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Or, the MASS
Dead and Buried,
. .. Without hope of :

Written originally in French by Monsieur de Rhodon
Professor of the Royal College at Nismes in Friince.
To which is added, a' DEDICATION to the

Earl of Shaftsbury, left out in the other [rif.

The Fifth Edition.

DU B L I N: .
Printed by and for A. RILAMES, opposite the
Pied-Horse in Capel-ftreet, and W. SMIT 11, at
the Hercules in Dame-ftreet, M DCC xxvi.


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To the right Honourable the Earl of Shaftesbury, Lord High Chancellour,

of ::: ENGLAN D, &c. | My LoRD,

Could not without In

justice, have DediX cated this Book to

Du any but your Lordship, because, as there is no Person to whom I am so much is. A 2 obliged, obliged, so there is no Member of either House of PARLIAMENT that hath so freely and generously owned the PROTESTANT INTEREST. As for my Obligations to your LordThip, because they are too great to be express’d, it is my Duty to take all Occasions of expressing my Thankfulness for Them, and therefore I take this Occasion to proclaim my. Thankfulness to the World. As for your Lordship’s late owning the PROTESTANT INTEREST in the House of PEERS, it was so eminent, and accompanied with such Zeal and Courage, that (next under GOD and the KING )


your Lordship may deservedly be ftiled the chief Asserter and Promoter of it, and consequently the Afferter and Promoter of the INTEREST of England. For the INTEREST of the PROTESTANT RELIGION, and the INTEREST of this Kingdom, are so interwoven, that the Welfare or Ruin of Either, is the Welfare or Ruin of Both. Now being obliged by your Lordship, both as an English ProtesTANT, and also more particularly in my private Capacity, I beleech

GOD to grant that your Life : may be long and prosperous,

your Memory, and Posterity · honourable, as long as the Sun


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