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naked arms were clasped convul- down from the summit of a gigansively round his neck, as she hid her tic sea, on the frigate and shattered face in his bosom. The elder lady merchantman, as they were tossed was sitting covered with a boat-cloak to and fro beneath us like objects on the small seat, that ran along the seen from a hillside, and then to larboard side of the companion, with feel yourself sinking, and see them one of her arms over the top of it to rising as you in your turn sank keep her in her seat, which she into the trough, until they appeared seemed to accomplish with great to hang above you in act to slide difficulty, as the labouring ship down and swamp you, and again to sweltered about on the boiling sea. lose sight of them altogether, as a A sheep, apparently a pet lamb, wave rose howling between us. stood, or rather staggered about, on Had the felucca been a deepthe deck beside her, every now and waisted vessel, she must have inevi. then turning up its innocent face and tably been swamped; but having no bleating, and trying to poke its head ledge or rail whatsoever, and the under her cloak.

hatches having been got on and well A sea at this moment broke over secured early in the forenoon, we the starboard quarter of the ship, took little or no water below. We and drenched all of them, washing lost one hand overboard, more laaside the skirt of the cloak that co- mented for the time, I believe, than vered the oldest of the females, and if he had been the best man in the disclosing, alas, alas ! my poor dear ship. It was poor Dicky Phantom little boy, crying in his mother's the monkey, who, when the word arms, and stretching and struggling was passed for the men to hold on with his little limbs, as if he had slept and make themselves fast, seeing through it all, until the very moment them lay hold of ropes, in imitation when the unruly surge washed him caught one too; but, alas for Dicky! in his nest.

it was the slack end, so that the sea “ Mind your helm," sung out Mr washed him overboard like smoke, Marline, sharp and suddenly. and being unable to stand the drag

I turned to look aft from whence through the water, the poor brute the voice came. Heavens, what a had to let go, and perished miserably. sight! A huge green wave was curl- As his little black gibbering face, ing its monstrous crest, like revol- with the eyes starting from his head, ving wheels of foam, close aboard of and his mouth open and grinning, us astern, and pursuing us, hissing while he was coughing and splutterand roaring, like a sea monster rush- ing out the sea water, looked its last ing on its prey.

at us from the curling ridge of a I had only time to sing out, wave, a general

« Ah! there goes hands, secure yourselves," when it poor Dicky Phantom," burst from rolled in over the tafferel, and swept all hands. the deck fore and aft, washing boats, The ship had also hove to; but hen-coops, spare spars, and every in the few minutes that had passed thing that was not part and portion since I had last seen her, her condiof the solid deck and upperworks, tion was clearly much altered for overboard, and submerging us seve

the worse. ral feet under water.

The crew had knocked off from I thought the little Midge's buzz. the pumps, and several, I could see, ing and stinging were for ever over, were employed casting loose the and that she never would have risen hen-coops, spare spars, and every again ; but the buoyant little craft thing that would float, while the gallantly struggled from under the greater part appeared absolutely insea, and rose gaily to the surface sane, and rushed about the deck like a wild-duck shaking her fea- stretching out their hands towards thers after a long dive; and having us with imploring faces, as if we hove to, we soon made capital wea- could have helped them, while others, ther of it-her strong bows dancing alas, alas ! were drunk-brutally, besover the advancing surges, as if in tially drunk, and grinned and gibbercontempt, until they hissed away un- ed, and threatened us with their fists. der foot, like serpents foiled in their It was indeed a humiliating and a attack. It was a fearful sight to look heart-breaking sight to see fellow


beings endowed with sense and rea- hands by the strength of the wind, son like ourselves, debasing them- and as it it had been the last faint selves in their last moments below gleam of hope finally deserting them, the level of the beasts that perish, Hew down to leeward like a Hash of and recklessly rushing into the pre- red flame. He then again hung the sence of the Almighty in a state of board on which he had formerly teleswinish intoxication.

graphed over the gangway. The “ What is that?” cried Mr Mare following fearful.legend was now line. “ Heavens, if they have not written on it in chalk: set fire to the rum in the spiritroom!”

ON FIRE, AND SINKING! As he spoke, a wavering flash of If I had followed her, after having blue flame gleamed for a moment once been pooped, and nearly swampup the after hatchway, the hatches ed already, it would have been downof which, in the increasing confu- right madness, epecially as I could sion, had been knocked off. Pre- render no earthly assistance. I had sently this was followed by a thick therefore nothing for it but to keep column of white smoke, speaking as the Midge lying to. plain as tongue could have told, that The firmament now became black the fire had caught. The column as night. A thick squall, with heavy became suddenly streaked with fire, rain, that had been some time brewwhich instantly drove the miserable ing to windward, burst down on us group of women and men forward with the most terrific fierceness. into the waist. In a minute the For a minute we could neither see flames burst out of the main hatch- nor hear any thing but the roaring way also, and scorched away the of the tormented waters, and the two young missionaries and the howling, or rather thundering of the captain from the pumps, to which, wind. The shred of sail that we although deserted by the crew, they had set flew out of the bolt.rope had, with noble intrepidity and calm into ribbons, with a sound like a resolution, clung until this very mo- cannon-shot, and I thought the little ment.

vessel would have turned keel up. The eldest lady was now lying At length it passed us, and cleared motionless on the wet deck, appa- where we were, only to shew us the rently dead or in a faint, with her poor disabled ship overtaken by it. bare arms clasped round her child, And now it was evident that she who, poor little fellow, was tossing was water-logged, from the heavy his tiny hands, and apparently cry sickly way in which she rolled and ing piteously, while the younger wo- pitched, while the fire lit up the man was clinging convulsively round whole dark sky overhead with a red her husband's neck, as, along with murky glare, as if it had been mid. his companion and the old captain, night. he had now sat down on the deck- The squall crept up to her, thickthe whole grouped round the patri- round her, and gradually conarchal old Moravian, who was kneel- ccaled both her and the frigate, ing in the middle, and with out hiding them entirely from our view stretched hands apparently implo. within its watery veil; but the conring Heaven for mercy, while over flagration still lit up, and shone all, the sea, now lashed into redoubled through the grey mist like shroud, fury by the increasing gale, broke in (alas, in very truth a shroud to one showers of spray.

of them!) and gave horrible indicaThe whole after part of the shiption as to her whereabouts. was by this time on fire ; and fall. It suddenly disappeared, the tora ing off before the wind under her nado of wind and rain drifted down foresail, she ran down in the direc- to leeward. A blinding flash of lighttion of the frigate that was lying to ning touk place, and anon a peal of about a mile to leeward. As she thunder shook the empyrean, as if it bore up and passed us, the old cap- had been the trumpet of the Archtain, drenched, half-naked, and bare- angel. The clouds rose—the weaheaded, with a face pale as death, ther cleared away Great God, 'was endeavouring to seize the en- what do I see! The frigate is there sign union down in the main rig

-BUT THE SHIP IS GONE ! ging, but it was torn from his feeble





For several minutes, the thunder- men-gently, that's it; now, hand. storm continued with the same vio- somely, in with him. Hurra! well lence. At one time I thought the done, Lennox! You are on board lightning had struck our mast-head. again, my lad.” But it was the breaking up of the Why, what have they hauled in weather, for with startling sudden- with him?” said Donovan, who was ness a bright slanting beam from the standing aft beside me, while Lennox evening sun pierced through the was got on board at the bows. I dark masses of cloud in the west, and was myself confoundedly puzzled. floated on the tempestuous surface A sheep, and a bundle of clouts, of the troubled waters where the ha, ha, ha!” shouted Joe Peak. I ship had gone down, like a ray of jumped forward. A bundleof cloutshope breaking through clouds and alas, alas ! it was the breathless body shadows on the tumultuous agita. of the beautiful cbild I had seen on tions of a departing spirit. Was it board the ship. the eye of Providence glancing on It was lashed to the neck of the the watery grave of the innocent and pet lamb with a silk handkerchief, virtuous, and evincing through our and now lay at my feet a little blue senses, that the quenching of their and ghastly corpse. I snatched it gentle light amidst the howling waste up in my arms, 'more from the imof waters, although unseen of men, pulse of the moment, than any exwas not unmarked of the Eternal, pectation of the ethereal spark being “ who maketh the clouds his cha- still present in the little cold clammy riot, and who walketh on the wings body; and, to the great surprise of the of the wind ?” And was the doom crew, I called Lennox, and desiring of the wicked in the rolling thun. him to get some hot salt in a cloth, der? The thought stirred me like a and two bottles of hot water, and to trumpet-note.

bring some warm cloths into the The sunbeam travelled on, as if cabin immediately, I descended; drifting before the wind, until it stripped the child, and drying his glanced on the dark hull, and lofty little limbs with a piece of blanket, spars, and storm staysails of the no- I clapt him into my own berth. Lenble frigate; and the weather mode- nox and Donovan followed; and, rating at the same time, I ran off the against all appearances, we set to, wind to close the Commodore, and and chafed and manipulated the sailed over the spot where the ship frigid limbs of the darling boy, and had foundered, as near as we could applied hot bottles to his feet, and judge. Several hencoops and spars the hot salt to bis little chest and were floating about; but the whole stomach; but it was all in vain. It crew were gone to

“ where the was a moving sight to see great wicked cease from troubling, and rough bushy - whiskered hard - athe weary are at rest.”

weather seamen, in despite of all. “Keep her away a bit," sung out etiquette, struggling like children at Lennox from forward—“keep her a raree show to get a peep at what away a bit, Mr Brail, there is some- was going on below, through the thing struggling in the water close small open skylight, that ventilated

More yet-more yet,” as the 'the little well cabin. noble fellow fastened a rope round "Ab, my poor little fellow, you his waist; "that will do—now, mess. are gone; your unhappy mother mates, hold on, and mind you haul might have spared her dying heart me in if I miss, and seem pretty well the pang of parting with you, when done.” In a twinkling the poor fele she made you fast to the lamb-you low was overboard, and striking out would then at least have died in her gallantly amongst the choking spray. arms, and beside her heart, my sweet I see the object,”. I exclaimed, child !” As I said this, my brother " that is flashing and struggling in officer, and Lennox, the latterall dripthe water; whatever it may be, he ping with sea water, and still palo has it; down with the helm, and and breathless with his récent exerbring her to the wind-down with it, tions, were both standing looking hard-a-lee. He has it—he has it! down on the body of the child, lao No, missed it, by heaven! No, no, ving done all they could, but all in vain. he has fast hold; gently, haul him in, The tears were rolling down thọ


i He is

Scotch lad's cheek, and Dennis, ho- ship's side, and fell into a sound nest fellow, once or twice blew his sleep. nose very suspiciously, contriving By this time it was near sunset, during the trumpetings to steal a and the gale was rapidly abating, small swab at his eyes, lest the share but the sea was still very high. We the old lady in Sackville Street, Dub- ran down and closed with the Comlin, bad in him, might become too modore, and kept him in view the apparent.

whole night. gone,

," said Lennox, after a Donovan and I were sitting in the long pause, as he stepped to the berth, cabin regaling ourselves with a glass with the intention of covering the of grog, about nine o'clock in the dead body with the sheet. He no evening-" I say, Benjie, bow that sooner stooped down than he sud- poor little fellow snores-do you denly started back, and held up his hear him?" hand to attract our attention. I “I do, and it is music to mine ear, looked-one eyelid quivered - it my darling. What a scene it must opened a little, then shut again, and have been when the ship foundered! again the aguish appearance passed I am glad we did not see it, Donoover it; the chest heaved, and the van.” little sufferer drew a long sigh. “He “ And so am I-why, we have lives, he lives!" said Lennox, in a low rather had a stirring time of it lately, voice, and speaking as if he was a number of odd circumstances have himself choking. The word was happened; but what do you make of passed through the skylight to the the Commodore's taking on so, as warm-hearted expectants clustered you and Sprawl said he did, when he round it on their knees on the deck heard that young De Walden was above. My eye, what a row! They missing-had he any hand in the instantly jumped to their feet, and young chap, think you ?” began to caper about overhead as if “Oh, no," said 'I laughing, “noa legion of dancing devils had sud- thing; besides he used to keep him denly possessed them.

tighter set up than any other mid in “ He's alive,” shouted one_poor the ship. However, that would neifellow, “and we can now spare Dicky ther make nor mend as to the proPhantom.”

bability of your surmise, Donovan ; “Forward with you, men," sung but I verily believe he was no conout Mr Wadding, “ forward with nexion of the Commodore's.” you; how dare you lumber the quar- “ Well, well,” said Dennis, “ give terdeck in that way, with your lub- me t'other glass of swizzle, Lennox berly carcasses ?

-thank ye. I say, Lennox, my ladWe now increased our exertions, gallant conduct enough that of yours and had the inexpressible pleasure -after having been so ill too-Iwonof seeing them crowned with suc- der you bad strength.” The man bowcess; and having poured some tepid ed.-“ Now since I have had time to wine and water down the child's consider, what are you going to do throat he was as yet too weak to with the child there, Benjie ? drink it himself, or to speak--we had “ Send him on board Gazelle, I the happiness to see him open wide presume, when the weather modebis fine dark blue eyes, and take a rates--but, good-night, I am off to my steady, and apparently a conscious cot-who has the watch, Lennox?" look at us; and presently his respi. “ Mr Peak, sir." ration, though as yet slow and sigh- “ Tell him to keep close to the like, became regular; the animal Commodore, and call me the instant heat of his body over his heart began any thing worth reporting occurs.” to be perceptible--the blue clayey Yes, sir.” colour of his skin and face, the “ How is the weather ?sharpness of his features, and the Clearing away fast, sir," answerblackness of his shrunk lips, began ed the marine_" and the sea is to fade and give way before the ac- greatly gone down.'' celerating circulation--and after “Very well, let them trim by the coughing up a large quantity of salt Commodore, do you hear-keep water, he turned his little face to the way with him, but no more; Sir Oli.

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ver likes no one to run past him he had nothing on but his little frock tell Mr Peak so.”

and shift, which had been torn in the “I will, sir."

getting of him in, so Lennox and the Now, good-night, Dennis, dear.” sailmaker had rigged him in a tiny

check-shirt, with white lappels, a pair When I awoke next morning, the of little duck trowsers, with large first thing I did was to reconnoitre horn buttons, very wide at the feet, how my little and most unexpected and very tight at the waist-cut, in a visitor held out. There lay the fair word, in the very extreme of nautical child, steeped in a balmy slumber, dandyism; little white canvass shoes, with his downy cheeks as peachlike and a small tarpauling hat completed and blooming as ever; even his hair, his set out. They had even hung by with the crystallized salt sparkling a piece of spunyarn a small hornamongst it, once more curled thick handled knife round his neck, so that and clustering round his magnificent he was a complete topman in miniaforehead. As I stooped over him he ture. awoke, and stretched out his arms in Childlike, for he could not have the evident expectation of clasping been three years old at the most, he some one that he had been accus- had already taken to the men, and tomed to lie beside; alas! they was playing with the pet-lamb, that touched the cold hard ship's side. was making believe to buck him He grew startled, and called on his with its head; and indeed every now mother and then on his father, and and then it would knock over the on his grandfather, and his dear aunt little fellow, but without hurting Emily ! waiting between each excla- him, and roll about with him on the mation for the wonted caress or deck.

His eye caught mine-he • What child is that? And I see looked surprised, and peered anxi- you have some live-stock-where ously all about the cabin, until at got you the sheep?" last, as if he had really comprehend- “The child was picked up, lashed ed the full extent of his desolation, to the lamb, Sir Oliver, when the he began to cry bitterly, and to sob ship went down." as if his little heart would have burst. Come on board, and dine with Lennox and I did all we could to me at three, Mr Brail-you can tell pacify him, but who could come in- me all about it then." stead to him of those whose hearts We sbeered off again; and it was were now cold for ever? I could not laughable to notice the crowd of stand it, and went on deck, leaving heads out of the frigate's ports the him in the hands of the steward. instant the little fellow was noticed

The weather was now clear, and on our decks. Immediately after the sea had gone down; the frigate this a group of men were sitting in was about a mile and a half on our the bows of the felucca with the child lee-bow, carrying all sail, so that we amongst them. Lennox came up to had to crack on to keep up with her. me and touched his forehead-“The During that forenoon and the follow- little fellow told me his name was ing day we had no communication William Howard, sir; probably you together, but about 11 A. M. on the would like to set it down as a clew third day after the ship had founder- to find out his friends when we get ed, we got so well placed on her to England.” quarter as to be able to communi. "A

very proper precaution, Lencate without trumpets.

nox, and well thought of, but are you The Commodore hailed first- sure that was the name the child an“ Sad accident that t'other day, Mr swered to.” Brail.”

Quite, sir; if you will step here, “Very, sir."

sir, you will be satisfied of it." I fola “ All hands lost, I presume.” lowed him a pace or two nearer the

Before I could answer, he conti- group playing with the child. nued, evidently in great amazement Dogvane,” said Lennox-the man “What child is that, Mr Brail ?" I answered;" Wilcox,” another seaman looked round, and was a good deal pricked up his ears, both a good deal surprised to see the figure the little surprised at the steward's address, stranger now cut. When picked up with me at his back-but all this

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