George Canning and His Times

J. W. Parker and son, 1859 - 614 páginas

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Página 157 - Spain, and we must be at hand to aid and take advantage of whatever happens. — The wishes of our country, and our. duty demand this of us, with whatever risk it may be attended. — I mean to proceed bridle in hand, for if the bubble bursts, and Madrid falls, we shall have a run for it.
Página 72 - Sir ; if the comparison must be made, if the distinction must be taken, men are everything, measures comparatively nothing. I speak, Sir, of times of difficulty and danger ; of times when systems are shaken, when precedents and general rules of conduct fail. Then it is, that not to this or that measure, — however prudently devised, however blameless in execution, — but to the energy and character of individuals, a State must be indebted for its salvation.
Página 360 - I should have found in 1812. For fame, it is a squeezed orange; but for public good there is something to do, and I will try — but it must be cautiously — to do it. You know my politics well enough to know what I mean, when I say that for Europe, I shall be desirous now and then to read England.
Página 21 - I called the New World into existence to redress the balance of the Old.
Página 151 - We shall proceed upon the principle, that any nation of Europe, that starts up with a determination to oppose a power which, whether professing insidious peace, or declaring" open war, is the common enemy of all nations, whatever may be the existing political relations of that nation with Great Britain, becomes instantly our essential ally.
Página 361 - No — through th' extended globe his feelings run As broad and general as th' unbounded sun ! No narrow bigot he ; — his reason'd view Thy interests, England, ranks with thine, Peru ! France at our doors, he sees no danger nigh, But heaves for Turkey's woes th' impartial sigh ; A steady patriot of the world alone, The friend of every country — but his own.
Página 126 - His Majesty had received the most positive information of the determination of the present ruler of France to occupy, with a military Force, the Territory of Holstein, for the purpose of excluding Great Britain from all her accustomed channels of communication with the Continent ; of inducing or compelling the Court of Denmark to close the passage of the Sound against the British Commerce and Navigation; and of availing himself of the aid of the Danish Marine for the invasion of Great Britain and...
Página 73 - I cannot shut my eyes to the superiority of his talents, to the amazing ascendency of his genius. Tell me not of his measures and his policy — it is his genius, his character, that keeps the world in awe. Sir, to meet, to check, to curb, to stand up against him, we want arms of the same kind.
Página 391 - Monarchy in Mexico, and monarchy in Brazil would cure the evils of universal democracy, and prevent the drawing of the line of demarcation which I most dread — America versus Europe. The United States, naturally enough, aim at this division, and cherish the democracy which leads to it. But I do not much apprehend their influence, even if I believe (which I do not altogether) in all the reports of their activity in America.
Página 72 - I know not a more solemn or important duty that a member of Parliament can have to discharge, than by giving, at fit seasons, a free opinion upon the character and qualities of public men. Away with the cant of

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