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ALBANY, January 22, 1906. By Mr. Hartman:

Whereas the whole civilized world has þeen shocked and appalled at the indignities and atrocities committed against the Jewish race living in the Empire of Russia-a peaceful and lawabiding people,

Resolved (if the Senate concur), thitelfie segislature of the state of New York extends its deepest sympathy to those afflicted in Russia, and to the whole Jewish race throughout the world, who suffer in common with their unfortunate brethren, and be it


Resolved, That a copy of these resolutions be forwarded to the Honorable Theodore Roosevelt, president of the United States, and to the Honorable Elihu Root, his secretary of state, for their information.

By order of the assembly,




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Lieutenant-Governor and President of the Senate. Join RAINES, OF ONTARIO, Temporary President.



Postoffice address,

Residence in Albany.

| District.


1 Carll S. Burr, Jr.
Rep.. Commack, L. I.

Ten Eyck Hotel. 2 Luke A. Keenan.. Dem. 475 Albert street, Long Island City. Ten Eyck Hotel. 3 Thomas H. Cullen. Dem. 256 President street, Brooklyn.. Ten Eyck Hotel. 4 John Drescher, Jr. Rep.. 379 Rodney street, Brooklyn Ten Eyck Hotel. 5 James J. Kehoe.

Dem. 442 Van Brunt street, Brooklyn. Keeler's Annex. 6 Frank J. Gardner. Rep.. 44 Court street, Brooklyn.

Ten Eyck Hotel. 7 Patrick H. McCarren Dem. 97 Berry street, Brooklyn.

Ten Eyck Hotel, 8 Charleg Coopor.

Rep.. 174 Hancock street, Brooklyn.. Ten Eyck Hotel. 9 Conrad Hasenflug. Dem. 695 Bushwick avenue, Brooklyn Ten Eyck Hotel. 10 Daniel J. Riordan. Dem. 29 Oliver street, New York city. Ten Eyck Hotel. 11 John J. Fitzgerald. Dem. 38 East 4th street, New York city... Kenmore Hotel. 12 Samuel J. Foley.

Dem. 472 Grand street, New York city. Ten Eyck Hotel. 13 Bernard F. Martin. Dem. 118 W.13th street, New York city. Kenmore Hotel. 14 Thomas F. Grady Dem. 151 E. 30th street New York city.. 130 Lancaster street. 15 Nathaniel A. Elsberg. Rep.. 27 William street, New York city. Ten Eyck Hotel. 16 John M. Quinn*. Dein. 41 Park Row, New York city. Kenmore Hotel. 17 Martin Saxe.

Rep.. 280 Broadway New, York city Ten Eyck Hotel. 18 Jacob Marks.

Dem. 156 Broadway New. York city. Ten Eyck Hotel. 19 Alfred R. Page.

Rep.. 27 William street, New York city 101 Lancaster street. 20 James J. Frawley. Dem. 271 Broadway, New York city. Ten Eyck Hotel. 21 John A. Hawkins. Dem. 601 E. 139th street, New York city. 132 State street. 22 l'rancis M. Carpenter Rep.. Mt. Kisco..

Ten Eyck Hotel. 23 Louis F. Goodsell.. Rep., Highland Falls

Stan wix Hall. 24 Sanford W. Smith* Rer.. Chatham.

Chatham. 25 John N. Cordts. Rep.. Rondout.

Ten Eyck Hotel. 26 Jotham P. Allds. Rep.. Norwich

Albany Club. 27 Spencer K. Warnick. Rep.. Amsterdam.

Ten Eyck Hotel. 28 Edgar T. Brackett. Rep.. Saratoga Springs..

Ten Eyck Hotel. 29 James B. McEwan. Rep.. 26 Clinton avenue, Albany.

13 South Hawk street. 30 William D. Barnes.. Rep. Brainard.

Brainard. 31 Spencer G. Prime.. Rep.. Upper Jay.

156 State street. 32 George R. Malby. (Rep.. Ogdensburg.

Ten Eyck Hotel. 33 Walter L. Brown, Rep.. Oneonta

Ten Eyck Hotel 34 Henry J. Coggeshall. Rep.. Waterville.

Ten Eyck Hotel. 35 George H. Cobb. Rep.. Watertown

Kenmore Hotel. 36 Horace White..

Rep.. 16 White Memorial Bldg., Syracuse. 176 Washington ave. 37 Francis H. Gates. Rep.. Chittenango..

Ten Eyck Hotel. 38 Harvey D. Hinman. Rep., Binghamton.

Stanwix Hall. 39 Benj. Martin Wilcox.. Rep.. Auburn.

34 Eagle street, 40 Owen Cassidy.. Rep.. Watkins.

Ten Eyck Hotel. 41 William J. Tully. Rep.. Corning

15 Elk street. 42 John Raines.. Rep.. Capandaigua.

109 Lancaster street. 43 Merton E. Lewis.

Rep.. 19-24 Elwood Bldg., Rochester. Stanwix Hall. 44 William W. Armstrong... Rep.. 841 Powers Block, Rochester. Albany Club. 45 Irving L'Hommedieu. Rep.. Medina.

Ten Eyck Hotel. 46 Frederick C. Stevens.. Rep.. Attica.

Ten Eyck Hotel. 47 Henry Wayland Hill. Rep.. 471 Linwood avenue, Buffalo. Ten Eyck Hotel. 48 Louis Fechter, Sr.. Rep.. 1150 Bailey avenue, Buffalo. Ten Eyck Hotel 49 George Allen Davis. Rep.. 936 Ellicott square, Buffalo. Ten Eyck Hotel. 50 Albert T. Fancher. Rep.. Salamanca..

Ten Eyck Hotel.







Albany address.

Lafayette B. Gleason. Delhi.

Albany club.
Assistant Clerk.
Ernest A. Fay... Potsdam

Albany Club.
Journal Clerk

A. Miner Wellman.. Friendship. Albany Club.
Assistant Journal Clerk.
Henry Seilheimer. Buffalo.

15 Lancaster st. Index Clerk.

Addison B. Parker. Watertown Kenmore Hotel. Assistant Index Clerk

William H. Hamlin Canandaigua. 126 State street. Financial Clerk..

E. R. Ford.


Chief Engrossing Clerk.
W A. Robbins. Mexico.

39 Chestnut st. Executive Clerk.

Edward F. Andrews. Saratoga Sp'gs Saratoga Springs. Deputy Clerk.

Frank G. Cunley. Poughkeepsie. Globe Hotel. Deputy Clerk.

Clarence Aikenhead. Rochester 15 Lancaster st. Deputy Clerk

Maury L. Freeman New York city Ten Eyck. Deputy Clerk

Charles H. Deal. Amsterdam Amsterdam. Financial Clerk Messenger Elery Holmwood. Orchard Park, 52 Jay street Librarian.

William F. Maxon Mt. Vernon Kenmore Hotel. Assistant Librarian.

E. D. Willits.

Lake Side

Kimball House.
Charles R. Hotaling. Selkirk.

Globe Hotel.
Assistant Sergeant-at-Arms. Everett Brown.

Bluff Point Mansion House. Stenographer..

James C. Marriott, New Dorp. S.I. 54 Lancaster st. Postmaster.

Clayton T. Bagg. Ellington 61 Lancaster wt. Assistant Postmaster

J. Warren Tway. Brooklyn Directory Hotel. Post-Office Messenger

Louis W. Gett. Watervliet. Watervlie:. Clerk Finance Committee.

Robert S. Waterman. Ogdensburg. 3 Lancaster st. Clerk Judiciary Committee. John B. Smith. Schuylerville. 61 Lancaster st. Clerk Cities Committee.

Harry E. Newell Syracuse. 37 Jay street. Clerk Codes Committee.

Joseph F. McGowan New York city Keeler's Hotel. Clerk Insurance Committee. Cornelius Shufelt Chathamn

Chatham. Clerk Printing and Eng. Bills John J. Lewis.


46 First street. Clerk Tartion and Retrenchment HK. German.

Rochester Keeler's Hotél. Clerk Revision Committee.. Ralph Angell

Mooers. Clerk Canals Committee..

Howard G. Hibbard North Collins 29 Chestnut st. Clerk Forest, Fish and Game Com. Howard Beecher. Monticello. Mansion House. Clerk Railroads Committee. Wallis J. Hadden Auburn

Globe Hotel. General Committee Clerk.

W. F. Butler.

Rochester Keeler's Hotel. General Committee Clerk.

Delmar Lynd.

East Schodack East Schodeck, General Committee Clerk.

John E. Long


8 Chestnut street, General Committee Clerk.

Harry A. Sylvester Brooklyn Ten Eyck Hotel
General Committee Clerk. Joseph C. Miller. Highland Falls Belvedere Hotel.
General Committee Clerk.
William S. Hopkins. Buffalo..

52 Jay street.
General Committee Clerk.
Samuel P. Milby Albion.

2 Kenmore Place. General Committee Clerk.

Bert Dana

Brushton. 106 Grand street. General Committee Clerk.

Geo. T. Meislahn New York city 133 North Pearl st.
General Committee Clerk.

Francis W. Townsend Corning. 82 South Swan.

Thomas J. Kenney.. New York city Globe Hotel.
Gerald G. Casey Utica.

116 Clinton Ave. Stenographer.

N. A. Crumb

Brookfield 3 Lancaster st. Stenographer..

Nona M. Gleason Medina Stenographer

James W. Kelley Rochester 30 6th ave. Troy. Stenographer

V. B. Deyber.


Ten Eyck. Stenographer

Henry Foland.

Thomas P. Keough Albany

304 So. Ferry st. Stenographer.

Minnie Miller... New York city 71 Jay street. Stenographer Finance Committee George M. Shotwell New York city Keelers' Hotel. Messenger Finance Committee. Horace H. Nye. Keene..

38 So. Hawk st. Stenographer Cities Committee. . Stanley Wells

Syracuse. 37 Jay street. Messenger Cities Committee.. Louis C. Klein. Syracuse. 84 Washington av. Stenographer Judiciary Com. Miles R. Frisbie. Schenectady University club. Messenger Judiciary Committee. John Welch

Saratoga Spg's Saratoga Springs. President's Clerk.

Robert A. Inch

New York city 82 So, Swan. President's Stenographer.. Peter C. Schermerhorn New York city 82 So. Swan st. President's Messenger.

George Decker.

Albany.. 64 Hudson Ave. Temporary President's Clerk. Edward B. Dixon Halls Corners. 51 Dove street. Temporary President's Stenographer...

Walter S. Throop.. Port Gibson... 213 State street. Temporary President's Messenger George Stremple. Canandaigua.. 29 Jay street. Clerk's Messenger...

John R. Costello. Chittenango.. 3 Lancaster st. Principal Door Keeper.

Christopher Warren. Tonawanda, 5 Pine street, First Assistant Doorkeeper. Adelbert Hall.

Binghamton Keeler's Hotel. Assistant Doorkeeper. Thomas Rankin. Troy.

Troy. Assistant Doorkeeper.

H. P. Haff..


Globe Hotel. Assistant Doorkeeper.

Isaac Wertheim

Brooklyn Ten Eyck Annex. Assistant Doorkeeper.

W. S. Rundel.

Greenville Directory Hotel. Assistant Doorkeeper.

Charles Nichols.


101 Jay street. Assistant Doorkeeper.

Edward Wiley.


22 Jay street. Assistant Doorkeeper.

Charles G. Myers. Fleming. 94 Jay street.


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