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Reddes dulcc loqui : reddes ridere decorum, et Inter vina čuzam Cynarae moerere protervae.

Forte per anguitain tenuis vulpecula rimam Repferat in eumeram frumenti; pastaque, rursus I:c foras pleno tendebat corpore frustra. Cvi mutela prucul, Si vis, ait, effugere iftinc; Ma avum repetes arctum, quem macra subisti. Han wo si compellor imagine, cuncta resigno; Nec somnam plebis laudo fatur altilium, nec Otia divitiis Arabum liberrima muto. Saepe verecundum laudasti: Rexque, Paterque


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The sprightly Wit, the lively Eye,
Th’ engaging Smile, the Gaiety,
That laugh'd down many a Summer Sun,
And kept you up so oft till one:
And all that voluntary Vein,
As when Belinda rais’d my Strain.

A Weasel once made thift to Dink
In at a Corn-loft thro' a Chink;
But having amply stuff’d his skin,
Could not get out as he got in:
Which one belonging to the House
('Twas not a Man, it was a Mouse)
Observing, cry'd, “ You scape not so,
“ Lean as you came, Sir, you must go.”

Sir, you may spare your Application,
I'm no such Beast, nor his Relation; -
Nor one that Temperance advance,
Cramm’d to the Throat with Ortolans:
Extremely ready to refign
All that may make me none of mine.
South-sea Subscriptions take who please,
Leave me but Liberty and Ease.



Notes. Ver. 50. As when B. linda] A compliment he pays himself and the public on his Rape of the Lock.

Audisti coram, nec verbo parcius abfens :
Inspice, fi pofsum donata reponere laetus.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

* * * * * * * * * * * * Parvum parva decent. mihi jam non regia Roma, Sed vacuum Tibur placet, aut imbelle Tarentum.

Strenuus et fortis, causisque Philippus agendis Clarus, etc.


'Twas what I said to Craggs and Child,
Who prais’d my Modesty, and smild.
Give me, I cry'd, (enough for me)
My Bread, and Independency!
So bought an Annual Rent or two,
And liv'd --- just as you fee I do ;
Near fifty, and without a Wife,
I trust that sinking Fund, my Life.
Can I retrench ? Yes, mighty well,
Shrink back to my Paternal Cell,
A little House, with Trees a-row,
And, like its Master, very low.
There dy'd my Father, no man's Debtor,
And there I'll die, nor worse nor better.

To set this matter full before ye,
Our old Friend Swift will tell his Story.

“Harley, the Nation's great Support,”--But you may read it, I stop short.



NOTES. Ver. 66. Craggs and Child,] Mr. Craggs gave him some South sea subscriptions. He was so indifferent about them as to neglect making any benefit of them. He used to say it was a satisfaction to him that he did not grow rich (as he might have done) by the public calamity.

Beve done) by to him that the of them. tiene about the fome S A T IR A VI.

L OC erat in votis : modus agri non ite magnus,

Hortus ubi, et tecto vicinus jugis aquae fons, Et paulum filvae fuper his foret. auctius, atque Dî melius fecere. bene eft. nil amplius oro, Maia nate, nisi ut propria haec mihi munera faxis. Si neque majorem feci ratione mala rem, Nec fum facturus vitio culpave minorem : Si veneror stultus nihil horum, O fi angulus ille Proximus accedat, qui nunc denormat agellum ! O fi urnam argenti fors quae mihi monstret ! ut illi, Thesauro invento qui mercenarius agrum Illum ipsum mercatus aravit, dives amico

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