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Página 12 - Executors and administrators under this chapter shall have the same rights and be subject to the same liabilities that their testators or intestate would or might have if living.
Página 121 - Commonwealth, who shall not be able to read the constitution in the English language, and write his name : provided, however, that the provisions of this amendment shall not apply to any person prevented by a physical disability from complying with its requisitions, nor to any person who now has the right to vote, nor to any person who shall be sixty years of age or upwards at the time this amendment shall take effect.
Página 49 - Average rate of speed adopted by ordinary passenger trains, including stops, (miles per hour...
Página 16 - In addition to which must be given a statement of the date of each accident, the place where it occurred, the train, the cause and the extent of the injuries inflicted upon each person, and the name of such person.
Página 122 - ... years, may, at the discretion of the justice or court having jurisdiction of the case, instead of the fine mentioned in the first section, be committed to any such institution of instruction, house of reformation, or suitable situation provided for the purpose, under the authority of the first section, for such time, not exceeding two years, as such justice or court may determine.
Página 29 - ... as provided in the two preceding sections, to appropriate the income of such deposit money for the support of schools ; but may appropriate the same to any other use, as said town shall direct. SEC. 107. If any town shall refuse or neglect to perform any* of the duties required by the provisions of this chapter, in relation to the management or disposition of the money so deposited with such town, or the interest thereof, such town shall, on indictment and conviction thereof, forfeit and pay,...
Página 32 - Vermont, to cause their Principals to return to the Secretary of the Board of Education-, on or before the first day of April in each year, true and correct answers to such statistical enquiries as may have been addressed to them by the Secretary, in the month of January previous.
Página 50 - That our sons may be as plants grown up in their youth: that our daughters may be as corner stones, polished after the similitude of a palace...
Página 36 - For these, and similar considerations, it seems that the first intellectual qualification of a teacher is a critical thoroughness, both in rules and principles, in regard to all the branches required by law to be taught in the Common Schools ; and a power of recalling them, in any of their parts, with a promptitude and certainty, hardly inferior to that with which he could tell his own name.

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