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who had merely retired from the as the bridegroom learnt that we dust, knowing it must be now laid, were engaged in a match, he released resought the road--and hark! the us from our remaining duties as his sound of a trumpet!

man, considering that we had suffiA couple of Cantabs trotting along ciently shown our zeal in his service in a Tandem ! That soph handles the by the part we performed in church. reins like a man destined to be se- We then drank" Joy” in a glass of nior wrangler—and in him who blows delicious elder-flower wine, fairer the bugle we hear a gold medallist. and more fragrant than Frontinac Fine fellows are they both as ever and pausing for a moment to take in worked team or problem. From the the whole beautiful happiness of the wood we take our station close be- scene into our heart-lake, trees, fore the leader, and lo! now a Ran- bills, houses, humanities, heavens, dom ! Colonsay has quite a classical and all“ swift as an arrow from a character—and unencumbered with Tartar's bow," we shot away totraces, he looks like one of those wards White Moss. noble prancers on antique gem or Where, thought we, may be Sam ? basso relievo. The wheeler has no. Symptoms saw wenone of the Shuffler thing to do in the shafts but to keep --for feet of all kinds bad for hours moving—the ci-devant leader is now been disturbing the dust-nor among proud to be a follower—and the whip all that trampling could a Red-man's enjoys his sinecure. Much gentle. eye have noted the print of her manly nonsense are the scholars hoof. But as we had not met him, talking to Hannah, and we fear, from we could not doubt that he was only the titter that slightly thrills her ahead and the chief difficulties to frame, that they may be slyly quiz- be encountered, it was cheering to zing the elderly gentleman; but learn, awaited us both equally on youth will be youth-and we know our return. We scorn to ask questhat, in the midst of all that winking tions—nor could they indeed have of eyes and screwing of mouths, they been of any avail; for though we have a respect amounting to venera- had overtaken many persons, we had tion for Christopher North.

met none-the stream of life all Ivy Cottage seems on its way to flowing in one direction towards Ambleside, as we give it the go-by- Grassmere fair. It was known there Rydal Water glimmers away towards that we were coming, for Rumour Windermere and we are at the trots faster even than ColonsayNab. Lo ! below the shadow of the nay, used to out-gallop Childers and sycamores the marriage party–who Eclipse. had just then discovered that we And now we were on Whitewere missing, and loud congratula- Moss, and keeping a firm seat, in tions hail our advent. The Random case of a blast in the slate-quarries, is reduced to a Tandem--for Colon- when a sight met our eyes at that say gives the side-spang, and the rate altogether upintelligible, incomNewtonians keep the noisy tenor prehensible, and unaccountable, but of th way towards Gra

smere alarming the most mysterious de. —while Nab-scaur, proves he can gree to man and horse-even beyond blow the bugle too, and plays the a ghost. It seemed something hairy, Honey-Moon on the same key—but and of a size so enormous, that its what breath from human lips so stature, like Satan's, reached the wildly sweet as the echoes!

sky. Could it be Satan? No-the Hannah slips off like a sun loosen- Prince of the Air flies by night-this ed snow-wreath, and is in the arms monster was moving on the earth in of a girl, lovelier even than herself, the face of day. Colonsay saw it who had been keeping house during the instant we did, and was rooted. the wedding, and arranging the par. Desperation fixed our eyes on the lour for a déjeûne at once rich and shape-"if shape it might be called, simple, while she had tastefully gar- which shape had none”-and, thank landed the lintel and porch with heaven! it gradually dwindled into flowers. Through the jessamine-lat- a huge bear-standing, upright on tice window we looked in on the legs thicker than our body-handling preparations, but had strength of a pole across his breast like a pine mind not to dismount; and as soon mand, oh! spirit of Vestris--danshould like to have one eye torn out tail were visible and we had to by pincers, and the other punched in fasten the lid, not with peg, but by rule.”

We have angled-not twine. Yet was be not a grey trout, without loss of temper—from very as our few descriptive touches have restless animals; yet ’tis perhaps already shewn-but a true son of more trying to hook a first-class Winander of the line of the mottled trout from a quadruped plunged in monarchs who have therein dispuprofoundest sleep. A third case is, ted sovereignty with the long jawed that of your sleep-walker--but we race of Jacks for many thousand shall not now discuss it, as its intro- years. duction would render the question Just then Colonsay must have too complicate. As long as the hookee been experiencing in his sleep one of kept in the present pool, 'twas well those not unsublime sensations that that Colonsay heard no “ voice cry sometimes suddenly assail the slumto all the house-Sleep no more- berer, falling over the edge of a preColons doth murder sleep.” We cipice, or off a weathercock on a found our advantage in his unup- spire. For springing several feet braiding conscience. But as soon as into the air, faster than any thought his majesty set off to seek refuge in of ours he gave the side-spang, and his distant dominions, we wished þad almost realized his dream. Anthat Somnus had lashed Colonsay other hand-breadth, and he had topwith a whip of scorpions. The fugi. pled into the Naiads’ Palace. Hurra! tive king had it then all his own way, Sammy Sitwell-standing on the like a bull in a china-shop. Con- stirrups—and working like Tommy servatives as we have ever been, we Lye-comes flashing round the edge felt that the power of the Crown bad of the wood, on his return from High increased, was increasing, and ought Skelwith; Colonsay, having shaken to be diminished; but where lay the off his somnolency, joins issue; and board of control ? Had he reposed once more the Match! the Match! due confidence in the loyalty of the We met on the bridge-and nosilent people of the provinces, and thing could be fairer than the junctrusted to the strongholds remote tion-start. But, alas ! on beginning from the capital, he might been at to make play, we made a discovery this day on the throne. But his which, under any circumstances and heart misgave him and he came back on any horse, would have been un. of his own accord to his own and fortunate, in our present predicathe Naiads' Palace. Even then be ment likely to prove fatal. Colonmight have saved his life by taking say had a knack- sleight of tongue the sulks. But he was, though of a - by which he could slip, ad libitum, fearful, of a fiery nature ; he knew almost any bit out of his mouth; and not when to make resistance and as we had forgotten to tighten the when to yield; and the consequence buckles, there hung the snaffle outwas, that in twenty minutes from the side his jaws; and with a bridle so time his tongue first felt the barb, adjusted, what could Castor himself he turned up his yellow side, and have done ? No more than Julius floated shorewards“ fat, and scant of Cæsar, who used, in his hot youth, to breath.” Even then a wallop might go, like the old one, without saddle, have been his salvation; but he had with his face to the horse's tail, not spirit to make one; -and Bobby and his bands tied behind his back. Partridge-who had been in vain However, we said nothing, and trying the worm-fortunately ma- hasted to the crowd which king his appearance just at that mo- knew must be collected in Am. ment with his well-known dodging- bleside-whither we were now gostep along the banks-he dipped in ing like a couple of comets. How his landing-net, and brought the we rattled along Rottenrow! BenBrobdingnag into another element, son's smithy right opposite-and a all shining with stars and crosses crowd of carts! Sam grew white and orders, like some great naval on the jowl as a sheet. "Hold hard ! commander. His weight is uncer- pull up or we shall be smashed”_ tain--for he never was in any scales we cried in no feigned alarm ; he but his own; but when pressed well did so with a skill we could not but down into our creel, his snout and admireand Colonsay, taking all


things into consideration, judged it main group, of which we were in, advisable to follow the example of deed ourselves the centre, and all the the Shuffler-and thus no lives were subordinate and accessory breaksacrificed-nor was the old woman ings-off but belongings-to it, to redangerously hurt, though her stall main just as they were at that molost a leg, and there was a stramash ment--for the picture stood there among the gingerbread kings. already composed by the Spirit of

The poor Shuffler mare, though the Scene. All the three fortunate pretty fresh, was now discovered to youths had to do was to transfer it be, nevertheless, in rather doleful to paper. Nay-look at it almost dumps. Of her four shoes she had from what point you willed, still lost two, somewhere or other, up 'twas a picture! In perfect power among the mountains, and the re- operated there the principle of the maining pair were held by a very pyramid! Green eyed the scene precarious tenure. Mr Benson had askance, and planted his tripod near a hind-leg on his hip in a jiffey and the door of Mr Brownrigg, the shoethen a fore-leg; the pincers did their maker, so that to the right he might duty; and now all-fours were as get in his favourite pines--among the free from iron as the day she first loftiest in England--and to the left, saw the light. But here again our as many of those old overhanging magnanimity shone out in all its roofs and galleried gables as the native lustre. We scorned to take power of perspective might steal advantage of a series of losses that from the ancient Ambleside, yet might have befallen ourselves, and leave her rich as ever in all most resolved to stay by Sitwell, who, beautiful to artist's or poet's eyes. as far as we had had an opportu- He had to take Us in front, but we nity to observe, had hitherto con- could well bear foreshortening; and ducted himself during the match it has been generally thought that with considerable candour, and ne- our face is finest in full view withver broken into a gallop on the direct out shadow, and so would have felt line of operation. We had no right even Rembrandt. Some children had to object to each other's by-play, gathered in a group-oh! how graceWe declare on our honour and con- ful still art thou, pure simple nature! science-andafter thelapse of twenty-and encouraged by the benign years, more or less, our country will physiognomy of Colonsay, one of not be incredulous-that neither by them was bolding up to him a bunch voice nor look did we give Mr Benson of wild flowers, which he kept mumany hint how to reshoe the Shuf- bling with his long lip, just to shew his fler. True, we had long been good sense of the fair creature's kindness friends-wags calling him Vulcan -and how all their rosy faces smiled and us Apollo-but with his style of as he scented the moss-rose. buds, the shoeing we never interfered, though earliest of the perfect year! Hills, on this occasion the issue proved it again, studied the scene from the to be worthy, not of our admiration Cock—a pleasant Inn-itself a jewel. only, but of our gratitude.

Taken from that point too, we were And who should make their ap- still the central figure-but we exhipearance at the smithy-door, during bited a back-front-nor bad we any the refit, but our dear friend, Green, reason to be ashamed of our shoulthe artist of the clouds, in company ders, nor Colonsay of his rear-harwith Hills, the celebrated cattleist, monious in their apt proportions. and Havel, then at the head of the Shuffler and Sam, in their airy slimwater-colourists—all three great ge- ness, contrasted well with niuses--and as pleasant men, each strength columnar; and imagination in his own way, as ever leaned elbow peopled the void between the vision the social board. They had been ble extremes of horse with many out all morning with their portfolios an intermediate kind of that most --but now was the time for them useful and ornamental of all animals. to make themselves immortal-for A few human figures, and a couple what a subject for a grand historical of curs, were hastily sketched inComposition ! No need for any and 'twas wonderful what an effect sounding name-call it simply, the was produced by the skilful introSmithy-Door. We beseeched the duction of a cuddy, pacing leisurely


by with his panniers, nor, in the verted the forward into the back. midst of all the animation, so much ward, and as if his tail had been his as once lifting his eyes from the head, set off smithy-wards, oversetground. But where sat Havel ? ting much of the crowd; nor was it Removed some way down in front, possible for us to restrain his impejust opposite pretty Miss Preston's tuosity-for the harder we pulled, millinery-shop, whence the scene the greater acceleration he acquired assumed the shape of a circle, and till he broke into such a gallop fancy had room to play with feeling, as will never be forgotten by those and imagination to expatiate among who had the good fortune to behold all possibilities of the picturesque, it till their dying day ! without losing sight of the main in- And were Sam and the Shuffler cidents and characters that gave an smashed to death by the live timber historical interest to the whole. Ne. --for alive it was, or it never could ver was Havel more happy! There have swung itself about in that way they hang-all the three sketches- -or crushed beneath the wooden and though cheerful the scene in it- wheels of waggons, each worse than self, and mirth and merriment on the car of Juggernaut? Not they. every countenance, it grows indis- The mare had hunted with Meynel, tinct before our old eyes not that and was a treasure at timber. The they are always dim, but hope is northernmost waggon near the Old not now so ready with her sunshine Cross drooped its tail to within five as memory with her tears.

feet of the ground, and Sam, who But the scene was sketched, and was as skilful as fearless, shoved the Shuffler shoed—and the street, her at it, at the critical moment just far as the eye could reach, cleared ere it rose again, cleared it like for the start. That was not very winking, and disappeared ! far-for the houses, as if desirous to In no long time Colonsay persee the fun, had stolen insensibly ceived that he was not going in his forwards, and the willow before poor usual way, and returned to the Green's door overhung the road more charge. Now the waggons had been than usual, as it closed the vista. drawn up, so as to leave a lane for What carts might lie beyond we transit, and we again made knew and cared not, only we hoped play. Our dangers, it was not unthey might not be loaded with time reasonable to hope, might be mostly ber. Yet hope, we felt, was strange- over; but we could not conceal ly like fear—but“ off-off” was the from ourselves that we had many cry-and the crowd could not con- difficulties still to encounter-and tain their admiration at the style in one we saw even now was at hand. which we rose in our stirrups! For some years we had made it a “ North for ever!Sammy for a practice, more honoured in the obshilling!” Done, done, done!” servance than the breach, never to But the shew of hands was in our pass the Salutation Inn, without shafavour ten to one; and had the times king hands, and taking a horn of ale been at all political in those parts with the worthy landlord, our friend which, thank heaven, they were not Wilcock; and there he stood on the -we should have been carried for steps ! With great presence of mind the county

he ordered a band of haymakers to Three wood-waggons loaded sky. form a line, two deep, on the brow high from Rydal Forest with oak! of the hill, the front rank kneeling, Coming down hill so as to occupy with rakes, like muskets with fixed the whole area of the market-place bayonets, to receive and repel the -and we meeting them at a trot fast expected charge. But Mrs Rennyas any gallop! Far advanced be. son's heart gave way--and Colonyond them all was King Log threat- say, availing himself of a weak point, ening the firmament. Colonsay broke through, and made good his

stooped his anointed head as low customary position below the sign. as death," to avoid destruction-and Nan was ready with the ale--three with a single coup d'æil, seeing the horns-one for Mr North, one for impossibility of breaking even the her master, and one, larger than the weakest part of the line, with mira. largest size, for Colonsay, who took culous command over motion, con- his malt as kindly as the best Chris



tian that ever turned up a little fin- tures, whom you may dance on your ger. Business being despatched, he thumb, and care not though they gave his head a shake, as much as to were to evanish over your shoulder say," Good-by," and set off neigh- like shadows among the lady-fern; ing in pursuit of the Shufiler. but a substantial Aesh-and-blood,

We had now found out the pace bright and breathing, beautiful huthat best suited such a contesta man being-fit for the wear and tear steady long swinging trot~six feet of life-and come what may of weal or thereabouts at a stride--and and woe-grateful to enjoy and conwe were only afraid we should tent to suffer-one of the too overtake Sam. That

“ Sound healthy children of the God of fear, however, we had reason to

heaven" dismiss the moment it arose ; for lo! on the crown of the hill-where who, in the dark hour, with a single the road turns off perpendicularly smile, can bring the rainbow over a to Kirkstone a jaunting-car, two cloud of tears. gigs, a shandrydan, horsemen and It was with such thoughts and horsewomen -all gaily bedecked feelings as these pleasantly passing with white ribands and stars on through our heart, not without a their breasts a marriage-party shade of awe, that we saw an old Tom Earle of Easdale and Rose Al- grey-headed man-not her fatherlardyce of for she was an orphan-give away panied with their cortège-about to the bride. Nothing can be better be made one by Parson Crakelt in than the marriage ceremony-nor Ambleside Church !

indeed every other part of the ritual of Will the world believe us when the Church of England-a service we say that we had utterly forgotten which you may seek to improve, afour engagement formed a week be- ter you have brightened up a bit fore-to officiate as Groom's Man ? and reduced to order the stars. And But Fortuna favet fortibus-and there now that it was over, Rose seemed we were providentially at the very even a sweeter flower. Her blushes nick of time. To be sure, our dress had left her cheeks somewhat paler was not just quite the thing-being than their wont-but the colour rebetter adapted for one match than turned at the bridegroom's kissthe other; but Mr Earle would not and that kiss was a signal for us not hear of our proposal to exchange it, to be idle so we put Tom gently temporarily, for the apparel of one aside, and, “preein' her bonny of his friends, who had to fill a sub- mou',” we went smacking our way ordinate situation-so just as we round the circle-an example which were, except that we dowsed the

was no sooner set than followed by pink cap, we accompanied the joy- the rest of the congregation, while ous assemblage to the Church. the winged cherubs on the walls

A nobler-looking pair never stood laughed as if they had been so many before the altar. Tom had thrown Cupids, and a Saint, who looked for all the best men in the ring-and was usual rather grim, grew gay as a certainly the most elegant wrestler Hymen. ever seen in the North of England. The improvements, as they are Yet like all perfectly proportioned called, of modern science, have, even men, he shewed no signs of extraor- in mountainous countries, reduced, dinary strength, nay, seemed almost alas! most of the roads, once so preslender, though on Mount Ida he cipitous, to nearly a dead level! It could have contended with Paris. A was not so in Westmoreland in the milder countenance or a sunnier you age of the Match. Bear witness from could not see on a summer's day; the stony world of the past, Thou and intellect of no common kind was Descent out of Ambleside! And enthroned on that lofty forehead, where now can you find a truly radiant through clouds of curls sharp turn? All smoothed meanly dark as the raven's wing. And if off, without "mark or likelihood," Tom Earle“gave the world assurance against which it is next to impossible of a man,” so did Rose Allardyce to capsize ! True, that people get of a woman. None of your tiny killed yet—but “then 'tis the rate thread-paper, artificial fairy-crea- that does it;" and bridges are so

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