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MAJOR ENVER BEY. The popular hero of the Revolution. In the Summer of 1908 he stirred the Macedonians to revolt and took a leading part in the overthrow of the despotism. In April, 1909, he left Berlin, where he was the Turkish Military Attache, to join the loyal army that marched from Salonica to invest Constantinople, crush the counter-revolution, and restore the supremacy of the Constitutional cause. The words written by Enver Bey on this portrait signify : " A souvenir of friendship to Mr. Knight-from Major Enver Bey." Enver Bey, when asked in February last to suggest some sentiment which might be printed by the side of his portrait in this work, wrote down the following words : " An individual who glories that he belongs to that Ottoman Army which is the true defender of the freed Ottoman Nation against foes external and internal,"-significant words in view of recent events.

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had the courage to mention the word Constitution to the Sultan. The following is a translation— some repetitions and unimportant details being omitted—of the despatch in question.

“It has been ordered by an Imperial Irade that Niazi Bey and his companions should be arrested. The existence of the powerful Committee of Union and Progress has been proved by the severity of the measures which it adopts. It stands not alone; for, as has already been intimated in official despatches, the officers of the army are united in a determination to support the demands of the Committee; and the population, likewise, is in league with the Committee. To leave aside the question of the pursuit of Niazi, I beg to state that none will now venture to undertake the duty of making investigations. The members of the commission which was formed under the presidency of Shukri Pasha to institute inquiries (the spy commission) have been obliged to abandon their work in consequence of the secret threats which were conveyed to them. The ulema who were sent by the Government to travel through the country and give advice to the villagers have been warned by the Committee of Union and Progress that they would be killed if they continued to do this, so they have returned. The lives of all officials, my own included, are in peril. It has been shown that the Committee has

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