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XX. True Copy of the Instrument of Association that the Protestants of
England entered into, iu the twenty-seventh year of Queen Elisabeth,
against a Popish Conspiracy; with an act made upon the same, for the se-
curity of the Qneen's most royal person. Printed for John Everingham,

, aud sold by E. Whitlocke, near Stationer's-hall, 1C95, 4to, containing

eight pages .,...- j

The Examinations of Henry Barrowe, John Grenewood, and John Penrie,

before the high coromissionerSj aud lordes of the counsel. Penned by the

prisoners themselves before their deathes. Printed 1586, 4to, black

letter, containing thirty-two pages . . 10

Orders set down by the Duke of Medina, Lord General of the King's Heet,
to be observed in the voyage towards England. Translated out of Spanish
into English, by T, P. 15S8, 4to, containing eight pages ■ . . 49

Certain Advertisements out of Ireland, concerning the losses and distresses

happened to the Spanish navy upon the west coasts of Ireland, in their

voyage intended from the Northern Isles beyond Scotland, toward Spain,

1588, 4to, containing eight pages . . ... 47

The Copy of a Letter sent out of England to Don Bernardin Mendoza, Am-

bassador in France for the King of Spain, declaring the state of England,

contrary to the opinion of Don Bernardin, and of all his partisans, Spa-

niards and others: found in the chamber of one R. Leigh, a seminary

priest, who was lately executed for high treason; with an appendix, 1588,

4to, containing thirty-two pages • 60

An Exhortation to stir up the minds of all her Majesty's faithful subjects, to

defend their country, in this dangerous time, from the iuvasion of enemies,

faithfully and zealously compiled by Anthony Marten, sewer of her Ma-

jesty's most honourable chamber, 1588, 4to, containing thirty-two pages 85

A Spark of Friendship and warm Good-will, that shews the effect of true

affection, and unfolds the fineness of this world. Whereunto is jointed the

commodity of sundry sciences, and the benefit that Paper bringeth, with

many rare matters rehearsed in the same. With a description and com-

mendation of a paper-mill, now of late set up (near the town of Dartford)

by an High German, called Mr. Spilman, Jeweller to the Queen's most ex-

cellent Majesty, written by Thomas Churchyard, gent. Printed at Lon-

don. 1588. . .• • 109

A Packe of Spanish Lyes, sent abroad in the world; first printed in Spaine,

in the Spanish tongue, and translated out of the originall. Now ripped,

vnfolded, and, by iust examination, condemned, as conteyning false, cor-

rupt, and detestable wares, worthy to be damned and burned. Imprinted

at London, by the deputies of Christopher Barker, printer to the Queenes

most excellent Maiestie, 1588. 4to, i» black letter, containing thirteen pages 117

The Catholick Cause; or, the horrid practice of murdering Kings justified

and commended by the Pope, in a speech to his cardinals, upon the bar-

barous assassination of Heury the Third of France, who was stabbed

by Jaques Clement, a Dominican Friar. The true copy of which speech,

both in Latin, and also faithfully rendered into English, you have in the

following pages. Loudon, printed for Walter Kettilby, at the Bishop's
Head, in St. Paul's Churchyard, 1678. 4to, containing twenty-four pages 13»

The whole and true Discourse of the Enterprises and secrete Conspiracies,

that haue been made against the person of Henry de Valois, most Christian

King of Fraunce and Poland: wherupon followed his death, by the haud

of a young Jacobin Frier, the first day of August, 1589; whereby the

enemies of the crown thought to haue reduced and brought all Fraunce to

their will and deuotion. Together with the assembly that the King, be-

fore his death, made of the princes of the blood, lordes, and gentlemen,

that were in his armie, with the heads of the straungers, to whom he de-

clared his last will. Englished out of the French copie printed at Caan,

hi Normandie. Imprinted by Thomas Purfoote, and are to bee soulde at

his shoppe, without New-gate, ouer against S. Sepulcher's Church, 1589. ,

In black letter, 8to. containing twelve pages . . 143

A Discourse concerning the Spanish Fleet.iuvading England in the year 1588,
and orerthrowu by her Majesty's navy, under the conduct of the Right
Hon. the Lord Charles Howard, High Admiral of England; written in
Italian, by Petruccio Ubuldina, citizen of Florence, 1590, 4to, containing
thirty-two pages . . . . i<»

The English Romayne Life: discouering the Lines of the Englishmen at
Rome; the orders of the English semiuarie; the dissention between the
Englishmen and the Welchmeu; the banishing of the Englishmen out of
Rome; the Pope's sending for them agame; a reporte of many of the
paltrie reliques hi Rome; theyr vautes under ihe. ground: their holy pilgri-
mages; and a number of other matters, woorthie to be read and regarded
of euery one. There vnto is added, the cruell tiranny vsed on an English-
man at Rome; his Christian sufTering, and notable martirdome, for the
gospel of Jesus Christ, in anno 1581. Written by A. M. sometime the
Pope's scholler in the seminarie among them.

Houos alit artes.

Scene and allowed: imprinted at London by Iohn Charlwoode, for Nicho-

las Ling, dwelhmg in Paule.s Church-yarde, anno 1590. In black letter.

Quarto, containing serenty-two pages ...... 167

Declaration of great Troubles pretended against the Realme, by a number of

Seminarie Priests and Iesuits, sent and very secretly dispersed in the same,

to worke great treasous vnder a false pretence of religion. a provi-

sion very necessarie for Remedie thereof. Published by this her Maies-

ties proclamation. Imprinted at Loudon, by the deputies of Christopher

Barker, printer to the Queenes most excellent Maiestie, MDXCI, 4to,

containing fourteen pages ... . . 209

A Qvip for an vpsturt Courtier : or, a quaint Dispute between Veluet-breeches
and Cloth-breeches. Wherein is plainely set downe the disorders in all
estates and trades. London: imprinted by John Wolfe, and are to bee
sold at Wis shop, at Ponies Cbaine, 1592. In black letter, quarto, contam-
ing forty-eight pages . . . . . 2 j»

Some Observations on the Trial of Spencer Cowper, J. Marson, E. Stevens,

and W. Rogers, that were tried at Hertford, about the murder of Sarah

Stout, together with other things relating thereunto. Quarto, containing

twenty pages ....... 2S0>-

A Speech made by Queen Elisabeth (of famous memory) in Parliament, anno

1593; and in the thirty-fifth year of her reign, concerning the Spanish In-

vasion, folio, one page ...... 261

Baechvs Bountie: describing the debonaire deitie of his bonntifull godhead

in the royal) obseruance of his great feast of Penticost. Necessarie to be

read and marked of all, for the eschuing of like enormities.

Fwcundi calico, quern nonfecere disertum .'

By Philip Foulface, of Ale-foord, student in good felloship. Printed at

London, fur Henry Kyrkham, and are to be solde at his shop at the little

north-dore of Paules Church, at. the signe of the Iilack-boy, 1S93, quarto,

in black letter, containing three sheets .... 26a

The Lord Treasurer Burleigh's Advice to Queen Elisabeth, in Matters of

Religion aud State. M.S 276

A briefe and trve Declaration of the Sicknesse, last Wordes, and Death of

the King of Spaine, Philip, the second of that name, who died in his

Abbey of S. Laurence, at Escuriall, seuen miles from Madrill, the thir-

teenth of September, 1598. Written from Madrill, in a Spanish letter,

and translated into English, according to the true copie. Printed at Lon-

don, by Edm. Bollisant, 1599, 4to, containing a sheet and a half . 384

tfashe's Leuten Stuff, containing the description and first procreation and in-

crease of the town of Great Yarmouth, in Norfolk: with a new Play,

never played before, of the praise of the "Red Herring. Fit of all clerks

of noblemen's kitchens to be read -, and not unnecessary by all serving men,

who have short board wages, to be remembered.

Famam peto per Undas.

London, printed for N. L. and C. B. and are to be sold at the west end of

Paul's, 1599. Quarto, containing eighty-three pages. 288

Gowrie's Conspiracie: a discourse of the vnnaturall and vyle conspiracie, at-

tempted against the Kings Maiesties person, at Sainct Iohnstoun, vponTuis-

day the fifth of August, 1600, 8vo. Edinburgh, printed by Robert Char-

teris, 1600, containing three sheets and a half. Cum privilegio Regis 334

The Golden Speech of Queen Elisabeth to her last Parliament, Nov. 30.

anno dom. 1601, 4to , 353

The true History of the late and lamentable Adventures of Don Sebastian,

King of Portugal, after his imprisonment in Spain, nntilthis present day,

being now in Spain at St. Lucarde Barrameda: London, printed by Simon

Stafford and James Shaw, 1002. Quarto, containing twenty-eight pages. 355

A Continuation of the lamentable and admirable Adventures of Don Sebas-

tian, King of Portugal. With a Declaration of all his time employed since

the battle in Africa against the Infidels, 1578, nntil this present year, 1603.

London: printed for James Shaw, and are to be sold at his shop near Lud-

gate, 1603. Quarto, containing sixty-eight pages , . . 367

The History of England. The first book. Declaring the state of the isle

of Britain under the Roman Empire. London, printed by Valentine

Simmes, for John Barnes, dwelling in Fleet-street, at the sign of the

Great Turk, 1603. Quarto, containing one hundred sixteen pages . . 411

The Summarieof certaine Reasons, which have moved Queue Elizabeth to

precede in Reformations of her base and course Monies, and to reduce

them to their Values, in Sorte, as they may be turned into fine Monies.

Appointed to be declared by her Majestie, by order of her proclamation,

in herd tie of London. Black letter, octavo, containing six pages . . 477

England's Mourning Garment; worn here by plain shepherds, in memory of

their sacred mistress, Elisabeth, queen of virtue, while she lived, and theme

of sorrow, being dead. To which is added the true manner of her Impe-

rial Funeral: after which follows the Shepherds Spring Song, for the en-

tertainment of King James, our most potent Sovereign. Dedicated to all

that loved the deceased Queen, and honour the living King.

Non verbis, sed rirlute.

London, by V. S. for Thomas Millington, and are to be sold at his shop

under St. Peter's Church, in Cornhill, 4to, containing forty-eight pages 481

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