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Drayton (Mich.) Polyolbion; a Description of Great Britain, 8vo. Anderson, vol. 3 Selden (John) Illustrations of Drayton's Polyolbion, fol. Works, vol. 3

If Dugdale (Sir Win.) Monasticon Anglicanum; or History of ancient Abbies, Monasteries, Hospitals, etc. in England and Wales; with Stevens' continuation, fol. 3 vols. > .. . Land. 1718-23

t English Topographer ; or an Historical, Account of all the Pieces that have been written on the Antiquities, Natural History, or Topography of England, 8vo. Lond. 1720

Espriella (Don Manuel) Letters from England, 12mo.

3 vols. Lond. 1808

t Gale (Roger) Essay concerning the four Great Roman

Ways, 8vo. Iceland's Jtin. vol. 6

Gilpin (Wm.) Observations on the Western Parts of England, 8vo. . Lond. 1808

Gonzales (Maneil) Voyage to England and Scotland, 4to.

Pinker ton, vol. 2

t Grose (Francis) Autiquities of England and Wales, Imperial 8vo. 8 vols. Lond. 1784

Vol. I. Bedfordshire—Cumberland.

II. Derbyshire—Hertfordshire.

III. Kent— Monmouthshire.

IV. Nnrfilk—Oxfordshire. > ,

V. Shropshire—Sussex.

VI. Warwickshire—Yorkshire, Guernsey, Jersey, Lundy, Isleof


VII. Anglesea—Radnorshire.

VIII. Supplement Bedfordshire — Yorkshire, Isle of Man,


t Grose (Franeis) Military Antiquities; respecting a History of the English Army, from the Conquest to the present time, 4to. 2 vols. Lond. 1801

t Index Villaris, or an exact Register of all the Cities,

Towns, etc. in England and Wales, fol. Lond. 1700

Ireland (Sam.) Picturesque Views on the River Thames,

8vo. 2 vols. . Lond. 1801

t Jorevin (M.) Description of England and Ireland, temp.

Car. II. 4to. Anliq. Rep. vol. 4

t Leland (John) Itinerary, 8vo. Qvoh?. 3d edit. Oxford, 1770

t Lelandi (Joh.) Collectanea de Rebus Britannicis, 8vo. 6vpls. edit. alt. Lond. 1770

f Lysons (D, and S.) Magna Britannia; a Topographical Account of the several Counties of Great Britain, 4to. vols. 1 and 2. Lond. 1806-10

t Middiman (S.) Select Views in Great Britain and Ireland,

with Descriptions, 4to. JLond. 1784

Moritz (C. P.) Travels on foot, through several parts of

England, 4to. Pinkerton, vol. 2

f Musgrave (W.) Belgium Britannicum, in quo illius Limites, Fluvii, Urbes, Viae Militares, Pppulus, Lingua, Dii, Monumenta, aliaque permulta clarius & uberius exponuntur, 8vo. 3 tom. Oxon. 1719

f Paterson (Col.) Description of the Direct and Principal

Cross Roads of England and Wales, 8vo. Lond. 1803

t Percy (Hen. Earl of Northumberland) Houshold Book; shewing the Regulations and Establishments of Henry Algernon Percy, the Fifth Earl of Northumberland, at his Castles of Wresill and Lekinfield, in Yorkshire, with Notes, illustrative of the obsolete spelling and many antique phrases; also, a short account of the two great family mansions at Wresil and Leckinfield; with the Earl of Northumberland's ancient Titles, and a Glossary. By Bp. Percy, 4to> Antiq. Rep. vol. 4

t Perlin (Steph.) Description of England and Scotland,

in the 16th Century, 4to , Ibid,

Shaw (S.) Tour to the West of England, 4to. Pinkerton, vol. 3

t Spelman (Sir Hen.) Villare Anglicum, fol. Works.

*f Stackhouse (Tho.) Illustration of the Tumuli; or An

tient Barrows, 8vo. Lond. 1806

*t Tanner (Tho.) Notitia Monastica; or a short History of the Religious Houses in England and Wales, 8vo.

Oxford, 1695

Verstegan (Rich.) Restitution of decayed Intelligence in

Antiquities concerning the English Nation, 4to. Lond. 1634

t Willis (Browne) View of the Mitred Abbeys, with a Catalogue of their Respective Abbats; and Preliminary Observations, by Tho. Hearne, 8vo. Lcland's Collect, vol. 6.

§. 2. Topography and Antiquities of the several Counties, alphabetically arranged.


f Topography of Bedfordshire.

hysons, vol. 1. and Beaut, of E. and W. vol. 1


f T&pography of Berkshire.

Lysons, vol. 1, and Beaut, of E. and W. vol. 1 t Hearne (Tho.) Account of some Antiquities between

Windsor and Oxford. Leland's /tin. vol. 5


t Topography of Buckinghamshire.

Lysons, vol. 1. and Beaut, of E. and W. vol. 1 Langley (Tho.) History of the Hundred of Desborough,

including Wycombe and Marlow, 4to. Lond. 1797


t Topography of Cambridgeshire.

Lysons, vol. 2. and Beaut, of E. and W. vol. 2 f Bentham (James) History and Antiquities of the Conventual and Cathedral Church of Ely, 4to. Camb. 177t t Parker (Rich.) EKEAETOE Cantabrigiensis.

Leland's Collect, vol. 5 f Wilson (Jos.) Memorabilia Cantabrigice; or an Accouut

of the Colleges, etc. in Cambridge, 8voi Loud. 1603


t Topography of Cheshire.

Lysons, vol. 2. part 2. Beaut, of E. and W. vol. 2 t History of Cheshire, containing King's Vale-Royal, entire, 8vo. 2 vols. Chester, 1778 t Leicester (Sir Peter) Historical Antiquities concerning

Cheshire, fol. Lond. 1673

+ Pennant (Tho.) Journey from Chester to London, 4to.

Lond. 1782


t Topography of Cornwall. Beaut, of E. and W. vol. 2

t Borlase (Wm.) Antiquities of the County of Cornwall,

fol. Oxford, 1754 • ",' CORNWALL. . ',

t Pearce (Tho.) Laws and Customs of the Stannaries in

the County of Cornwall. fol. Lond. 1725

t Pryce (John) Mineralogia Cornubiensis, fol. Lond. 1778 Whitaker (John) Ancient Cathedral of Cornwall, historically surveyed, 4to. 2 vols. Lond. 1804


t Topography of Cumberland. Beaut, of E. and W. vol. 3 Gilpin (Wm.) Observations on the Lakes of Cumberland

and Westmoreland, 8vo. 2 vols. Lond. 1808

Nicolson (Jos.) and Burn, (Rd.) History and Antiquities

of Cumberland and Westmoreland, 4to. 2 vols. Lond- 1777


t Topography of Devonshire. Beaut. of E. <ind W. vol. 4

Jenkins (Alex.) History and Description of the City of

Exeter, and its Environs, 8vo. Exeter, 1S06

t Pearce (Tho.) Laws and Customs of the Stannaries, in

the County of Devon, fol. Lond. 1725

t Prince (John) Worthies of Devon, with a MS. Index

by W. Cole. the Antiquary, fol. Exeter, 1701

t Smeaton (John) Narrative and Description of the Construction of the Edystone Light-House, with Stone, fol.

Lond. 1793


t Topography of Derbyshire. Beaut.of E. and W. vol. 3 Bray (W.) Tour into Derbyshire, 4to. Pinkerton, vol. 2

Dayes (Edw.) Tour through part of Derbyshire, 4to. Works. Ferber (M.) Essay on the Oryctography of Derbyshire,

4to. Pinkerton, vol. 2


t Topography of Dorsetshire. Beaut. of E. and W. vol. 4 t A Discourse on Sherborne Castell and Mannor, written in

1620. Leland's Collect. vol. 2


t Topography of Durham.

Beaut. of E. and W. vol. 5 Brewster (jo.) Parochial History of Stockton upon Tees, . 4to. . Stockton* 1796

f Sanderson (Pat.) Antiquities of the Abbey or Cathedral Church of Durham, and Description of the County, 12mo. Newc. on Tyne, 176f

t Symeonis (Monachi Dunhelm.) Historia Ecclesiae Dun

helmensis, 8vo. Lond. 1732


t Topography of Essex. Beaut, of E. and W. vo\. 5

t Lysons (Dan.) Account of such Parishes in Essex as are,

within 12 miles of London, 4to. Environs. vol. 1. Part 2


t Topography of Gloucestershire. Beaut, of E. and W. vol. 5 f A Description of the House or Castell of Thonibury,

1582. Leland's Collect, vol. 2

*t History of Fairford Church', 8vo. "'Cirenc. 1763

Dyde (Wm.) History and Antiquities of Tewkesbury, 8vo.

Tewkesb. 1798


f Topography of Hampshire, and of the Isle of Wight,

8vo. 1 Beaut, of E. and W. vol. 6

Hassel (J.) Tour of the Isle of Wight, 4to. Pinkerton, vol. 2

t Pennant (Tho.) Journey from London to the Isle of

Wight, 4to. 2 vob. Lond. 1807

White (Gilb.) Natural History and Antiquities of Selborne,

4to. Lond. 1789


j- Topography of Herefordshire., Beaut, of E. and W. vol. 6


t Topography of Hertfordshire. Beaut, of E. and W. vol. 7 t Lysons (Dan.) Account of Parishes in Herts, within 12

Miles of London, 4to.. . Environs, vol. 1, parts

f VaLLaNS (W.) Tale of two Swannes: wherein is comprehended the original and increase of the River Lee, or Ware River, with the Antiquitie cf sundrie Places and' . Townes seated upon the same. Leland's [tin. vol. 5


t Topography of Huntingdonshire. Beaut, of E. and W. vol. 7

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