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Class XVI. Monadelphia. Order VII. Polyandria.

Gen. Char. Calyx double; outer three-leaved. Capsules many, united in a depressed whorl, one-celled, one-seeded.

Spe. Char. Stem prostrate. Leaves cordale, orbiculate, five-lobed. Peduncle declining.

"The root of the Malca Sylvcstris is perennial, thick, long, whitish, and futnished with many strong fibres; the stem is erect, round, strong, hairy, branched, and rises from one to three feet in height; the leaves are numerous, roundish, and divided into five or seven lobes, unequally serrated or notched at the edges, and stand upon long, round, hairy footstalks; the two stipules are placed at the base of each footstalk; the flowers are large, consisting of five petals, which are inversely heart-shaped, sinuated at the apex, and of a purple color, painted with veins of a deeper hue, and stand upon slender pe duncles, which proceed from the bottom of the leaf-stalk; the calyx is double, the outer being composed of three, and the inner of five oval, pointed, hairy segments; the stamens are numerous, united at the base in a cylindrical form, above separate, bending downwards, and furnished with kidney-shaped anthers; the germen is roundish; the style is cylindrical, short, and furnished with many filiform stigmas; the seeds are numerous, of a kidney shape, and covered with a coat or arillus, which opens inwardly."— Woodv. Med. Bot., p. 554.

This species of Mallow is a native of England, where it grows in

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