Multicultural Approaches in Caring for Children, Youth, and Their Families

Neil A. Cohen, Thanh V. Tran, Siyon Y. Rhee
Pearson/Allyn and Bacon, 2007 - 388 páginas

Multicultural Approaches in Caring for Children, Youth, and Their Families emphasizes the importance of utilizing a pro-active, strengths-based practice strategy in working with multi-culturally diverse children, youth, families, organizations and communities.

The text adds to the body of child welfare practice knowledge by blending contemporary child issues with emphasis on practice skill enhancement. The book's authors have systematically focused on serving communities, child welfare organizations and families of different racial, ethnic, religious, economic, and structural backgrounds. Emphasis is placed on developing a pro-active, strengths-based practice strategy. Each chapter contains rich case examples wherein the respective authors present teaching points designed to further the reader's comprehension of knowledge for practice. Our book also contains new material on white ethnics, working with torture victims, issues surrounding fairness and equity in the child welfare system, and administrative, policy practices and their interface with multicultural dynamics in services to children, youth and families.

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