Seduced by Hitler: The Choices of a Nation and the Ethics of Survival

Sourcebooks, Inc., 2001 - 356 páginas

"A macabrely fascinating work...recommended."--Booklist

It may seem impossible to explain how an entire nation could allow itself to be seduced by a man such as Adolf Hitler. By examining the everyday lives of Germans under Nazi rule,Seduced by Hitler proposes an explanation more complex, strange and morally ambiguous than one might imagine. In doing so, they bring to life the steady decline in national morality in the Third Reich as the German people let themselves be taken in by Hitler.

Drawing on new research and recently declassified documents, authors Adam LeBor, author of Hitler's Secret Bankers, and Roger Boyes, The Times of Londoncorrespondent in Berlin, reveal a tapestry of ordinary lives lived under extraordinary circumstances--ranging from subversion and confrontation to passive acceptance and eager complicity.

Seduced by Hitlershows in startling detail how almost every waking hour of Hitler's reign offered insidious choices--from degrees of compromise to outright resistance--to the average German in their interactions with each other and the regime, whether at work, home or leisure.


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This book was a little slow starting at the beginning, but as I read more and more of it, it seems to answer some of the question of how could have the German people allowed this madman to come to ... Ler resenha completa


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Adam LeBor is a British journalist based in Budapest and writes for the Independent, the Jewish Chronicle and Literary Review. He is the author of Hitler's Secret Bankers and A Heart Turned East, on Muslims in the West.

Roger Boyes is The Times of London German correspondent and lives in Berlin. He is the author of The Naked President, a biography of Lech Walesa, The Priest Who Had to Die and Hard Road to Market.

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