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For the convenience of Subscribers we give below a Form of Order for a Yearly Subscription to the 'Gazette.'

Back numbers (from December, 1875) supplied at tho same rate—viz. 2 Jd. each number, post free.


Please forward' The Woman's Gazette ' to Name


2s. dd. enclosed for twelve numbers, from

Address—Messrs. Hatchard, 187 Piccadilly, W.; or, SdrEditor (miss Phillips), 42 Somerset Street, Portman Square, W.

All Post-office Orders payable to M. E. Phillips, 227 Oxford Street: or to Messrs. Hatehard, Post Office, Piccadilly Circus. Stamps can only be received at the rate of 13 to the shilling, on account of loss in exchange.

All Advertisements will be inserted at the rate of la. Gd. for 30 words, and Qd.for every additional 8 words. Trade Advertisements and institutions will be charged according to space. Terms for a series by arrangement.

All should be forwarded, prepaid, to the Sub-Editor, at the Office, 42 Somerset Street, Portman Square, W., before the 22nd day of the month at latest.

Contributions for the 'gazette,' and other communications, should bo addressed to the Editor at the same address.

Back Numrerr of the 'Gazette' for 1876 and 1877, for gratuitous distribution, will be supplied free to Libraries, Institutions, or Private Individuals, on application to the Sub-Editor, and payment of carriage.


THE Office of the Woman's Gazette will be CLOSED from December 24th to January 4th, 1879, inclusive, but Letters will bo forwarded to the Editor, and Answers to Advertisements addressed to the Office will be attended to as usual.

Now Beady. rPHE DUTIES OF WOMEN AS MANAGERS IN 1 ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS. Price Jrf. each, by post Id., or 100 for 2s. 6if. Being a Beprint from the Woman's Gazette for December, 1878. Also,

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T1MPLOYMENT AGENCY FOR WOMEN in connecJ2i tion with the Woman's Gazette. Terms: Correspondence, and Begistration Fee, Is. On an Engagement being concluded, a Fee of 5s. will be charged to each party. For Domestic Servants, an Engagement Fee of 2s. 6d. will be charged to the Employers. Office hours, 11 till 5 o'clock. Saturdays, 11 till 2. Address Miss Phillips, 42 Somerset Street, Portman Square, W.

It is specially rerpusted that Ladies icho have entered tlietr Names upon the Hegistry will communicate any change of address, or acceptance of an engagement; also that those who write to make inquiries will enclose a stamped envelope.

NOTICE.—A largo number of the applications addressed to this Agency being for Domestic Servants of good character, and the demand, especially for Country Situations, greatly exceeding the supply, the Secretary behoves it would be of great service to the readers of the Gazette if Correspondents would supply the Addresses of respectable Agencies in

Country Towns, of whose dealings they have had practical experience, and whose recommendations can bo thoroughly trusted. This list would be kept at the Office, and a copy supplied to mquirers upon receipt of 3d. in stamps. London servants are seldom willing to take service in the country, and thus Ladies applying to London Registries are often disappointed. Ladies having good servants to recommend are likely to hear of situations by sending particulars to this Office.

LIOR particulars of the following, who require Situations,

X apply to Miss Phillips, 42 Somerset St., Portman Sq., W.:

Miss S—Very superior English Governess.

S- T.—A thoroughly experienced Lady-Housekeeper, as

Matron in a Boys' School or Institution. Salary not

less than idl.

A. H.—Lady Housekeeper, or Companion to an Invalid.

Madlle. G.—Experienced Teacher, desires to give Daily Lessons in French, or undertakes Translations.

Miss D—A Lady holding an Honour Certificate of the Cambridge Higher Local, desires an Appointment in a High-class School for Girls, or a Non-resident Engagement in a First-class Private School.

Answehs to the following Advertisements should be addressed 'Care of the Editor of the Woman's Gazette, 42 Somerset Street, London, W.'

N.B.— Particulars of the Situations can be sent to those persons ONLY who enclose a stamped and addressed envelope, and who supply such particulars of themselves and of their qualifications as enable the Advertiser to judge of their suitability for the duties required of thom. The same holds good for persons recommending others for appointments.

1. L. M. H.— A Lady desires to place with a Mistress who will befriend her, a very nice-looking and well-mannered Young Woman, who is an excellent Servant, and can take a situation as Housemaid, Upper or Single, or to Wait on a Lady. Wages in last place, 101.

2. Dame School.— A Lady is willing to undertake a small Village School, where a certificate is not needed.

3. L. M. B.—A Lady of much experience desires employ, ment, daily preferred, as Teacher to Boys. Thorough Latin and Arithmetic, rudiments of Greek, and Grammatical French. Would settle in country, if instruction offered among Farmers, &o.

4. Mrs. S.—A Lady who has a peculiar gift for the control of the Insane, and has had experience in the same, desires to establish a Private Asylum, or to take the post of Besident Superintendent where she would have private apartments.

5. B. B.—Mission Work.— Wanted a Lady-help, who has a thorough knowledge of Cooking, to take a situation in a Mission Home in South Africa.

6. Mrs. C.—A highly respectable Widow, with a Daughter aged 18, desires a situation as Housekeeper or Needlewoman. Understands Plain Needlework and Dressmaking, and Eepairing Boys' Clothes.

7. E. E.—A Lady, who has resided many years in China and Japan, is willing to givo Correspondence or other Lessons in Japanese.

8. F. D.—Can copy Music neatly and well.

9. R. H. B A Clergyman's Widow is open to engagements as Monthly Nurse. Trained, Certificated, and with 2 years' experience.

10. Miss G.—A Lady, aged 30, who has recently resigned a Situation at Suez, is willing to go abroad after Christmas, or take a Situation at home as Nursery Governess to Children under 12, or Mother's Help.

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Part XIII.

Perhaps the most popular form of Nursing School,
and that in which a short course of study may be
most useful to the largest number of women, is
that of a Children's Hospital. Every woman
should have some acquaintance with the symptoms
and treatment of childish ailments, and it is to be
hoped that the time may come when no young
lady's education will be considered complete until
she has paid some attention to the study—practical
as well as theoretical—of this branch of Nursing.
Few women—few girls even—pass many years of
their life without having something to do with
children, either as elder sisters, governesses, aunts,
or mothers; and when one considers how short and
acute children's diseases generally are, and how
much suffering and life-long debility may often be
prevented by what is called ' taking things in time,'
no one will question the importance of some
acquaintance with the subject of children's illnesses.
Children have often much difficidty in describing
their feelings, and even the locality of acute pain
taxes their scanty vocabulary, and is as unintel-
ligible to 'grown-ups' as the cry of the poor little
girl suffering from inflammation of the lungs, who
complained that her pain was 'just where the bran
begins.' It required the ingenuity of an elder
sister, only lately removed from nursery associa-
tions, to recognise in this illustration from doll-land
that the pain lay in that region of dolly's figure
where the wax shoulders wore joined on to the
bran-stuffed trunk!

An additional advantage in children's hospitals
for purposes of training, is found in the fact that
young ladies who are enthusiasts for nursing may
begin their training in them at a much earlier age
than is desirable in a general hospital, or in one
specially devoted to women's disorders. Girls of

eighteen may, if they choose, and if they can
persuade the lady superintendent that they really
'mean business,' enter a children's hospital, and
learn a great deal that is the foundation of all
nursing, and which will be a valuable preliminary
for 'walking' (if one may venture to borrow so
dignified an idiom from the medical profession)
hospitals later. It is, therefore, with pleasure that
we notice the opening of several new Children's
Hospitals in different parts of England, and that we
mention that in some of these there are at the
present time vacancies for probationers, both of the
gentlewoman and upper-servant class. If we
venture to add a list of those which have already
found a place in Part II. of our Guide (that devoted
to Hospitals and Convalescent Homes) it is not so
much with the idea that it exhausts the number of
these institutions at present existing, but in the
hope that correspondents will furnish us with the
names and addresses of any which may have been

Childhen's Hospital, Nottingham.
This hospital has been in existence for some years, but
only contained twelve beds. Last year new wards were
built, with nurses' rooms, sculleries, and bath-rooms, and
the cots now number twenty-eight. The hospital is
nursed by a lady superintendent with nurses under her.
Ladies are taken to be trained. As lady probationers
they pay 21s. a-week, and come for three months, six
months, or a year. As working probationers they give
their services, and bind themselves for one year. Or if
salary is an object, they agree to stay two years (after
a month's trial), receiving 107. the first year, and 16J. the
second, with indoor uniform. At the present tima there
are vacancies for one lady probationer, for one who haa
received a year's hospital training as nurse at 207. a-year,
and for one working probationer. Ladies are not re-
ceived under eighteen or over twenty-eight years of age.

* We regret that want of space obliges us at the time of going
to press to omit this list, for which we must now refer our
readers to the Qnide, price 3Jrf. by post,

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