Christabel Hope; or, The beginnings of life


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Página 71 - So nigh is grandeur to our dust, So near is God to man, When Duty whispers low, Thou must, The youth replies, I can...
Página 31 - FATHER, I know that all my life Is portioned out for me, And the changes that are sure to come, I do not fear to see ; But I ask Thee for a present mind Intent on pleasing Thee.
Página 174 - Can I love thee, my beloved, — can I love thee? And is this like love, to stand With no help in my hand, When strong as death I fain would watch above thee ? My love-kiss can deny No...
Página 87 - WHERE is thy favoured haunt, eternal Voice, The region of Thy choice, Where, undisturbed by sin and earth, the soul Owns Thine entire control ? — 'Tis on the mountain's summit dark and high, When storms are hurrying by : 'Tis 'mid the strong foundations of the earth, Where torrents have their birth.
Página 87 - No sounds of worldly toil ascending there Mar the full burst of prayer ; Lone Nature feels that she may freely breathe, And round us and beneath Are heard her sacred tones : the fitful sweep Of winds across the steep, Through wither'd bents — romantic note and clear, Meet for a hermit's ear...
Página 113 - Thy true and constant word, I'll make thee famous by my pen, And glorious by my sword. I'll serve thee in such noble ways As ne'er were known before; I'll deck and crown thy head with bays, And love thee more and more.
Página 56 - Ay, there are some good things in life, that fall not away with the rest. And, of all best things upon earth, I hold that a faithful friend is the best. For woman, Will, is a thorny flower : it breaks, and we bleed and smart : The blossom falls at the fairest, and the thorn runs into the heart. And woman's love is a bitter fruit ; and, however...
Página 87 - Tis then we hear the voice of GOD within, Pleading with care and sin: "Child of My love! how have I wearied thee? Why wilt thou err from Me? Have I not brought thee from the house of slaves, Parted the drowning waves, And set My saints before thee in the way, Lest thou shouldst faint or stray?
Página 245 - Coloured Plates. SEA FIGHTS, FROM SLUYS TO NAVARINO. With Original Illustrations. Compiled and Edited by LV LAND BATTLES, FROM HASTINGS TO INKERMANN. Compiled and Edited by LV LEGENDS FROM FAIRY-LAND. By HOLME LEE. TUFLONGBO'S LIFE AND ADVENTURES, and How his Shoes got Worn Out. By HOLME LEE. TUFLONGBO AND LITTLE CONTENT : Their Wonderful Adventure in the Enchanted Forest.
Página 244 - OF NATURAL HISTORY. Comprising a Note for Every Day on the Flowers, Insects, Birds, Animals, &c. By JC With Six Pages of Illustrations. TALES OF WOMAN'S TRIALS. By Mrs. SC HALL. Illustrated with numerous Wood Engravings by PATON, TOPHAM, JOHN GILBERT, &c.

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