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on Walcheren Fever, ib.
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Criticism, 141,

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tions, 39.

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man, 146.
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Charters of, 129.
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Law, 29.
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Ottoman, 73.

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Douce (Fr.) Illustr, of Shakespeare,

Education, 22.

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Hist. of Domingo, ib.
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etc. 141.

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Gleaner, 163.

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Literary Hours, 141.

Spec. of metrical Rom. ib.
Drama, 166.

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Drew (S.) On the Resurrection, 20. Encyclopædia Britannica, 56.
Drury (R.) Advent. in Madagas-

Perthensis, ib.
car, 82,

Eufield (Dr.) History of Philoso-
Dryden (J.) Prose Works, 169.

phy, 19.
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Ducarel (A.C.) Anglo-Gall.Coins 86.

neral, 97.
Dufour (P.S.) Traité du Café, 47.

Topography,etc.of Counties, 101
Du Fresne (C.) Gloss. med. et in-

Chronicles & Gen. History, 109.
fim. Latin. 138.

Hist. during particular periods,
med, et inf. Græcitat. ib.

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Parl. History, 116.
Du Fresnov (L.) Chron. Tables, ss. Eccles. Hist. of, 117.
Dugdale (Sir W.) Inibanking, 5g.

English Topographer, 99.
Monasticon Anglicanum, 99, Entomology, 43.

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Du Halde(J.B.) la Chine,78. Episcopii (Sim.) Opera, 16.
Description of China, ib.

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Du Mont (Sieur) Voy. to Levant, 73.

sbire, 108.
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Med. Aunals, ib.

Erpenii(T.Hist. Saracen. 127.
Duncan (W.) El. of Logic, 20. Erskine (La.) Speeches, 32.
Dundonald (Ld.) connect, between! Espriell's Lett. from Eugland, 99.

Agric. and Chemistry, 58. Estates Tail, Treatise on, 32.
Du Lac (P.) Trav, in Louisiana, 83.

Ethics, 21.
Dupin (L. E.) Eccl. Hist. 91.

Eton (W.) Survey of Turkish Em-
Du Pratz (M.) Hist. of Louisiana,83.

pire, 73.
Durham (Bp.) Tracts, 16.

Euclidis Opera, 52.
Dutens (M) Mem. of himself, 135. Elements, by Leake, ib.
Du Vargas (P.) Traité de Metall.40. Elements, by Simson, ib.
Dyde (w.) History of Tewkes-

Elements, by Whiston, ib.
bury, 103.

ll Euleri (L.) Theoria Musicæ, 56.

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