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Class XII. Icosandria. Order V. Polygynia.

Gen. Char. Calyx, superior, campanulate, five-cleft. Petiole and Stamen inserted upon the calyx. Style two-cleft. Berry many-seeded.

Spe. Char. Leaves acutely lobed, dentate, reticulate-rugose. Racems, rather loose, many-flavored, stiffly erect. Berries hisped.

The root of this elegant and fruitful bramble is long, slender, woody, branched, internally of a white or yellowish appearance, externally of a dark brown, and sends forth numerous small succulent fibres; the stem is erect, strong, ribbed, armed, much branched near the tops, of a greyish-red color, and rises from three to five feet in height; the leaves are inversely ovate, blunt, entire, dentate, serrated, veined, and stand four or five together upon simple footstalks; the Jlowers are first of a deep red, but afterwards fade into a light pink color, and appear on the stalk in slender pendulous racems; the calyx is composed of six leaflets, which are ovate, concave, colored, deciduous, alternately larger and smaller; the corolla consists of six petals, which are roundish, concave, and at the base furnished with two small oblong orange colored nectaries; the filaments are six, erect, compressed, tapering, shorter than the petals, and terminated by double anthers, which adhere to their sides; the germen is cylindrical, and about the length of the filaments; style none; stigma circular, flat, and surrounded by a sharp border; the

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