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Three hoary men are journeying, though wearied

they and old, To place their treasures at His feet, of frankinsence

and gold.

Now all good Christian people, I pray ye quick repair, To Bethlehem, in Juda, for Christ our King is therc. Come hasten, quickly hasten, in lowliness adore, This wondrous King and Saviour, ours for evermore. IN MEMORIAM.


Farewell, farewell, 'ere Time with iron hand hath
Plowed its furrows deep upon thy brow.
With eyes undimmed by tears, with heart untouched
By sorrow's deadly blight, Death called thee hence,
And now no more at that soft hour, when love
Unites her dear ones at the household hearth,
May we greet again thy gentle presence,
Which often with its kindness bland beguild
The clouded brow and wearied heart to peace.
Yet faithful love is lingering still to catch,
Thro' gathering gloom, thy gladsome step and note,
So sweet of song dear, herald of our own.
Oh, sad to think it never more may be.
The vacant chair, the missing love, too truly
Tell the home's bereavement; yet haply thou
Ilast never known the weary ways of life,

Ne'er felt the anxious insecurity,
The hope deferred, nor slaked thy thirst
At Marah's fount, gathered golden hopes,
Like Dead Sea fruit, to find them ashes at
The core; and now with all the memory
Of thy early days still lingering here,
We give thee to thy God. Oh, slight the tie,
Which severs Life from Death, and flings o'er all
The sunny loveliness of youth the shadows of

The grave.


Beautiful river, flowing river,

Ever onward to the sea, Bear on thy foaming bosom,

The message I fling to thee.

On, on to the trackless ocean,

On, on to the sounding main, Where one we love in exiie

Pines for his home again.

Tell him the silver streamlet

From its icy bond made frec, Dances in rippling measure

To its own sweet melody.

Tell him the clover springeth,

The robin weaves his nest, The tender grass is springing

From its cold and wiutry rest.

And we are wearily watching

Adown the winding lane, For the quickened tread, the footstep

That cometh not again.

Now speed thee, beautiful river,

Nor linger on thy way, The gladness of reunion

Brings sunshine to our day.

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