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in some of the Northern and Middle States. It seeks dry meadows, pastures, and open fields, and is often seen growing in such quantities as to produce the appearance of a cultivated flower garden. Upon a closer examination it very much resembles the AntJiemis cotula Mayweed, and Matricaria chamcmilla German camomile, all of which possess nearly the same medical properties, and in appearance look somewhat alike. A double flowered variety is usually kept in the shops, but as the sapid matter chiefly resides in the disk, or tubular part of the florets, the flowers alone are prefered, in which the matter proves most abundant. Both the flowers and leaves of this plant, have a strong though not ungrateful smell, and a very bitter nauseous taste. The flowers give out their virtue, both to water and rectified spirit.

Medical Properties and Uses. The flowers possess the tonic and stomachic qualities usually ascribed to simple bitters, having very little astringency, but a strong aromatic odor, which is of a very penetrating kind. They are said to possess carminative, emmenagogue, and in some measure antispasmodic and anodyne properties. In England they have been long and successfully employed for the cure of intermittent, and nervous fevers accompanied with visceral obstructions. That the flowers may be safely substituted for peruvian bark in the cure of intermittent fevers, appears from the experience and testimony of many respectable physicians, to which we may add that of Dr. 'Cullen, who says " I have employed these flowers by giving several times during the intermission, from half a drachm to a drachm of the flowers in powder, have cured many cases of intermittent fevers from their use; but have found, however, that the flowers were attended with this inconvenience, that is, given in a large quantity, they readily run off by stool, defeating thereby the purpose of preventing the return of paroxysms. I have used this in connexion with an opiate or an astringent, that the patient might receive the full benefit of them.

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