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As the editorship of the CongREGATIONAL MAGAZINE has changed hands, the present Editors think it proper to make known their purposes relative to the New Series.

They design that its character shall be still in harmony with a scriptural Congregationalism. They are convinced, however, that truth and love are correlatives; that denominational principles are quite compatible with the most enlarged and catholic spirit; so that, without abandoning or compromising the former, they are prepared to compete, in the latter respect, with the most devoted advocates for the union of all evangelical sections of the Christian church. Editorial professions, indeed, often soar beyond this limit; but editorial practice generally alights somewhere within it.

They do not propose to be exclusively theological; yet to this department—understood in the widest biblical sense—they intend to devote their principal attention. To this they are moved chiefly by the following considerations that a taste for sacred literature has, of late years, rapidly increased, especially among the more thoughtful and intelligent of our young men ; that much of the supply imported, and otherwise provided, to meet this demand, escapes the requisite examination ; that, consequently, the seeds of


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