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† LALANDE (J. de) Bibliographie Astronomique ; avec l'Histoire de l'Astronomje, depuis 1781, jusqu'à 1802, 4to.

Paris, 1803 4 SAVAGE (James) The Librarian: an Analysis of Books, 8vo. . 3 vols.

Lond. 1808-09 TAYLOR (Cha.) Records of Literature, or Literary Annual Register, 8vo. 2 vols.

Lond. 1808

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*+ BIBLIOTHECA HEATHIANA, cum pretiis in MS, 8vo.


Lond. 1789 ** CATALOGUE of the Library of the ATHENÆUM, at Liverpool, 8vo.

Liverp. 1802 ** CATALOGUE of the BIRMINGHAM Library, 8vo. Birm. 1807 *CATALOGUE of the Library of the Medical Society of London, 8vo.

Lond. 1803 CATALOGUE of the Library of Isaac REED, Esq. 8vo.

Lond. 1807 4 CATALOGUE of the Library of the Royal INSTITUTION, 8vo.

Lond. 1809 ** CATALOGUE of the Library of the RusseLL INSTITUTION, 8vo.

Lond. 1809 *+ CATALOGUS BIBLIOTHECÆ HARVARDIANÆ, Cantai brigiæ Nov-Anglorum, 8vo. Boston, (N. Am.) 1790


Literary Journals.

** ACKERMANN (R.) Repository of Arts, Literature, Com. merce, Politics, etc. to the present time, royal svo.

Lond. V. Y. † AMERICAN MUSEUM, or Repository of Fugitive Pieces, 8vo. 13 vols.

Philadelphia, 1790-99 ANALYTICAL REVIEW, 8vo. 29 vols.

Lond. 1788-99 ANTIJACOBIN REVIEW, 1808 to the present time, 8vo.

Lond. V. Y.


ATHENÆUM: a Magazine of Literary and Miscellaneous In. formation, 8vo. 5 vols.

Lond. 1807-09 BAILLET (Adrien) Jugemens des Savans sur les principaux Ouvrages des Auteurs, 4to. 7 tom.

Paris, 1724 of British CRITIC, complete to the present time, with Index, 8vo.

Lond. V. Y. † BRITISH REVIEW, and London Critical Journal, complete to the present time, 8vo.

Lond. V. Y. CHRISTIAN OBSERVER, 1808 to the present time, 8vo. Lond. V. Y. CLASSICAL JOURNAL, 8vo. vols. 1, 2.

Lond. V. Y. CRITICAL REVIEW, New Series, 1804 to the present time,

Lond. V. Y. ECLECTIC REVIEW, complete to the present time, svo.

Lond. V. Y. EDINBURGH Review, complete to the present time, 8vo.

Lond. V. Y. EUROPEAN MAGAZINE, 1808 to the present time, 8vo..

Lond. V. Y. † GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, complete to the present time, with Indexes, 8vo.

Lond. V. Y. MERCURE DE FRANCE, 1807 jusqu'à 1810, 8vo. 12 tom.

.: Paris, V. Y. MONTHLY MAGAZINE, 1796 to the present time, 8vo.

Lond. V. Y. MONTHLY MIRROR, (New Series) 8vo. 8 vols. Lond. 1808-10 of MONTHLY Review, complete to the present time, 8vo.

Lond. V. Y † Ayscough (Sam.) General Index to the Monthly Review to 1789, 8vo. 3 vols.

Lond. 1786-96 NAVAL CHRONICLE, 1808 to the present time, 8vo.

Lond. V. Y. QUARTERLY REVIEW, 1809 to the present time, svo.

Lond. V. Y. UNIVERSAL MAGAZINE, 1808 to the present time, 8vo.

Lond. V. Y.


Anacreon. The Odes of Anacreon translated into English

Verse, with Notes, by Thomas Moore, 4to. Lond. 1300. ARCHENHOLTZ (J. W. d’) Histoire des Flibustiers, 8vo.


explica el verdadero sentido de las voces, su naturaleza.
y calidad, con las phrases o modos de hablar, los Pro-
verbios o refranes, y otras cosas convenientes al uso de
la lengua, fol. 6 tom.

Madrid, 1796 GILPIN (Wm.) Three Essays on Picturesque Beauty, on

Picturesque Travel, and on sketching Landscapes;
with a Poem on Landscape Painting, and two Essays on
his own Drawings, 8vo.

Lond. 1808 HOMER. The Iliad of Homer translated into English Blank Verse, with Notes, by Wm. Cowper, 8vo. 4 vols.

Lond: 1809 + THE PANTOLOGIA; comprehending a complete Series of

Essays, Treatises, aud Systems, alphabetically arranged,
with a General Dictionary of Arts, Sciences, and Words;
by J. M. Good, Olinthus Gregory, and Newton Bos-
worth. Parts I.-XL. royal 8vo.

Lond. V. Y.


Alison (A.) Essay on Taste, 141.

Alison (Capt.) Voy, from Archan-
Abu'lfedæ Vita Moham. 126.

gel, 75.
Account of Marriage, 21.

America, History of, 136.
Accum (Fr.) Anal. of Minerals, 39 Actes etMemoires des Etats Unis,ib.

Man. of Anal. Mineralogy, ib. America, (North) Travels in, 82, 83.
Anal, of Cheltenham Waters,40. (South) Travels in, 84.
Chemistry, 50.

American Islands, Trav. in, 85.
Chemical Amusements, ib.

Museum, 174.
Syllabus of Chem. Lectures ,

Americi Vesputii Navigat. 84.
Achilles Tatius, 144,

Ames aud Herbert's Typogr. Hist.
Ackermann (R.) Repos, of Arts,

by Dibdin, 173.
etc. 174.

Ammiani Marc. Hist. Rom. 151.
Adair (J.) Hist. of Am. Ind. 82 Anacreon's Odes, by Addison, 145.
Adam (A1.) Rom. Antiq. 94.

by Fawkes, ib.
Adam (Rob.) Religious World Dis by Moore, 176.
played, 90.

Analytical Review, 174.
Adams (G.) on Electricity, 38. Anatomy, 46.
(Dr.) Laws of Epidemics, 47.

Anderson, (Æ.) Exped. to Egypt, 80.
Addington (Sir W.)Penal Statutes, 30. Anderson (Dr.) Lives of British
Addison (J.) Obs. on Italy, 70.

Poets, 131.
Works, 168.

Coll. of British Poets, 156.
Addison (L.) Revol, of Morocco,127. Andocidis Orat, Gr. 145.
Adolphus (J.) Hist. of Engl. 115.

Andrews (J.) Hist. of Engl. 111.
Hist. of France, 125.

Andronicus Rhodius, Etnics, 145.
Cabinet of Brit. Portraits, 131. Annales de Chimie, 36.
Ælian's Tactics, by Bingham, 61,144.

Annual Register, 89.
Æschinis Orationes Gr. Reiskii, 144. Anquetil (M.) Summary of Univ.,
Oration, by Leland, ib.

His. 69.
Æschylus, Tragedies, by Potter, 144.

Anthologia Græca, 145.
Æsopicarum Fab. Delect. 144.

Anthologia Persica, 130.
Africa, Hist. of, 80.

Antijacobin Review, 174.
African Association, Proceedings, ib. Antiphontis Orationes, Gr. 143.
Agriculture, 58.

Antisthenis Oratio, Gr. ib.
· Aikin (A. and C. R.) Dict. of I Antiquarian Repertory, 97
Chem. 50.

Antiquités Etrusques, 86.
Aikin (J.) Geogr. Delin. 62.

Antiquities, 86.
Descr. of Manchester, 104.

of Herculaneum, by Martyn &
Gen. Biography, 130.

Lettice, ib.
Life of Huet, 135.

Antonini Iter Britanniarum, 97.
Essays, 141.

Antoniuus (M.) Meditations, 145.
Letters to his Son, ib.

Apollonii Pergæi Conica, 52.
Letters on Eng. Poetry, ib. Apollonius Rhodius, Argonautics,
Poems, 160.

Aikin(Lucy) Epistles on Women, 160 H Apuleii Opera, 151.
Ainsworth (R.) Eng. Dict.137. !| Arabia, Travels in, 74.
Albinus (B. S.) Anat. Tables, 46.

Arabian Hist. 126.
Alcidamantis Orat. Gr. 144.

Archevboltz (J. W. d’) Hist. des
Alciphron's Epistles, by Beloe, 145.

Flibustiers, 176.
Alfieri (Vict.) Life of himself, 135. || Architecture, 59.
Algebra, 52.

Gothic, Essays on, ib.

of, 59.

Architecture, Ancient, Rudiments | Bailly(M.)Astronomie Moderne, 58.

Discours et Memoires, 171.
Architectural Society's Essays, ib. | Bailey (F.) on Int. aud Andu. 52.
Ariosto, Orlando Furiosto, Ital. and |Baker's Refl. on Learning, 141.
Engl. 171.

Balbi (G.) Voyage to Pegu, 77.'
Engl. by Hoole, ib.

Balfour (F:) Forms of Herkern, 130.
Aristophanes' Clouds, 145.

Ball (J.) Odes, 160.
Aristotelis Opera, Gr. Lat. 145.

Bampton Lectures, 12.
Rhetorica, Gr. Lat. ib.

Bancroft(Dr.) Exper. on Colours,60.
Works, trans. by Taylor, 146.

Nat. Hist. of Guiana, 84.
Arithmetic, 52.

Bannatyne (R.) Hist. of Scot. 118.
Arscott (A.) on Christ. Rel. 15. Barbauid (À. L.) Poems, 160.
Arts of Peace, 56.

Barbut (J.) Genera Vermium, 44.
and Sciences, ib.

Barclay (R.) Life, 15.
of War, 61.

Apology, Eng. and Fr. 15.
Aschami (R.) Epistolæ, 131.

Works, ib.
Ashe (Tho.) Tra. in America, 83.

Baretti (J.) Ital. & Engl. Dict. 137.
Asiatic History, 127.

Baron (S.) Descr. of Tonqueen, 77.
Researches, ib.

Barrett (J.) Life of Swift, 131.
Astronomy, 53.

Barrington (D.),Obs. on Statutes, 31.
Athenæi Deipnosophistæ, 146. Barron (w.) Lect. on Logic, &c. 143.
Athenæum, (the) 175.

Barrow (Dr. J.) Works, 16.
Athenian Letters, 94.

Barrow (J.) Trav. in China, 77.
Atlases, 63.

Voy, to Cochin China, ib. 89.
Aubrey (J.) Miscellanies, 19.

Trav. in Africa, 82.
Auctores Classici, 144.

Barry (Sir E.) on Wines of Antients,
Græci, ib.

Latini, 151.

Barthelemy (J.J.) Trav. in Italy, 70.
Augustini (S.) de civitate Dei, 11.

Travels of Anacharsis, 94.
Auli Gellii Noct. Atticæ, 151.

Bartoli (P. S.) Pitture Antiche, 94.
Aulus Gellius, by Beloe, ib.

Bartram (w.) Trav. in Carolina, 83.
Ausonii Opera, 151.

Bates (E.) Rural Philosophy, 21.
Austin (G.) Cheironomia, 143.

Christian Politics, 23.
Avieni Descr. Orbis, 151.

Bates (Dr. W.) Works, 16.
Ayeen Akbery, 127.

Bath Papers, 58.
Aymon (M.) Religion des Grecs, 10. Battely (J.) Antiq. Rutup. 104.
Ayscough (S.) Index to Monthly Re- I Bausset (Mr.) Life of Fenelon, 135.
view, 175.

Baxter (W.) Life and Times,
Index to Shakspeare, 167.

Pract. Works, 16.

Dying Thoughts, ib:

Bayeri(T. s.) Museum Sinic. 137.

Bayle (P.) Dict. Historique, 131.

Historical Dictionary, ib.
Bacon (Ld.) Essays, 21, 168.

Baynes (P.) Diocesau's Tryall, 10.
Works, 168.

Beattie (Dr.)
(Matt.) Abridg. of Law, 31.

Evidences of Christ Rel. 12.
(Nat.) Government of Eng. ib.

Essay on Truth, 21.
Bacstrom (Dr.) Voy. to Spitsbergen,

Elem. of Moral Science, ib.

Dissertations, 141.
Baggs (S.) on Public Credit, 25.

(Dr. and J. H.) Poems, 160.
Bail (MÌ.L.) Summa Conciliorum, 10. Beaufoy (H.) Scloppetaria, 61.
Bailey (N.) Ger. and Eng. Dic. 137. Beaumont and Fletcher's, Dramatic
Bailey (A.M.) Descr. of Mach.53.

Works, 166..
Baillet (Adr.) Jugemens des Sa Beaven (T.) on Prim. Christ, 15.
vans, 175.

Beccaria (M.) on Crimes and Punishe
Baillie (J.) Plays on the Passions,

ments, 23.

Beckford (W.) Descr. of Jamaica,85.
Baillie (Matt.) Morb. Anat. 46. Bedell (Bp.) Sermons, (Irish) 16.
Bailly (M.) Astronomie Ancien Beeckman(D.) Voyage to Borneo,79.
ne, 53.

Belfast Society's Select Papers, 35.
Astronomie Indienne, ib.

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