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who had merely retired from the as the bridegroom learnt that we dust, knowing it must be now laid, were engaged

in a match, he released resought the road and hark! the

us from our remaining duties as his sound of a trumpet!

man, considering that we had suffiA couple of Cantabs trotting along ciently shown our zeal in his service in a Tandem l That soph handles the by the part we performed in church. reins like a man destined to be se We then drank“ Joy” in a glass of nior wrangler-and in him who blows delicious elder-flower wine, fairer the bugle we hear a gold medallist. and more fragrant than FrontinacFine fellows are they both as ever and pausing for a moment to take in worked team or problem. From the the whole beautiful happiness of the wood we take our station close be scene into our heart-lake, trees, fore the leader, and lo! now a Ran bills, houses, humanities, heavens, dom ! Colonsay has quite a classical and all "swift as an arrow from a character—and unencumbered with Tartar's bow, we shot away totraces, he looks like one of those wards White Moss. noble prancers on antique gem or Where, thought we, may be Sam ? basso relievo. The wheeler has no- Symptoms saw we none of the Shuffler thing to do in the shafts but to keep for feet of all kinds bad for hours moving—the ci-devant leader is now been disturbing the dust-nor among proud to be a follower—and the whip all that trampling could a Red-man's enjoys his sinecure. Much gentle. eye have noted the print of her manly nonsense are the scholars hoof. But as we had not met him, talking to Hannah, and we fear, from we could not doubt that he was only the titter that slightly thrills her ahead—and the chief difficulties to frame, that they may be slyly quiz, be encountered, it was cheering to zing the elderly gentleman; but learn, awaited us both equally on youth will be youth and we know our return. We scorn to ask ques. that, in the midst of all that winking tions—nor could they indeed have of eyes and screwing of mouths, they been of any avail ; for though we have a respect amounting to venera had overtaken many persons, we had tion for Christopher North.

met none-the stream of life all Ivy Cottage seems on its way to flowing in one direction-towards Ambleside, as we give it the go-by- Grassmere fair. It was known there Rydal Water glimmers away towards that we were coming, for Rumour Windermere - and we are at the trots faster even than ColonsayNab. Lo ! below the shadow of the nay, used to out-gallop Childers and sycamores the marriage party–who Eclipse. had just then discovered that we And now we were on Whitewere missing, and loud congratula- Moss, and keeping a firm seat, in tions hail our advent. The Random case of a blast in the slate-quarries, is reduced to a Tandem-for Colon- when a sight met our eyes at that say gives the side-spang, and the rate altogether unintelligible, incom. Newtonians keep the noisy tenor prehensible, and unaccountable, but of their way towards Grassmere alarming in the most m rious de. -while Nab-scaur proves he can gree to man and horse-even beyond blow the bugle too, and plays the a ghost. It seemed something hairy, Honey-Moon on the same key—but and of a size so enormous, that its what breath from human lips so stature, like Satan's, reached the wildly sweet as the echoes!

sky. Could it be Satan? No--the Hannah slips off like a sun-loosen- Prince of the Air flies by night--this ed snow-wreath, and is in the arms monster was moving on the earth in of a girl, lovelier even than herself, the face of day. Colonsay saw it who had been keeping house during the instant we did, and was rooted. the wedding, and arranging the par. Desperation fixed our eyes on the lour for a déjeûne at once rich and shape-"if shape it might be called, simple, while she had tastefully gar- which shape had none"-and, thank landed the lintel and porch with heaven! it gradually dwindled into flowers. Through the jessamine-lat- a huge bear-standing upright on tice window we looked in on the legs thicker than our body-handling preparations, but had strength of a pole across his breast like a pine mind not to dismount; and as soon and, oh! spirit of Vestris-dan

or entrance; and to our discomfi- drawn nondescript had got out and ture, and we need hardly say to the shewn fight. The clamour had astonishment of the people, Colon. frightened the kyloes, who no longer say trotting in with us, horse and preserved close order, and from the rider disappeared, as it were, into broken square, now canopied with a the bowels of the earth! There cloud of dust, issued the Shufflerhe stood as in a stall, snuffing in Sam making strong play, and to vain for rack or manger. On looking avoid the crowd of carriages, down up, we saw many faces looking down, the low road. There was manifestly and we confess that we felt shame, a strong struggle in Colonsay's mind which has been beautifully called between the love of clover and the " the sorrow of pride." We were love of glory, but the latter high acin a sort of grave, and almost wished tive principle prevailed over the low to be buried. It was too narrow to appetite and off he clattered in his admit of his turning, and no power grandest style after the mare-this of persuasion could induce him to being perhaps, considered merely in back out. We heard voices above sug a sporting light, the most interesting gesting the possibility of hoisting us era of the match. The public anxiup by ropes, but we were convinced ety was wound up to the intensest that Colonsay would not suffer ropes pitch-no odds could be got from the to be passed for that purpose round adherents of either party-and two to his barrel.' He would ha spurned one were eagerly offered, that we at such an indignity with all his reached Grassmere-five miles-behoofs. Besides, where was the fore one o'clock. It was now nine by tackle or machinery sufficiently the shadow on that unerring sunstrong to reinstate him on the sur dial, Loughrigg.Fell. face ? In this emergency, Billy left We do not know that we are perthe Barge, and came to our assist- sonally acquainted with a more tryance with his sage counsel. He re ing bit of road, for such a Cob as membered hearing Jonathan Inman Colonsay, than that which, in days say, two years before, that he had of yore, ran between Waterhead and seen Colonsay, who used to wander Rothay bridge. We allude not to what by moonlight all over the country, are called the sharp turns, though at the grey of dawn going into that the angles formed there by stoneself-same pit, and that his curiosity walls were acute indeed, especially having been awakened, he, Jonathan, in the coping, sometimes consisting had looked down upon him, Colon- of slate that might have served for *say, and observed him devouring a the shaver of a guillotine ; nor to the bundle of rye-grass and clover, which heaps of stones that used to accuit is supposed some tinker had cut, mulate mysteriously for inscrutable and deposited therein as a place of purposes by the sides of ditches, concealment, to be ready for use on deep enough to be dangerous, with next day's encampment. The re- out" such supererogatory cairns, membrance of that feast had been though it does seem a hard case to awakened in his mind by the associ- have your skull fractured before you ating principle of contiguity of place, are drowned; nor yet to the gableand thus did Billy philosophically ends of man-houses, hog.bouses, explain the phenomenon. Oats had and barns, that suddenly faced the lost their allurement, for our Cob, unsuspecting traveller, with a blank like Louis the Fourteenth and his yet bold look, without door or winFather Confessor, could not stomach dow, that said, or seemed to say, toujours perdrix ; so a scythe was * Thus far, and no farther, mayst procured, and a sheaf did the busi- thou go;"-but we are meditating

To the delight of the multi- now on the vast variety of field gates, tude, he and we reappeared stern most of them well-secured, we ac'foremost, and as we saw Sammy still knowledge, but still many left open safe among the kyloes, we allowed by stirk or laker, and giving glimpses our friend, who, though a great wit, of pasturage, at sight of which the had a long memory, to take his fresh most stoical steed, however apatheforage at his leisure. There was a tic to ordinary temptations, could tremendous row at the turnpike- not but be seized with an access gate--for the foreigners in the ass- of passion, hurrying him away into


headlong indulgence, to the obli- though in his dotage he forgot to vion of all other mortal concerns mention it in his Memoirs-wās sitand especially are we meditating on ting on a portable stool erected on one gate, appropriately called the an eminence reconstructing the Wishing-Gate, in a wall encircling a circumvallation. Providentially we plain, in the centre of which that saw him when within about three wonderful people, the Romans, yards--and so did Colonsay, who had built a camp. Often had it took him so easily that we felt no been our lot to accompany aged change in the gallop, nor did the anantiquaries into that interesting tiquary stir from his tripod. In such plain, to assist their eyes to trace cases apologies are foolish, so in those invisible military remains; good time we removed any unpleaand on such occasions Colonsay sant impression our conduct might employed himself in eating away have made on the good old man's the grass that now smiled on peace- mind, by painting to him, in words ful mounds, which once, 'tis said, brighter than oils, a picture of the were warlike ramparts. As he had Camp on the very day it was brought never one single time during his re to a perfect finish-and a sketch of sidence in Westmoreland, gone by the review of the troops that took that gate without first going through place that afternoon in the vale of or over it, how could we hope that. Ambleside. “Here, my dear sir," he would now so far deviate from his said we—“here stood the Prætorian established practice, as to continue guard-there”—but at that moment his career, without paying a visit we espied Sam on the Shuffler, mato his favourite intrenchments, king for the ruins of the Wishing; haunted, though he knew it not, by Gate, and appealed with hand and the ghost of Julius Cæsar ?

heel to Colonsay, if he had the heart How best to guard against that to leave his master in the lurch ? danger our mind was occupied in Luckily the heads of a number of scheming, during the close contest umpires and referees, were seen not on the difficult bit of road now far in the rear, bobbing above the sketched; and we could think of enclosure-walls; and the love of sonone better than " the good old ciety, as strong in man as in horse, plan” of sticking close to the Shuf. instigated him to join the cavalcade, Her's offside at the approaching cri- which pulled up on our approach sis, certain that if Colonsay did bolt and the match was resumed, if -and here it was with him a general possible with redoubled vigour. rule, admitting of no exceptions We could not but feel grateful to he would carry the mare along with Colonsay, and resolved not to baulk him into the Roman Camp. There him of any other enjoyment, howwas the Wishing-Gate, not twenty ever ill-timed it might at first sight yards a-head of us—shut and pad- appear, which he might be promising locked-and apparently repaired himself at some subsequent season or rather, as it seemed, speck-and- of the struggle. Allowances were to span new-though luckily there was be made on both sides we had our nothing new about it but the paint. weaknesses and peculiarities tooUp to this time we had had no op one good turn deserves anotherportunity-except among the kyloes and as he pitched out, we patted

to enter into conversation with him on the neck as tenderly as a Sam; but now, to throw him off his mother pats her child. guard, we became talkative-saying, We had not proceeded above a as we laid ourselves alongside of hundred yards, fast gathering the him, “ Pray, Sitwell, what is your Shuffler, till we heard before us, beopinion of things in general ?” But hind us, and around us, loud cries ere he could answer that simple of mysterious warning and alarmquery, crash-smash went the Wish- and saw men in shirts waving their ing-Gate before a sidelong charge of arms, with expressive but unintellicavalry, and in full career,

gible gesticulations not a little ap“Shouldering our crutch, we shew'd how palling-yet mysterious terror is fields were won."

unquestionably one chief source of

the sublime. “ A blast 1 a blast!" Old Hutton of Birmingham and the truth flashed upon us with

the explosion. Fragments of rock the gate adjoining the ledge, and darkened the air, and came clatter walked sedately along the pasture, ing in all directions, curiously point as if the coolness were refreshing ed, of smoking flint. How the coping to his feet, after having so long stones whizzed from the walls ! To and fast beaten the dusty road. That shivers flew part of a slate-fence feeling was in itself both meat and within five yards of us, smitten by drink; and as the flies were rather a forty-two pounder, that buried it troublesome, he made for a nook self in the dirt. Under a heavy fire overshadowed by a birk-tree, itself let no man bob his head, duck down, a bower- a weeping birch, as it is or run away. We had learnt that called-but it sheds no tears but lesson from much reading on war tears of dew or rain-drop--and not and Colonsay had been taught in sadness but in joy-the joyful it by instinct-so we carried on, sense of its own beauty-lets fall its and were soon out of range. But rich tresses, dishevelled you would neither Sam nor the Shuffler could say, were it not that they all hang stand such a cannonade, and were orderly in the calm, and orderly off at the anonymous pace-across wave in the wind-calm and wind Rothay-bridge, and away to Clap- alike delighting in their delicate persgate-a circuitous way to Grass- grace and pensile elegance. The mere, by which the most sanguine • river was within a few yards of our spirit could hardly hope for ultimate stance-flowing, but scarcely seen to success. And what if, in his imper- flow—so gently did the stoneless fect acquaintance with the country, banks dip down to enclose the water he should get into Little Langdale, in a circular pool, to which there apand so over Hard-knot and Wrynose peared neither inlet nor outlet-a into Eskdale, and then by Barnmoor perfect picture of peace. It was Tarn into Wastdale-head.

enough to know that we were in the There are many much more beau. Vale of Ambleside; but our eyes tiful bridges in Westmoreland than saw nothing but the Naiad's Palace. Rothay-bridge-we could mention a It grew too beautiful to be gazed on, hundred-but than the Vale of Am- and we looked up through the light bleside, on which it stands, a much foliage, that shewed the fleckered more beautiful vale-nay, one half sky. There on a cleft bough was a as beautiful-is not in the known missel-thrush sitting on her nest, world. Wonderful how, without with her eyes fixed on ours--and we crowding, it can hold so many knew, from their fond and fearless groves! Yet numerous as they are, expression, that her breast was on they do not injure the effect of the her callow young. “May no calpoble single trees planted by the lant, cat, or owl, harry the happy and hand of nature, who has a fine eye hopeful household!” And she seemed for the picturesque, just where they to smile in our face as if she knew should be, in the meadows kept the meaning of our words, and that by irrigation and inundation in pe- we could keep a secret. But at rennial verdure that would shame that moment we heard a doleful lathe emerald. The only fault, easily menting among the silvan rocks beforgiven, that we could ever find hind us of two poor shilfas that with the Rothay herself, is, that she had been robbed of their all. What is too, pellucid--for she often eludes passions are in the woods ! the sight, not when hidden, as she Colonsay has fallen fast asleep. No sometimes is, in osiers, and willows, doubt he is dreaming-for’tis a false and alders, but when, in open sun- dictum that sound sleep is dreamless shine, singing her way to the Lake. -and not till the senses are all shut Colonsay paused on the bridge, that up is the spirit wide-awake. He is we might admire our beloved pano- now on his native isle. Friends he rama; and we requested one detach- left dapple-grey come up to him ment to follow our antagonist, and milk-white. But why pursue such the main body of umpires and re- melancholy fancies ? He recognises ferees to proceed to Ambleside the green hills on which his unenfor we wished for a while to be closed youth pastured—the mossalone, and feed on the prospect. hags he used to overleap in his play Colonsay, left to himself, opened -he snuffs with joy the unforgotten

scent of the kelp on the shore that rent, and ever and anon waverhe was wont sportively toscatter as he ing up till his back-fin was in airraced with his compeers on the yel- manifestly on the feed.

He saw low sands--he dips his nose in the neither us nor our shadow-intent sea, and rejoicing to find it salt, feels on midges. “ Thy days are numas if foaled again. His mouth has bered,” we inly said—and now we never felt the bit, nor his back the felt why ancient philosophers called saddle-and away he flies with flow. Prudence the Queen of Virtues. Not ing mane and tail, free as the osprey one man in a million, in equipping dashing into the deep. And now he himself for such a match, as was sees the majestic figure of the Laird now on our part in quiet course of himself—and at his side Fingal, the performance, would have included deer-hound. His neighings startle in his personal paraphernalia Jine the Nereids in their coral caves, and and angle, and all manner of artifiNeptune, rearing his hoary head cial flies. The beautiful birch-tree above the green-rolling billows, ex was rather in our way-yet that ults in the beauty of the breed of not much-and we were fearful of Colonsaya high-descended strain alarming the missel. But that fear Land half-designs to lure the ram was needless, for, knowing our inofpant lion into the ebbing tide, thąt, fensive character, she and her mate yoked to Amphitrite's car, he may -we heard now by the fluttering draw the Ocean-Queen in van of that and chirping-had been flying to and Annual Procession to the Isles of the fro, feeding their gaping young, all Blest, where the setting sun smiles the time of our dream. So we jointed on the souls of the now peaceful our Walton, and annexed our gossaHeroes i

mer, and throwing low, with no moSuch might have been Colonsay's tion but of our wrist, dropt a single dream-if it were not, it was ours; blue midge on the now visible eddy, yet why should we have wandered and let it circle away down within so far from the Naiads' Palace! Who easy reach of the simple and unsusgave it that name? Ourselves, in pecting giant. What profundity of some visionary mood. But now those ignorance is implied in the doctrine, fancies forsook us-beautiful as they that the monarch of the flood lives were-for, gazing into the mirror, we on large flies! They cannot be too beheld such an Image! What but minute for the royal maw, provided the image of ourselves and Colon- he but knows that they are insects. say standing upside down-in the A minnow again, in his impertinence air! For the water had disappeared, and presumption, will open his - yet undisturbed as our reality be- mouth, of which, large as it is proneath the living tree that had ceased portionally to his other members, he to whisper. Though not unknown has miserably mistaken the dimento us the science of optics, we were sions-to swallow a as not prepared to see ourselves par« big as a bird. But soft! he has it. taking of the general inversion of A jerk so slight that we must not inanimate nature! A slight surprise call it a jerk-and we have hooked always accompanies for a moment him inextricably by the tongue in such reflections; yet how perfectly among the teeth. No fear of our reconciled do we become to the gut. Whew! there he goes—and the position of such shadowy worlds! merry music of the reel reminds us There can be little doubt that in a of the goat-sucker's song, as with few days we should love and admire mouth wide open, he sits at evening the real world, just the same as we on a paling, sucking in the moths. do now, were all the human race to

Had you your choice, would you walk along the earth on their heads, rather angle

from a too

wakeful Cob, with their feet up to heaven! or from a Cob-like Colonsay--co

While thus delighting ourselves matose ? Perhaps this question may with contemplation of our down- remind you of another almost as nice ward double, we became aware -which we have heard mooted that it was a pool we were looking " Whether would you have your into, by a trout like a fish balancing eyes torn out by pincers, or punched himself half-way between soil and in by rule ?” Our answer, after masurface, with his head

the curs ture deliberation, was,

• That we

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