The Variation of Productive Forces

Ellis, 1902 - 41 Seiten

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Seite 534 - should the President be unable to obtain for the United States a satisfactory title to the property of the New Panama Canal Company and the control of the necessary territory of the Republic of Colombia * * * within a reasonable time and upon reasonable terms, then the President" should endeavor to provide for a canal by the Nicaragua route.
Seite 474 - The principle is simply this, that in the progress of the improvement of cultivation the raising of rude produce becomes progressively more expensive, or, in other words, the ratio of the net produce of land to its gross produce is continually diminishing.
Seite 538 - Whoever be the individuals that compose it, however like or unlike be their mode of life, their occupations, their character, or their intelligence, the fact that they have been transformed into a crowd puts them in possession of a sort of collective mind which makes them feel, think, and act in a manner quite different from that in which each individual of them would feel, think, and act were he in a state of isolation.
Seite 505 - ... and there is no reason why the situation should be different in the one case from what it is in the other.
Seite 533 - SEC. 2. That the President is hereby authorized to acquire from the Republic of Colombia, for and on behalf of the United States, upon such terms as he may deem reasonable, perpetual control of a strip of land, the territory of the Republic of Colombia, not less than six miles in width, extending from the Caribbean Sea to the Pacific Ocean...
Seite 477 - As a general rule, the expenses of a business do not increase by any means proportionally to the quantity of business. Let us take as an example, a set of operations which we are accustomed to see carried on by one great establishment, that of the Post Office.
Seite 604 - Illustrations. 9s. net. TEXTILE FIBRES OF COMMERCE. A HANDBOOK OF The Occurrence, Distribution, Preparation, and Industrial Uses of the Animal, Vegetable, and Mineral Products used in Spinning and Weaving. BY WILLIAM I.
Seite 534 - Such canal shall be of sufficient capacity and depth as shall afford convenient passage for vessels of the largest tonnage and greatest draft now in use, and such as may be reasonably anticipated...
Seite 577 - Federal antitrust laws. 2. That combinations and conspiracies, in the form of trusts or otherwise in restraint of trade or production, which by the consensus of judicial opinion are unlawful, should be so declared by legislation uniform in all jurisdictions, and as to all persons, and such statutes should be thoroughly enforced.
Seite 591 - ... the business of operating any street railway or trolley road shall pay the annual sum of sixty cents for each person employed by it within the State of Maryland. Fourth, every town, city or county (or the contractor or contractors therefor) shall pay such annual sum of money for each person...

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