherlands, France, ice. 70.

Spain and Portugal, 72.

Greece, the Levant, Asia Mi-
nor, and Palestine, ib.

Russian Empire, Tartary and

East 1adies and China, 77.

Voyages aud Travels cont."

Asiatic Islands, Australasia,

Polynesia, 79.
Africa in General, 80.
Abyssinia,E gypt and Nuba,i 6.


Wake (Abp.) Epistles of the Apos-
tolic Fathers, 11.
Wakefield (G.) Life of himself, 135.

Transl. from Juvenal, &c. 152.
Wales,Topography and Hist, of, 118.
Walker (A.) Syst. of Nat. Phil. 38.

(G.) Doctrine of Sphere, 55.

(J.) Pronounc. Diet. 139.
Wallace (R.) Numbers of Mankiud,


Waller (Ed.) Poems, 165.
Walpole (Sir R.) Hist, of his Ad-
min. 115.

(Hor. E. of Oxford) Works,J71.
Walthers (Tho.) Flora Carolin. 43.
Walton (J.) Complete Angler, 60-

Lives, 135.

(W.) State of Span. Col. 34.
Wanley (N.) Wonders of Little

World, 21.
Warburton (Bp.) Works, 176.
Letters to Bp. Hurd. 171.

Ward( )Three Convers. of Eng.


Ware (Ja.) on the Eye, 46.

(Sir J.) Works on Ireland, 121.
Waring (E. S.) Tonr to Sehiraz,76.
Warmstry(T ) Ac. of Bapt. Turk,92.
Warren (E.) Poet's Day, 166.
Warrington(VV.) Hist.of Wales,i 18.
Warton (J.) Essay on Pope, 143.

Obs. on Spenser, ib.

Poetical Works, 166.
Watson (Bp.) Apologies, 14.

(R.) Hist of Phil. II.126.

Hist.of Phil. III. ib.
Webb (P. C.) Acc. of Domesday
Book, 34.

Account of Oanegeld, ib.

on Heraclean Table, 87.
Webster (W.) Pract. Math. 53.
Weinmauni (J. G.) Phytanthoza,43.
Weld (Is.) .Travels in North Ame-
rica, 83.

Wellesley (Marq.) Marhatta War, •

West (G ) on Resurrection, 14.

(Mrs.) Lett, to young Man, 23.

Letters to youne Lady, ib.

(Tho.) Ant. of Furness, 104.
Weyland(J.) on Educ. of Poor, 28.
Whartoni (H.) Jnglia Sacra, 117.

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