Kantian Ethics and the Ethics of Evolution: A Critical Study

Williams and Norgate, 1881 - 111 páginas

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Página 86 - I believe that the experiences of utility organized and consolidated through all past generations of the human race, have been producing corresponding nervous modifications, which, by continued transmission and accumulation, have become in us certain faculties of moral intuition — certain emotions responding to right and wrong conduct, which have no apparent basis in the individual experiences of utility.
Página 3 - KEIM'S HISTORY OF JESUS OF NAZARA: Considered in its connection with the National Life of Israel, and related in detail. Translated from the German by Arthur Ransom and the Rev. EM Geldart.
Página 2 - Cobbe (Miss FP) Dawning Lights. An Inquiry concerning the Secular Results of the New Reformation. 8vo, cloth.
Página 73 - I am struck with the fact that they are all characterized either by entire absence of the idea of causation, or by inadequate presence of it.
Página 6 - A Series of Translations by which the best results of recent Theological Investigations on the Continent, conducted without reference to doctrinal considerations, and with the sole purpose of arriving at the truth, are placed within reach of English readers.
Página 71 - These good and bad results cannot be accidental, but must be necessary consequences of the constitution of things ; and I conceive it to be the business of moral science to deduce, from the laws of life and the conditions of existence, what kinds of action necessarily tend to produce happiness, and what kinds to produce unhappiness. Having done this, its deductions are to be recognized as laws of conduct ; and are to be conformed to irrespective of a direct estimation of happiness or misery.
Página 6 - Relation to the First Three. New Edition, 8vo, cloth. 5s. Ten Services of Public Prayer, taken in Substance from the " Common Prayer for Christian Worship," with a few additional Prayers for particular Days.
Página 71 - Morality properly so-called — the science of right conduct — has for its object to determine how and why certain modes of conduct are detrimental, and certain others modes beneficial. These good and bad results cannot be accidental, but must be necessary consequences of the constitution of things...
Página 21 - ... practical reason, between the Critique of Pure Reason and the Critique of Practical Reason.
Página 100 - The truly moral deterrent from murder is not constituted by a representation of hanging as a consequence, or by a representation of tortures in hell as a consequence, or by a representation of the horror and hatred excited in...

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