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PIPSISSEWA. Class X. DECANDRIA. Order I. MONOGYNIA. Gen. Char. Calyx, in five deep segments. Petals, five. Capsule,

superior, five-celled, bursting at the angles. Anthers, opening

by two pores. Spe. Char. Leaves, wedge-shaped, lanceolate, serrated. Flowers,

somewhat umbellate. Stamens, smooth. Style, immersed.

The root is perennial, creeping, and long, sending up at various distances several woody, somewhat angular, erect, or slightly procumbent stems, which rise about a span in height; the leaves are produced in irregular whorls, of which there are usually two or three on each stem, they are wedge-shaped, lanceolate, serrated, smooth, supported upon short petioles, and are of a deep shining green; the inflorescence consists of a small corymb, generally of five flowers, on simple, nodding pedicells; the calyx is inferior, and consists of five roundish, permanent segments, much shorter than the corolla ; the petals are five, roundish, concave, spreading, of a cream color, with a tinge of crimson at the base; the filaments are ten, which are awl-shaped, curved, and supporting large two-celled anthers, of a purple color; each cell opening by a short, round, tubular orifice, at the summit; the style is cylindrical, half the length of the germen, and concealed by the stigma, which is large, pelate, covered by a viscid matter, and obscurely five-rayed; the capsules are orbicular, depressed, with five valves, five cells, and five partitions, from the central column; the seeds are very minute,

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