Shakespeare, Aphra Behn, and the Canon

William R. Owens, W. R. Owens, Lizbeth Goodman, Aphra Behn
Psychology Press, 1996 - 346 páginas
"Shakespeare, Aphra Behn and the Canon" is an accessible introduction to the idea of the literary canon and the complex process by which certain authors and works are accorded a high cultural status. Written expressly for those with no previous knowledge of Shakespeare or Behn, the contributors focus on three of Shakespeare's most widely-studied plays, "Henry V, Othello" and "As You Like It." As a contrast, Aphra Behn's restoration comedy "The Rover" is studied as an example of a play which was highly popular in its own time, but, in later times, neglected from the canon. "Shakespeare, Aphra Behn and the Canon" places both authors in historical context and offers passages of text and criticism in each chapter followed by detailed discussion.

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theatre poet
CHAPTER FOUR Reading Othello
CHAPTER SIX Reading As You Like It
CHAPTER SEVEN Reviewing the idea of the canon
Notes to The Rover
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