The Works of the Rev. Jonathan Swift...

W. Durell & Company, 1813

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Página 112 - It is impossible to describe what I have suffered since I saw you last : I am sure I could have borne the rack much better than those killing, killing words of yours. Sometimes I have resolved to die without seeing you more ; but those resolves, to your misfortune, did not last long...
Página 78 - THE Earl of Oxford was removed on Tuesday: the queen died on Sunday. What a world is this ! and how does fortune banter us ! John Barber tells me, you have set your face toward Ireland.
Página 113 - Oh that you may have«but so much regard for me left that this complaint may touch your soul with pity. I say as little as ever I can; did you but know what I thought, I am sure it would move you to forgive me; and believe I cannot help telling you this and live."— VANESSA.
Página 108 - Poor philosopher Berkeley has now the idea]- of health, which was very hard to produce in him ; for he had an idea of a strange fever upon him so strong, that it was very hard to destroy it by introducing a contrary one.
Página 288 - Your happiness is greater than your merit, in choosing your favourites so indifferently among either party. This you owe partly to your education, and partly to your genius employing you in an art in which faction has nothing to do, for I suppose Virgil and Horace are equally read by whigs and tories. You have no more to do with the constitution of church and state, than a Christian at Constantinople...
Página 224 - Pretender ; although there was not a single syllable of party in the whole treatise, and although it was known that the most eminent of those who professed his own principles, publicly disallowed his proceedings.
Página 272 - General : and if he escapes being banished by others, I fear he will banish himself. This leads me to give you some account of the manner of my life and conversation, which has been infinitely more various and dissipated than when you knew me and cared for me ; and among all sexes, parties, and professions.
Página 121 - Do you imagine I can be easy while their enemies are endeavouring to take off their heads ? ' / mine et versus tecum meditare canoros. Do you imagine I can be easy when I think of the probable consequences of these proceedings, perhaps upon the very peace of the nation, but certainly of the minds of so many hundred thousand good subjects ? Upon the whole, you may truly attribute my silence to the eclipse, but it was that eclipse which happened on the first of August.
Página 217 - IF you write as you do, I shall come the seldomer, on purpose to be pleased with your letters, which I never look into without wondering how a brat who cannot read can possibly write so well.
Página 131 - As to my temper, if it is possible; I am more insipid and dull than ever, except in some places, and there I am a little fury, especially if they dare mention my dear lord without respect, which sometimes happens...

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