Journal of the Statistical Society of London, Volume 40

Charles Knight, 1877

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Página 360 - An Act to amend the law concerning the making, keeping, and carriage of gunpowder and compositions of an explosive nature, and concerning the manufacture, sale, and use of fireworks.
Página 561 - Population invariably increases where the means of subsistence increase, unless prevented by some very powerful and obvious checks. 3. These checks, and the checks which repress the superior power of population, and keep its effects on a level with the means of subsistence, are all resolvable into moral restraint, vice, and misery.
Página 359 - the further and better regulation of buildings and party walls and for the " more effectually preventing mischiefs by fire...
Página 357 - Stamp, above cited, and providing that "no action, suit or process whatsoever shall be had, maintained or prosecuted against any person in whose house or chamber any fire shall accidentally begin, or any recompense be made by such person for any damage suffered or occasioned thereby ; any law or usage or custom to the contrary notwithstanding.
Página 357 - And in order to deter and hinder ill-minded persons from wilfully setting their house or houses, or other buildings, on fire, with a view of gaining to themselves the insurance money, whereby the lives and fortunes of many families may be lost or endangered...
Página 42 - Immediately after the reading of the minutes, the Fellow elect, having first paid his subscription for the current year or his composition, shall sign the obligation contained in the fellowshipbook, to the effect following : —
Página 509 - What is called a state of society, is the simultaneous state of all the greater social facts or phenomena. Such are : the degree of knowledge, and of intellectual and moral culture, existing in the community, and in every class of it; the state of industry, of wealth and its distribution; the habitual occupations of the community; their division into classes, and the relations of those classes to one another...
Página 45 - OF SPECIAL GENERAL MEETINGS. 1. THE Council may at any time call a Special General Meeting of the Society. 2. At least three days...
Página 45 - ... the Manchester Unity of Odd Fellows and the Ancient Order of Foresters...
Página 137 - Of these 1,420 proved to be false alarms, and 2,905 were for chimneys on fire. In these cases there was no attendance of engines, but only of firemen with hand-pumps.

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