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nance while I was writing the memoir “Very well," - taking out my watch, and occasionally asking a question with "I will wait fifteen, and my friend out looking up, saw enough to satisfy here will stay with me, and be a wither that Bratish was making a fool of ness." her husband, and, the moment his back Away went the General, and, to my was turned, expressed her astonish- amazement, I must acknowledge, withment that a: man of sense — meaning in the fifteen minutes he returned, me — could be so easily imposed up bringing with him a cigar-box containon. So much for the instinct of a wo- ing about five hundred dollars in bills man; but more of this hereafter. and specie, which I counted.

Not long after this, the General Here was a narrow escape, - a matrushed into my office in a paroxysm ter of life or death to him, certainly, if of rage, -- the only time I ever saw him not to me. But where had he got the disturbed. His honor had been ques- money? He was very poor, judging tioned, and by whom, of all the world ? by appearances. The lecturing was Why, — would I believe it? - by his over for a time, and there was no field friend, Colonel Bouchette! Upon fur- for conjecture. To this hour the whole ther inquiry, I found that he had re- affair is a mystery. Unlikely as it was ceived a draft from his sister, which had that he should have obtained it from to pass through a secret channel to him, his sister, there seemed to be no lest their estates should be confiscated other explanation possible. in Hungary; that, after two or three Other perplexing and contradictory disappointments, he had succeeded in evidence for and against the General getting it cashed here without endan- began to appear. I never saw him on gering a certain friend in New York; horseback but once, and then I was that on mentioning the circumstance to frightened for him. As a general, he Colonel Bouchette, who had counselled ought, of course, to know how to ride. him not to attempt the negotiation As a native Hungarian, he must have here, that gentleman had laughed in been born to the saddle, if not in it his face ; whereupon the General turned Nevertheless, I trembled for him, though his back on him, and hurried off to my the creature he had mounted was far office. A friend was with me at the from being either vicious or spirited; time. “ Ach, mein Freund !” said the and then, too, when he tried waltzing, General, as he finished the story, "he he reminded me, and others I am afraid, doubted my word, he questioned my of " the man a-mowing." honor, he asked to see the money; but On the other hand, he was well-bred I refused to show him the money, -I and self-possessed, full of accurate inwas indignant, outraged; but I have formation, and never obtrusive. And it here, - here!” slapping his breast- here I am reminded of another singupocket, “and I am ready to show it to lar circumstance, which went far in you." I declined; he persisted ; un- confirmation of the story he told. He til at last, afraid of the impression he gave J. S. Buckingham, Esq., M. P., might make upon my friend Winslow, whom I had known in London as the who was present, I consented. But he Oriental traveller, a letter to me, in only talked the louder and the faster, which he speaks of him as a member without producing the money; and of the British-Polish Committee in Lonwhen I grew serious, and insisted on don, — thereby endangering the whole seeing it, he acknowledged that he had superstructure he had been rearing n't it with him !

with so much care. Mr. Buckingham “ Where is it, sir?" said I.

wrote me from New York, but failed to “At my lodgings."

see me. “And how long will it take you to Worn out and wellnigh discouraged produce it?”

by these persecutions, the General now “Ten minutes."

left us, and went to New York, from

which place he wrote me, under date of be assured it is a honorable a very October 9, 1840, as follows. I give his honorable employment. My next for own orthography, to show that, although the South wia Havanna or New York acquainted with our language to such or New Orleans will inform you of the a degree that he was able to lecture in rest.” it, as Kossuth did, and to speak it with Accompanying this letter was a slip uncommon readiness, he must have from one of the large New York dailearnt it by ear, like many others with lies confirming his story, and reportwhich he was familiar enough for ordi- ing the resolutions passed at a great nary purposes.

public meeting, of which A. Sarony “ One of my last occupation upon was President and Chairman, John American soil is one of a painful, and Bratish, Vice-President, and George at the same times pleasant nature, to Sonne, Secretary. “The call of the wit, to address you, my noble, my chiv- meeting was read and adopted,” says alerouse, my excellent friend. My God the report, “when General Bratish revard you and may he for the benefit addressed the assemblage in the Engof mankind scater many such persons lish, French, and German languages, trought the world - it would prevent in the most patriotic and eloquent manmisantropy and it would serve as the ner. His speech was received with best antidote against crimes and decep- enthusiastic and repeated applause." tions, persecutions and sufferings. And here for a long season we lost could you know all what I suffered in sight of the General, though two or my eventful life, you would indead be three circumstances occurred, each live that no romance is equal to reality.: trivial in itself, but all tending to give But — basta ---God is great and merci- a new aspect to the affair. Just before ful, and I never yit and I hope never he left us, we had a small party at will find occassion to doubt the wunda- our house, where, among other amuseful ways of his mercy. .... Perhaps ments, a game called “ The Four Eleno times since I cam to America, I ments” was introduced. When it was had occassion for more patience than all over, and our visitors were gone, a during the first days of my arrival in costly handkerchief, with a lace borN. Y. Harshed by law, cut by some der, was not to be found. It had been friends, findig once more by European last seen in the hands of General Branew a change in Greece, with my funds tish. Having no idea that, if he had low, I began indeed to feel bitterly my pocketed it by mistake, it would not sad fate — when by one of this suden be returned, we waited patiently, fricks which I offen prouve that man very patiently, —- supposing he might must never despair all changed quit have thrown aside his company dresscasualy it was raported to the German coat without examining the pockets, Association that I am her immedi- and that when he put it on again ately I was invited to ther mittings, the the handkerchief would be forthcomFrench Lafayette Club followed suit, ing, of course. But no, — nothing was and yesterday evning your humble ser- heard of it, until one evening at a lecvant was by acclamation apointed Vice- ture my wife suddenly caught my arm, President of the General Union of all and, pointing to a white handkerchief the forign assotiations of the city of the General was flourishing within New York (the German Tepcanoe Club reach, said, “ There's Aunt Mary's 30 pers. excepted). .....

handkerchief, now!” – “Nonsense, my “I am very sorry that I cannot tell dear!” — “ It is, I tell you; I can see you where I go — I sail in the cliper where he has ripped off the lace." armed brig Fairfield for the West I thought her beside herself; but still India unter very avantageouse cir- — why the sudden substitution of a cumstances a eccelent pay rang and large red Spitalfields for the white emoluments you may guess the rest handkerchief?“ Perhaps," said I to

my wife, — "perhaps the handkerchief "At last my family begin to underwas not marked, and he did not know stand how much they did wrong me where to find the owner.” –“But it and I have the pleasure to enclose you was marked, and he knows the owner a letter of my yungest brother, which as well as you do,” was the reply. Of is now at the house of Messrs. Toniola course, I had nothing more to say; and brothers, a volunteer partner, to learn so I laughed the exhibition off, as a the english. .... sort of pas de mouchoir, like that which “Mr. Josua Dodge, late Special brought Forrest into a controversy with Agent of the U. S. in Germany, is Macready.

returning in one or two days to AmerAnd then something else happened. ica; this gentleman in consequence I missed the only copy I had in of his mission crossed and recrossed the world of “Niagara and Goldau,” all Germany and Belgium. I met bim which he had borrowed of me and in Germany; he was present at Stuttreturned, with emphasis; and many gard in a most critical moment, when, months after he had disappeared, I denunced by the Germanic Federareceived a volume of poems from the tion (in the name of Austria) I was heart of Germany, entitled, “ Der Hei- in iminent peril. He acted as a true mathgruss, Eine Pfingstgabe von Ma- American, boldly stepped forward, thilde von Tabouillot, geborene Gies- asked the way and the werfore and ter,” published at Wesel, 1840, with a united with my firmness, the American letter from the lady herself, thanking passports where respected, and Mr. me with great warmth and earnestness Dodge succeded to get an official acfor my pamphlet in defence of General knowledgment that nothing was known Bratish. Putting that and that to against my moral character, and they gether, I began to have a suspicion took refuge upon some little irreguthat my copy of “Niagara and Goldau” larity in the passport. .... He, my had been presented to the authoress friends and my family wished very by my friend, the General, - perhaps much that I should at lease for some in the name of the author.

times rethurn to America (pour reson Yet more. While these little inci- bien juste) but the recollection is too dents were accumulating and seething bitter yet. .... Several Americans and simmering, I received a letter from are now visiting my sister and her Louis Bratish, in beautiful French, dat husband in Belgium - among them ed Birmingham, 7th October, 1841, in Mr. Bishop of Cont. and Mr. Rowly, which he thanked me most heartily for C. S. of N. Y. - What would I give to what I had done as the friend of his see J. N and his amable family!.... brother, "John Bratish," — withholding “ My address is Monsieur Le Genthe “General," -- and begging me to eral Bratish (Eliovich), raccommandé à consider it as coming from the family; Mons. Latard, Vervois Belgique. and about the same time, another let- “P. S. Great excitement at Lonter, and the last I ever received, from don. The Morning Chronicle is out the General himself. It was dated upon me for having done I don't know “Torrington House, near London, 12th what in North America and Germany. October, 1841," and contained the fol- All fidle-stik. I send you the paper lowing passages : —

to see how eassy John Bull is gulled. “I cannot account for the very ex- I could send you some important news. traordinary silence in speite of all my Attention!!! keep your powder dray!” request that you would at leas be so Nothing more was heard of our kind as to inform me if you realy don't mysterious General until a letter fell wish to hear more from me. I know into my hands, purporting to be written your Hart too well not to be persuaded by his brother Luigi. It was in choice that it must be some mistake or some Italian, and dated Birmingham, 16th intrigue.

April, 1842, charging the “Caro Fra

tello” with having deceived him about may not be so, – this, after the preMr. Everett, complaining of his be- tension to know my birthplace, life, havior to Dr. Sleigh and others who death, and miracles, and an assertion had befriended him; telling him that on his part to have had, or seen, a Dr. Sleigh, to whom he referred, correspondence with the Executive of doubted his Spanish commission, and Maine, in my regard, is very diplobelieved him to have been a mem- matic - very! – but his Excellency ber of the “Hunter's Association," — may be easy on this head. I do not a band of horse-thieves in Canada, — share now the military glory and honor and signifying, in language not to be of fellowship with that very numerous misunderstood, that the family had body of generals of the United States given up all hope of him.

Militia ; and if evidence may be proThe next information we had was duced that I was attended by a staff, that the General had turned up at I assure his Excellency, that it was Havre, and was about being married only to have my boots cleaned by a to the daughter of a wealthy banker, captain, to be shaved by a major, to and carried a commission as Major- be helped by a colonel, and to get my General from the Governor of Maine! meals at the private personal headAnd then, after a lapse of two years, quarters of a Gineral at one dollar that he had been travelling with a per day." British nobleman, whose baggage he And here I stop. From that day to had run away with, — that he was this, nothing has been heard of Genarrested for the offence, and tried in eral Bratish ; but I should not be surMalta, I do not know with what re- prised to have him reappear, as if he sult; but I have now before me a had risen from the dead, in some new supplement of the Malta Times of character, and so managing as to deOctober 9, 1844, in Italian, Spanish, ceive the very elect. No such preand English, wherein he refers to tender has appeared since Cagliostro; the testimonials of my friend, Albert and nobody ever succeeded so well Smith, Ex-M. C., and Levi Cutter, in misleading public opinion, and emMayor of Portland ; complains bit- broiling so many persons of consideraterly of the late Mr. Carr, Minister of tion, both in this country and in Euthe United States at Constantinople ; rope, not excepting the Chevalier d'Eon, and says, among other things, what of and the Princess Cariboo. Many other itself were enough to show that he had strange things might be related of Braclaimed to be a General of the State of tish, as, for example, his great speech Maine, and thereby settling the ques- in the Hungarian Diet, reported in the tion most conclusively and forever. Allgemeine Zeitung, — the most impuHis language is : “ To one charge of dent forgery of our day. But this paper Mr. Everett, I plead guilty ; to wit, to is already longer than I intended ; and have usurped, or succeeded to gain the I have only to add, that I have reason good opinion of respectable people in to believe now that he was indeed a the United States, and here I am glad, native of Trieste, and that Colonel at the same time, to put Mr. Everett's Stille and Mr. Mcllvaine were right mind at rest; he thinks it possible that in saying what they did of him genI may be a General of the State of erally, though wrong in many of the Maine, but he admits only the possi- particulars upon which they chiefly bility, and expresses the hope that it relied.


NE February evening; more than “Certainly. What is his name?" V a year ago, after a drive of four- “ Nicholas, sah, Nicholas! But we teen miles over a lonely Kentucky road, all calls him Ole Nick." I drew rein in front of a huge, rambling Rather an ominous name, to be sure! wooden building, standing solitary in but then, if one goes to the regions the midst of the forest.

below, what guide so appropriate ? There was no village in sight to ac- On presentation, his Majesty proved count for the presence of so large a to be an interesting black man, constructure, no adjacent farms, and, ex- siderably past middle age; wrinkled, cept a little patch in front of the house, as none but a genuine negro ever beno fields, - nothing but the solemn comes ; a short, broad, strong man, woods which nearly shut it in on every with a grizzled beard and mustache, side.

quiet but steady eyes, grave in his deI did not ask if this was the Mam- meanor, and concise in his conversamoth Cave Hotel. I knew it without tion. He tells me of two routes by asking.

which I can make a tour through his Here I was, then, at last, - about to dominions. The shortest one will resee what I had desired to see ever quire six hours to travel, and at the since I was a boy!

farthest will take me to the banks of But delay frequently comes with the the river Styx, six miles from the encertainty of accomplishing any long. trance to the cave. The other route cherished desire ; and though I had will take the whole day, and will lead driven with a hasty whip from the rail- as far as the so-called “Maelström," way station fourteen miles away, and — a singular pit, a hundred and sevthough the hotel proprietor offered to enty-five feet deep, and place nine procure me a guide that evening, my miles of gloom between me and this haste to see the cave was unaccounta- outer world. And with these facts bly over. I ordered a fire in my room, to be juggled and distorted in ridicuand concluded to wait until morning. Tous combinations with remembrances

'It was too early in the season for of many persons and places in the the usual summer visitors, and I found vagaries of dreams, I went to bed and myself the sole guest in this big, to sleep. lonesome caravansary, that looked as As the sun came up, we went down, though a dozen old-fashioned Dutch – my guide and I, - down a rocky farm-houses had been placed in the path along the side of a ravine that midst of a wood-lot, and then connect- grew narrower and deeper until we ed by the roofs, the whole forming one came to a dilapidated house where straggling, weather-stained, labyrinthine the ravine seemed to end. Stepping building, full of little nests of rooms, upon the rotting piazza of this old high-pitched gables, cumbrous outside house and facing “right about," there chimney-stacks, cavernous fireplaces, opened before us, as broad and lofty and low, wide corridors open at either as the entrance to some ancient Egypend, where were uncertain shadows, tian temple, the mouth of the cave. and draughts of damp air that whis- From where we stood, a path, as pered and moaned all night long. wide as an ordinary city sidewalk and

In the evening, as I sat before the as smooth, sloped gently downward blazing pile of logs in the fireplace, through the portal. some one knocked at my door, and a Turning to the right to avoid the negro servant looked in. 'Would I like drip of a limpid stream, - that falls to see the guide ?

over the entrance like a perpetual liba

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