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time the boy was tumbling about peared to have screwed his courage amongst the men, taking no notice to the sticking place, for he now adeither of Lennox or me.

vanced to within a couple of yards “ William Howard,” said Lennox. of where we stood, the group be“What you want?" promptly said the hind creeping up after him. He kept child, as he knocked off from his rubbing the back of his hand across play, and looked steadfastly at the his muzzle, and coughing and clearmarine. "A good and satisfactory ing his voice, and every now and then proof,” said I ; " I will make a note he took a squint over his shoulof it, Lennox."

der, to see that, in case his memory Donován and I sometime after this should fail him, he was in immediate were walking backwards and for- communication with his reserve. wards on the small quarterdeck, After another stiff chew of his quid, talking of I don't remember what, and a devil of a hitch of the waistwhen we perceived a stir amongst band of his trowsers, and a smoothing the men forward, and an attempt down of his forelock, he tore his hat evidently making amongst them to off his head, as if it had been a divot, shove old Dogvane aft with some as Lennox might have said, and broke communication to me. He appeared ground to the following purportreluctant to be thrust forward as You sees, your honour, and Mr spokesman, and waxed very empha. Donovan, there-gentlemen both”tic in his gestures to the group who A considerable pause, during which were all talking at the same time, and he seemed awfully puzzled. laughing with each other as they “I am gravelled already, Lennox, closed round the old quartermaster. you see," quoth he, over his shoul.

“Come, there is more rain than der. wind in that squal),” said I, to Do “ No, no," said Lennox, novan, looking towards the group. again, man, try again.” “ What request, think you, is to be May it please you, sir-it has made now, Dennis ?”

blowed half a gale of wind some two “ Can't conjecture for the life of days agone, as mayhap your honour me,” said he.

knows" Dogvane now took a fresh quid, I could not help smiling for the by way of gaining courage, I sup- soul of me. Why, Dogvane, I have

on his embassage, reason good to know that, but what and advancing a step from the would you be after ? Come to the rest, he cast his eyes on the deck, point, man." and began to thump one hand on an And so I would, captain, if I other, and to mutter with his lips as only knowed how to get thereif he had been rehearsing a speech. I fear the point he speaks of lies in Presently, giving his trowsers a the wind'seye, and that I sha'n't fetch hitch, and his quid a cruel chirt, he it,” (aside to Lennox)—" but as I looked towards us, in act to advance, says before, your honour, we had a as it were, but his heart again failed spiffler some two days agone, and bim, and with another pull at his the parrot, Wapping Poll, your howaistband, and a tremendous chew of nour-why, she was blown overhis quid, which made the tobacco board, your honour, and as a parrot juice squirt from both corners of his is not of the gull specie, your homouth, he hove about again, appa- pour, I fears as how poor Poll may rently in despair and discomfiture, have been drowned.” and joined the others, who instantly I could scarcely keep my gravity. set up a loud laugh.

“ Why, assume that the bird is Lennox, I saw, had now slid round drowned, then, Dogvane, and get to the men, and with a most quiz- on.” zical cast of his eye, was using his “No, sir, with all submission, I powers of persuasion with old Dog- have no sartainty of that. A bird vane, to get him to weigh anchor that can speak, must think; and it's once more, and to set forth on his no impossibility, in my mind, in Poll mission again, but the quartermaster being at this moment cruising as shook his head, and seemed to re. mate of the watch on the back of a fuse point-blank. At length, after a wild-duck-but then a duck does great deal of bother, the steward ap dive now and then, to be sure."

pose, to


it was

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now ?"

I now suspected he had strength. there, take my oar now, will ye-I ened his nerves a little with a glass can make nothing of it, I can't pull of grog.-"However, Poll might

take a-head at all-it has been all back a light the time the other was be water with me;" and so saying ho, low, you know, sir, if she only made his obeisance, and slunk away knowed where he might rise again. amongst the people, slewing his head Still a gull would be her chance as from side to side, and smiting his for that-no diving in a gull, your thigli, as if he were saying-Poo, honour."

poo, you see the captain won't un“But, my good man"-I was not derstand, do as you will-indeed, he over well pleased with what I does not want to understand, you thought I had discovered, especially see. with the freedom of the jest, if jest The marine, on the retreat of the

meant for—“ will you, I quartermaster, now came forward again ask you, come to the point, as a reserve, and in good set terms, Dogvane-what would you be at? leaving his northern accent out of I can't stand all day palavering here, the account, preferred a request on unless you know your own mind,” behalf of his shipmates, not for 'the and I turned away. My rebuke sheep, but in the destruction of all: seemed to rouse Dogvane, who, ma the other pet creatures during the king a sudden effort, sung out quick gale, he made out a strong case, and sharp

which could only be met by my “Then the parrot's overboard and giving up the child, which he prodrowned, sir. And the monkey is mised should succeed the defunct. drowned too, sir, and the old cat is monkey, Dicky Phantom; and “aldead below with the damp and cold, though we all know his name to be and we shall all be starved for want Will Howard,” said he, in concluof a pet, sir.-D-n your eyes, Jack sion, “we request your permission, Lennox, will that serve your turn, sir, to christen him afresh, and to

give him the same name, as a triOh, I see, I see," said I. bute of respect to the poor brute, “ There," said Dogvane, giving a

who has hitherto afforded us 80 skip, and turning ajoyful countenance much amusement." over his shoulder to the group behind I was a good deal tickled at all him—“There, his bonour sees did this. not I tell you so ?-why, I thank “But, men, you all heard Sir Oliver your honour-we all thanks you desire the child to be sent on board kindly, sir; and such care as we the frigate.” shall take of him-oh, my eye! But Here several voices grumbled all I says is, thank your honour again Why, they have two monkeys on in the name of the whole bunch of board, and a kangaroo, and a hog in us." He made his salaam, and he armour, and oh, surely, they won't and his tail turned to bundle for- grab him too." ward.

• Wby, sir, we must leave it to "I guess I know now what you you,” said Lennox; “if the Comwould be at, Dogvane,” said I, my modore is in earnest in taking Dicky tone approaching to shrill shout in Phantom from us, surely he will order to arrest his retreat. On this spare us one of the monkeys. But I the old quartermaster hove about, am sure no one will take such care his face evincing great chagrin and of him as I should here, sir.". vexation at the idea, that after “ Very well,” said I, “I will seo all his lucid explanation, I was still what can be done; in the meantime, unenlightened. " I presume,” I con- get the child ready to go in the boat tinued,

" that having lost all your when I go on board to dinner. But pets”

where are his clothes ?--you can't “ Ah yes, sir-that's it.

send him in that rig ?” “That having lost all your pets,

The marine laughed. “Why, sir, you want to ask me for the sheep his own clothes are all torn in that we have picked up."

pieces, and he has no others made; “No, no, no,"—ran amongst the indeed, our sail-maker says he could men; and old Dogvane slid out with no more make a petticoat than a a jet of tobacco juice" D-n the lady's gown.", shoop entirely-but, Jack Lennox, There was no help for it; and at


half past two, Donovan and I found" dinner was now announced, and ourselves in the stern-sheets of the Dicky was handed over to Lennox, small boat, with Dicky Phantom sit- who had come on board in the noting between us, dressed out like a vel capacity of dry.nurse. I could Lilliputian boarder. As we pulled see the whole crew clustered on the on board, I had time to look more gun-deck, in expectation of his cominutely at the equipment of the ming out of the cabin; and the moboy. As already mentioned, he was ment he made his appearance, dressed in trowsers, check shirt, and “ Lennox, pass him forward.”_" I little tarpawling hat, with the word say, Jack, Jack Lennox, lend him to Midge painted in large letters on a me, man.”—“Oh! d-n my eyes, scroll on the front of it; but they man, do lend us a spell of the piccahad now added a little cutlass, ground nidy.”—“ No, no-hand him to me down from a piece of iron hoop, and first-here to me, man— I bespoke bound round his waist by a black him, Jack, before Bill, there, belt, and as a tiptop finish to his sounded on all hands; and the two equipment, they had ' fastened an

monkeys and hog in armour were as oakum queue to his curly wig, that dust in the balance compared with hung down over the waistband of his Dicky Phantom. We sat down to little breeches. My natural bashful. dinner. Mr Donovan, and old Sprawl, ness was sorely tested, when we got along with one of the mates, were alongside, and found the ship present, and every thing went on swarming in all directions with busy very much as usual. grioning faces, wherever they could “ We must endeavour,” said Sir get a squint at us, and our little pas- Oliver, " to find out that poor little senger; and when I stepped on fellow's family and relations when deck, I had not the courage to take we get to England, but what are we the child up, but left him in the to do with him until we get there?” boat.

I cheerfully offered to keep him “ How are you, Mr Brail-glad to on board the Midge. see you, Mr Donovan, I hope you “ You are very good, Mr Brail, are better," said Sir Oliver. We made' but in so small a hooker it would be our acknowledgments. “ Where is inconvenient, so I shall make shift your little

passenger, Mr Brail; have the best way I can here." you brought him on board ?”

I laughed and said, “ that next to a Why, yes, Sir Oliver, he is in round-robin had been signed by the the boat alongside, but the people Midges, petitioning you would let have so monkeyfied him, that he is them have the boy for the cruise, scarcely presentable on the quarter- sir, in consequence of their having deck.'

lost the ship's monkey and parrot.” I “ Never mind, hand him up- noticed the Commodore's servant hand him up-let us see him.” And prick up his ears at this, and that poor little Dicky Phantom same evening, before we got away straightway transferred from the from Gazelle, a deputation waited stern-sheets of the boat to the frigate's on Sprawl to offer both monkeys deck, amidst a buzz of laughter from and the kangaroo, and the hog in officers and men.

armour, 'to the Midges, in fee simThe poor child was frightened, ple, in exchange for Dicky Phantom. and ran crying to me, when Sir Oli- The Commodore had recovered ver, with his innate right feeling and his looks and spirits greatly since I kindliness of heart, asked me to last saw him, and gave us some of bring him down into the cabin, which his old stories that I had heard beI did, where the little fellow soon fore certainly. They were chiefly became quite at bome, and began to relating to the countries on the boramuse himself with some books ders of the Mediterranean, and the of plates, and little Chinese figures, following tickled me a good deal at that Sir Oliver took out of a locker the time :for his entertainment.

Sir Oliver had been one of old Sir J. I related the particulars of my in D-'s lieutenants on that station, terview with his parents and kins and it was his watch on deck on a cerfolk on board the ship, which moved tain forenoon—"a fine fresh breezy the kind old man exceedingly; but day, clear and sunshiny, and the



old T -- was cracking along on the ter's wig, Sir J-, and the porker starboard tack, with the Island of belongs to the ward-room.' Malta broad on the lee bow, about “Fill the maintopsail again,' rapten miles distant, or thereabouts. ped out the knight. 'Poor pigShe was going about nine knots, as poor pig-can't be helped-can't be near as could be, and the admiral helped - pity the master should was walking backwards and for. lose his scratch though, but it can't wards with me on the weather-side be helped, Captain R--, can't be of the quarterdeck. It happened helped. So fill away the maintopsail that the captain's servant was an in- again, Captain Rveterate stutterer, although a steady “Alas and alackaday, both the pig good man, and we had not continued and the wig were drowned! our perambulations above a quarter Mr Donovan being now well of an hour, when this functionary enough to resume his duty, remained rushed up the ladder in great haste, that evening in the frigate, but I reand apparently in a great quandary, turned, towards nightfall

, with my and thus addressed, or rather at- tiny topman, to the Midge, and great tempted to address the admiral : was the buzz of joy amongst the

« • Sir-sir-sir-Jo-Jo-Jo.'. Midges, at getting back Dicky Phan«« What does he mean ?' said the tom. admiral, startled by the energy of We were sitting at breakfast on the man's gestures.

deck under the awning, next morn«« Your pi-pi-pig. Your wi- ing, Donovan having returned for his wi-wig, over-over-over.' traps, the frigate's boat was towing

“Here the poor fellow got into astern, when the carpenter having convulsions, and walloped his arms already got a little chair so contrived about like the sails of a wind-mill, that when lashed to the leg of the making signs that some body or thing table, he could not fall out of it, was overboard. The captain came Dicky Phantom was part and portion on deck and saw what was going of our society. on-Sing, you lubber, sing, and The frigate was about a mile to the straightway he of the impediment northward of us, looming like a segave tongue in a clear and melodious venty-four, and glimmering through pipe, as follows:

the hot blue haze that hung over the “The admiral's pig is overboard, is over

horizon, and circumscribed our view

on all sides, for it was stark calm. The board, is overboard, His pig and his wig are overboard,

sun shone down with true tropical Heave-to, or they'll both be drown'd.'

intensity; the heaving swell was like

a sea of molten silver, and every now “ Man the fore.clew garnets,' sung and then a dolphin would leap close out old Blowhard-back the main- to us, while as from the side of a watopsail, Captain R—-, back the tery bill a shower of flying-fish would main-topsail-lower away the jolly- spring out and shoot across a liboat. Quick, Captain R--, quick.' quid valley, until they dropped like

“ Here the old flag officer's own a discharge of grape into the next servant came up to him, as he was billow. straining his neck where he stood Nothing nourishes one's grogon the aftermost carronade, to see, drinking propensities so much, or over the hammock-cloths, what was spoils one's beauty, as the reflecbecoming of the pig and the unfor- tion of the sun from the glass-like tunate scratch,

surface of the calm sea within the “ • There, there they are-both are tropics. His direct rays are in some astern,' he sung out.

measure warded off by your hatpoor wig bobbing at me.' (The brim; but were you even to turn up origin of bob.wig ?) It will choke your ugly pbiz at him, and staré him some dolphin, or I am a Dutchman, in the face, they would have compabefore evening. And the pig, oh, ratively no effect, to the fierceness my poor pig!"

of their heat second-hand in this way. « Please you, Sir J. ; chimed Oh, the sickening effect of the afterin the functionary, ' it is a false noon's glare, thus reflected and alarm. That stuttering blockhead flashed up into your face, under the has made a mistake; it is the mas- snout of your chapeau, which here

• There's my

his plate.


proves no defence, like a battery ter Brail; but if you would oblige me taken in reverse, until your eyes are

with one of your legs, now, or even blinded, and your cheeks rouged and an arm, I would vastly prefer it to roasted, and your neb peeled, like the piece of rancid salt pork you ofan ill-scraped radish, leaving the fer me, on that rusty piece of crooked under-skin so tender, that breaking iron there." on the wheel is comfort to blow Here again he reconnoitred the bait, ing your nose. Cold cream-cold and then looked up, with a languishcream. Oh, for a pot of it, ye gods! ing eye, at little Dicky Phantom,

I have before said, we were not, that Lennox was now holding on the where we sat, much above four feet tafferel. “ Ab," again said sharkee to out of the water, and several flying himself, I make no question, “ ab, fish had come on board that morn that's the thing I want.

What a ing, and just as I was helping Dicky morsel that would be!” and he made to a little water, to wash down the one or two rushes hither and thither, soaked biscuit that, through Lennox's as one has seen a dog do, before setkindness, he had been feeding on, tling down steadily on end, to look dash-a flying fish flew right against up at the morsel an urchin is tantaDennis Donovan's cheek, and drop. lizing him with. ped walloping and floundering into At length, seeing I was so unac

commodating, so inexorable as not Blazes, what is that?”

even to oblige him with a limb, and ; Oh, what a beautiful leetle fis!” that Dicky Phantom was altogether said the child.

forbidden fruit, he made an angry But Dennis, honest man, did not rush and vanished below the counter. recover his equanimity during the “ Poo, confound him, he can't be whole meal. Immediately after hungry," quoth Mr Weevil the purbreakfast, he prepared to go on ser, who had hold of the line, as he board of the Gazelle, and to part pulled it in, hand over hand, until the company regularly, when one of the bait was close under foot, when, men who was looking out astern, just as it was rising out of the water, bung out in a low tone, as if afraid the shark, finding that it must be the fish should hear, " A shark, sir, either salt junk or no fare, made a close under the stern.” We gently sudden grab at the bait, gorged it, hauled the frigate's boat alongside and dashed off with it, and, alack-ato be out of the way, and, on looking daisy, with the purser also; for, over the tafferel, there was the mon- dreaming no harm, he had taken a ster, sure enough, about three feet turn round his left arm, as he hauled below the surface of the clear green in the line, which, by the sudden water, eyeing us with the greatest jerk, ran; and if Lennox and old composure.

Drainings had not caught him by the As if in no ways daunted, but as heels, he would have been overboard. determined to have a nearer and And there was the hideous fish, walbetter view of us, he gradually floated loping, and foundering, and surging up; until his dorsal fin was a foot out about, within a fathom of the purser, of the water, and his head but just who was hanging over the stern, like covered by it. We instantly got a a side of beef laid in, at sailing, for hook baited, and let down. The fish sea stock, his head dipping into was about twelve feet long; and, as I the water every now and then, as the leant over the low stern of the ves. vessel rose and fell, while he strugsel, when she sank on the fall of the gled, and spluttered, and twisted, in swell, I could have touched the mon a vain attempt to get his arm loose; ster's head with a handspike. There while the shark backed and backed was something very exciting in being like a restive horse, and dragged and on terms of such intimacy with a jerked about until I thought the purcreature who would have thought it ser's fin would absolutely have been capital sport to have nipped you in torn from his shoulder. two.

All this while, the crew were like He eyed the bait and the hook, and to explode with laughter, while poor then drew back about a yard from it, Weevil roared, “ Haul me in, for and ogled me again, as much as to Heaven's sake, or he will swallow say,

“Not to be had so clumsily, Mas. me--haul". Here his head would

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