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who had merely retired from the as the bridegroom learnt that we dust, knowing it must be now laid, were engaged in a match, he released resought the road-and hark! the

us from our remaining duties as his sound of a trumpet!

man, considering that we had suffiA couple of Cantabs trotting along ciently shown our zeal in his service in a Tandem l That soph handles the by the part we performed in church. reins like a man destined to be se- We then drank“ Joy” in a glass of nior wrangler--and in him who blows delicious elder-flower wine, fairer the bugle we hear a gold medallist. and more fragrant than FrontinacFine fellows are they both as ever and pausing for a moment to take in worked team or problem. From the the whole beautiful happiness of the wood we take our station close be- scene into our heart-lake, trees, fore the leader, and lo! now a Ran- bills, houses, humanities, heavens, dom! Colonsay has quite a classical and all“ swift as an arrow from a character—and unencumbered with Tartar's bow," we shot away totraces, he looks like one of those wards White Moss. noble prancers on antique gem or Where, thought we, may be Sam ? basso relievo. The wheeler has no. Symptoms saw wenone of the Shuffler thing to do in the shafts but to keep for feet of all kinds bad for hours moving—the ci-devant leader is now been disturbing the dust-nor among proud to be a follower—and the whip all that trampling could a Red-man's enjoys his sinecure. Much gentle. eye bave noted the

print of her manly nonsense are the scholars hoof. But as we had not met him, talking to Hannah, and we fear, from we could not doubt that he was only the titter that slightly thrills her ahead and the chief difficulties to frame, that they may be slyly quiz- be encountered, it was cheering to zing the elderly gentleman ; but learn, awaited us both equally on youth will be youth-and we know our return. We scorn to ask ques. that, in the midst of all that winking tions—nor could they indeed have of eyes and screwing of mouths, they been of any avail; for though we have a respect amounting to venera- had overtaken many persons, we had tion for Christopher North.

met none-the stream of life all Ivy Cottage seems on its way to flowing in one direction_towards Ambleside, as we give it the go-by- Grassmere fair. It was known there Rydal Water glimmers away towards that we were coming, for Rumour Windermere and we are at the trots faster even than ColonsayNab. Lo ! below the shadow of the nay, used to out-gallop Childers and sycamores the marriage party–who Eclipse. had just then discovered that we And now we were

on White were missing, and loud congratula- Moss, and keeping a firm seat, in tions hail our advent. The Random case of a blast in the slate-quarries, is reduced to a Tandem--for Colon- when a sight met our eyes at that say gives the side-spang, and the rate altogether unintelligible, incomNewtonians keep the noisy tenor prehensible, and unaccountable, but of their way towards Grassmere alarming in the most mysterious de. -while Nab-scaur) proves he can gree to man and horse--even beyond blow the bugle too, and plays the a ghost. It seemed something hairy, Honey-Moon on the same key—but and of a size so enormous, that its what breath from human lips so stature, like Satan's, reached the wildly sweet as the echoes!

sky. Could it be Satan? No-the Hannah slips off like a sun loosen- Prince of the Air flies by night-this ed snow-wreath, and is in the arms monster was moving on the earth in of a girl, lovelier even than herself, the face of day. Colonsay saw it who had been keeping house during the instant we did, and was rooted. the wedding, and arranging the par. Desperation fixed our eyes on the lour for a déjeûne at once rich and shape-"if shape it might be called, simple, while she had tastefully gar- which shape had none"_and, thank landed the lintel and porch with heaven! it gradually dwindled into flowers. Through the jessamine-lat- a huge bear-standing upright on

, tice window, we looked in on the legs thicker than our body - handling preparations, but had strength of a pole across his breast like a pine mind not to dismount; and as soon and, oh! spirit of Vestris--dan


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cing! Yes! dancing to a tambou- absurdity, and sublimity - but so rine and a hurdy.gurdy-waltzing a meagre a list of simple emotions can solo-pirouetting-and soon as he give you no idea of the one composite. saw us--describing the figure of a The spectators seemed numerous foursome and fearsome Scotch-reel, and you may faintly conceive what jig-time and then, as if setting to a dash of bitterness was thrown into his partner, perpetrating the High- our cup already full to the brim with land fling! Never did Napoleon ut- sufferings, by the appearance, on the ter a more original truth than when edge of the crowd, of the immortal he said, that there is but one step author of the Lyrical Ballads, and from the sublime to the ridiculous- him since so celebrated as the EngColonsay must have felt that as lish Opium-Eater. Their looks shewkeenly as we did-laughter convul. ed that they were under the delused our diaphragms-and so strange sion that this was a voluntary as well were the peals, that we thought the as gratuitous exhibition - whereas old mountains would have fallen into they were bound as poets, philosohysterics.

phers, and Christians, to have known Fancy "holds each strange tale that we were under the power of the devoutly true,” told of fascinations. Bear-Ursa Major being now mani"A serpent's eye shines dull and festly the constellation that had ruled shy,” saith Coleridge,in" that singu- at our birth—and who can control larly beautiful and original poem” his fate ? Christabelle--and like a true poet he But was ever sight more beautiful describes its effect on that hapless than what now rose before us high up ladye. Aristotle saw into the life of in the firmament! A graceful girl in a things when he declared poetry to foreign garb, trowsered, and turban'd, be more philosophical than history- and stilted, walked dancingly in the but he has nowhere said that fiction air, showering smiles, and warbling is more true than fact. Here, how melody, the loveliest Savoyard that ever, we have to record a fact more ever crossed seas far-away from her extraordinary than any fiction and own hut on the vine-clad hill. And leave you to draw the moral. All as she smiled and sang, she came imitation is from sympathy—and in circling towards us, with that aërial illustration of that apophthegm we motion of which every new gliding could write a book. But here was figure was like finer and wilder a fact more illustrative of its truth poetry, till, like a creature angelical, than many volumes of the profound- she hung in the sunshine above our est metaphysical disquisition. Co- head, and dropped round the neck lonsay, who had been not only ri- of her thrall à chaplet of flowers, veted, but, as we said, rooted to the wreathed by fingers familiar with all spot by sight of the bear, began to the magic of the southern clime ! regard him with a horrid sympathy The Bear ceased his gambols-and -his inner being began to bruin Colonsay again grew horse. We his neigh became a growl- and gave the bright witch gold, and rising on his hind-legs, with his were just about to bow to our illusfore-legs mimicking paws, true to trious friends-when a mannikin, in time and measure, as his grotesque a red jacket, jumped up behind us, prototype before him, he began and away went Colonsay like a walking the minuet de la cour, and whirlwind. It was a monkey-and soon as tambourine and hurdy-gurdy Jacko, not anticipating the effect of changed to a livelier tune, slid away his trick, clung to our back with his into a saraband !

arms round our neck and his blearYou cannot be so unreasonable eyed face adhesive to our cheek as to expect that we should be able -oh! how unlike that face which to describe our feelings in such a half-an hour ago we bent back ours predicament-composed as the mix- to meet-and from its balmy mouth ture was of so many ingredients received a kiss in the dim wood! hitherto supposed to be unamalga- What is this ? what is this? We matable-of which a few were the are swimming in a lake Grassmere internal senses of fear, fun, folly, Lake - we know it by its Island. horror, awe, melancholy, mirth, self- Curse the incubus-we shall be pity, shame, pride, wonder, novelty, throttled. Could we but get our


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knife unclasped, we would cut off full of springs, so in spots not only the little miscreant's paws. Courage, cool, but cold even in the dog-days; Colonsay-courage — swim steady, and we, who had entered its sweet we beseech you-have pity on your waters, a child of dust, left them an poor master.

Such-like continued etherealized creature of the eleto be our ejaculations along the edge ment. 'Twas now post meridian of the line of water-lilies, which, quarter less one, and since six of the even in his affright, Colonsay in- niorning what had we

not gone stinctively kept clear of—and we re- through? Seven hours in the sadjoiced to perceive that he was ma- dle-with nothing to eat but breakking for the Island. Boats put out fast and lunch, a few horns of ale, a from all the bays—and the first that suck of Glenlivet, and a tumbler of neared us was Robert Newton's, who elder-flower wine.

The strongest had been fishing perch, and slipped constitution cannot be wholly proof anchor the moment he heard the against such privations—and we had plunge. But we warned him to felt-we confess—a certain sinking keep off, lest Colonsay should sink of the heart-near the region of the him-and now began a race of a stomach-which had somewhat afnovel kind-Colonsay against a pair fected our spirits. But not more of oars-for a gallon of ale and a sovereigu remedy is “ Spermaceti leash of mutton pies-who should for an inward bruise,” than that first touch the beach. The craft spring-fed lake for lassitude and was rather heading us, when crash weariness even to the verge of death. went the wooden pin on which the We could have imagined ourselves Grassmereans then used to fix their a Minor on the eve of his majority, oars, and Bobby fell back off the glorying in the thought of the Gaushaft with his heels in the air, while deamus nature was preparing for a light breeze having sprung up, he the morrow, when the sun was to drifted considerably to leeward." We see him of age. Scores of crazy years, could now count the corner-stones with all their infirmities, had been of the Barn; Colonsay snorted as drowned, or shaken off; Crutch he smelt the pasture; and getting himself felt efflorescence, and as we footing now on a shoal of fine gra- held him up, we fancied he began to vel, more like a hippopotamus than bud. Yes! we believe it now—so a mere land-horse, he galloped exults the Eagle—when, moulting through a brood of ducklings, and centuries that fall away from him established himself on terra-firma like feathers, he renews his youth. beyond the water-line, and in among We stood on the green navel of the daffodillies, that crowded round the lake. So clear the air, and so to kiss the victor's feet. Just then keen our eyes, that without losing he gave himself such a shake-like any thing of their grandeur, the en. a Newfoundlander—that Jacko, who circling mountains shewed all their had heedlessly relaxed his hold, beautiful individualities-distinctly was dislodged to a great distance - was visible the tall lady-fern, as if and by and by sitting down discon- within hand-reach - we saw, solately on a stone, looked

thought we saw, the very glossi

ness on the silver stems of the scat" Like shipwreck'd mariner on desert tered birch-trees—there was no miscoast."

taking one of all the many varieBut we had no compassion for the ties of foliage--apparent along the pest, and let him sit shivering un- brighter verdure were the innumerheeded there in his wet regimentals, ous sheep-paths-it might be imawhile we intensely enjoyed that gination, but we believed our eye vital refreshment consequent on the rested in its wanderings on the Fairy plunge-bath. Colonsay had leaped rings. The Beautiful closed in upinto the Lake, as we were afterwards on us, and our heart leapt up to credibly informed, from a pretty high meet it, our arms opened to fold it rock; and we were assured by the in our embrace. We were in love same authority, that he had never with Nature, and she with us, and in witnessed any sight more imposing our intercommunion we became one than our Dive. Grassmere Lake is living soul.





You may call this extravagant- lant pair! Sam, had it been nightand it may be so; but extravagant time, might have passed for his own you can never call the sweet delight ghost. So reduced, he was a mere that breathed on us from all the still feather-weight. "Poor putty-face!” island itself—with its serene scenery we involuntarily ejaculated—“sal-but a barn and outhouse, and a few lower than thine own doeskins !” firs--no more--and as for living Seeing us, he smiled as if he were creatures-on the low lying pasture, weeping—but not a word did he undulating into uplands, some score speak, and we began to suspect that of silly sheep. Of how few and sim- he had received a coup de soleil. The ple materials may consist a pastoral hospitableand humane resident-our picture, that shall deeply stir the much esteemed friend Mr Youngheart.

husband-whom we had not at first Never, in all our born days, heard observed--we now saw standing at a we such a neighing and whinnying small distance, surveying Sam and the of horses, mares, and foals! In Tail Shuffler with a countenance in which End-an estate on the shores of the there was no hope. After mutual Mainland -- resides a speculative congratulations had been exchanged breeder-and yonder field sloping between us, he informed us that he down to the lake is full of all manner had presented Sitwell with various of manes and tails, not unobserved refreshments, but that the infatuated of Colonsay, who has been startled man would neither eat nor drink, by the outbreak of the music of his and persisted in being speechlessmother-tongue, and lends his lungs that he had offered to send for medito the concert. But that cannot con- cal and clerical assistance, (we tent him, and we must make up our thought he whispered the word unminds for another swim. However, dertaker,) but that the offer had this time he takes matters more been met by that mournful but dequietly, and walks slowly into the cided negative, a mute shake of the water, belly deep, sipping some of it, head. Deaf, therefore, Sam was not and cooling his nose with now and --but he was dumb-regularly donethen a dip, till the bottom slides away up- completely finished. -nor in from his hoofs, and he assumes the less piteous plight was the Shufotter.

fler. She stilì, indeed, had a leg to The flotilla, in the form of a crescent stand on, but of all the four not one

sharpening its mooned horns," at- that could have obeyed her will, had tends us to the landing-place—and ha- she attempted to walk. She had ving thus at twoinnings fairly crossed hobbled to that extreme point, bethe lake, we are once more on the yond which exhausted nature could continent. But here new dangers not go an inch. She was alive, and surround us in the shape of all sorts that was all that could be safely asof quadrupeds-and a vicious horse, serted either of her or Sam. That well-known by the name of the Bald- shoeing had finally done its business faced Stag, runs at us with his teeth. -the iron cramps had proved too Rising in the stirrups, like King Ro- much for her corns and bunionsbert Bruce on the approach of Sir though fired on all fours, no sinews Henry de Bohun, we deliver on his could stand for so many hours the skull such a whack of the Crutch, unrelieved pressure-moreover, she that he staggers and sinks on his had foundered-and except in the knees—while Colonsay, turning tail, tail, which shook violently, the paflings out savagely, and puts him tient now appeared in general parahors de combat. Seeing their leader lysis. Sitwell was not cruel-but fall, the whole squadron of cavalry he had committed a sad error in gotake to ignominious flight, and we ing round by the Close, and taking soon find ourselves on the plateau the left bank of the Lake. Besides, in front of the house. And who he had been carried away, as he should we find there but two who afterwards told us, by a trail-hunt. had "been absent long, and dis- A bird in the hand is worth two tant far”-SAMMY AND THE SHUF. in the busb, and we prudently and FLER!!

generously offered to let him off for What a change had time, toil, and fifty. No human foresight could trouble wrought on the once gal- predict what might happen to our

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selves on the way home. Sam re- carries the parasol-we flourish the vived at the proposal, and in pre- Crutch. Colonsay, after a few funks, sence of a good witness nodded as- gets under weigh, and in three misent. But nods are often deceptive nutes is in the heart of the Fair. and illusory altogether, so we in- What a crowd round the Victor ! sisted on the blunt.

Nobody looks at the Bear. But there

is the Witch of Savoy in the air, “ Slowly his fobs the fumbling hand waving her turban, heedless of her obey,

leman angrily lamenting for Jacko. And give the struggling shiners to the

On all sides we see “the old famiday."

liar faces.” Conspicuous above all, But shall we miss the festivities of that honoured statesman, John Green Grassmere Fair ? Forbid it, heaven. -who assists us to dismount-and, Mr Younghusband, with Herculean leaning on his arm, we walk into the ärms, lifts Mr Sitwell off the saddle, mouth of the Red Lion. Then, faand places him behind Mr North, cing about, we bow to the Fair, who promising himself to follow. The ratifies our victory " with nine times sun is shedding intolerable day, and nine ;” and at that moment we we ünfurl our umbrella. Sam, wished to die, “lest aught less great whose strength is fast returning, should stamp us mortal."

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În a former Number* we presented this means every incident and reto our readers some very interesting flection comes bright and burning fragments and extracts of these Me- from the brain, with the stamp of the moirs. We now intend to impart instant's impulse upon it; and the such other passages as have since whole is connected together, not by transpired. These have been sent a plodding series of order, but by direct from Monsieur Chateaubriand those vivid links of recollection and himself to two Parisian periodical anticipation which blend and barworks, and there can be therefore no monize distant facts together much doubt of their entire authenticity. more happily, and give to a work of M. de Chateaubriand, it appears, biography more real unity of effect, was so well satisfied with the notice than the artificial help of chronology of the Revue de Paris, from which (which often abruptly interrupts, inwe borrowed our former communi- stead of aiding the natural associacation, that he has, in token of his tion of parts) can ever do. The satisfaction, sent to it, and to another passage we subjoin may probably be work of the same description, the an illustration of this remark. Though passages which we have now to lay written whilst the author is engaged before our readers. We are happy in the scenes of the first Revolution, to have this testimony of the faith- his mind is hurried from their confulness, if not in word in spirit, of templation to thoughts with which our former article to the sense of they are intimately allied-thoughts the illustrious author. What we

which perceive the events of the have now to furnish comes directly actual moment in their seeds which from himself. We have already said were then sown and scattered so that these Memoirs are not written profusely in blood, and which preconsecutively, according to a chrono- ject the mind into speculations on logical order of events. Sometimes the future, when the consequences laie events will be found in the early of that dire revolution will be finally pages, and again scenes of boyhood and fully developed and consumand of youth will be inserted at the mated. The passage is a pregnant period of grey-haired experience. one--a fine weaved up skein of conEvery part seems to have been writ- jectures and poetic reasonings, bearten according as the actual impres- ing such a weight of truth, that a sion of the moment dictated. By little time, we fear, only is necessary

* See vol. xxxv., p. 608,

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