From Ink Lake: Canadian Stories

Michael Ondaatje
Viking, 1990 - 714 páginas

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ALISTAIR MACLEOD As Birds Bring Forth the Sun
GEORGE BOWERING Bring Forth a Wonder
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Sobre o autor (1990)

Michael Ondaatje has published several volumes of poetry, including There's a Trick with a Knife I'm Learning to Do, which consists of selections from earlier books, The Dainty Monsters (1967) and Rat Jelly (1973). Much of his poetry addresses the crossing of cultural boundaries. Ondaatje was born in Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) and moved to Canada in 1962. He earned a B.A. from the University of Toronto and a M.A. from Queen's University, Kingston, and teaches English at York University. Ondaatje's fiction and other works that defy classification by genre have also gained widespread attention. A writer quite unconcerned with typical Canadian themes, he focuses on the bizarre, which he renders through surreal, innovative techniques. For example, in The Collected Works of Billy the Kid (1970), Ondaatje toys with various literary genres - drama, interviews, lyrics - to relate the life of that legendary figure. In Coming through Slaughter (1982), supposedly the biography of jazz musician Charles "Buddy" Bolden, Ondaatje uses Bolden's life to illustrate the artistic dichotomy of creativity and destruction. Running in the Family (1982) is a fictionalized account of Ondaatje's Ceylonese ancestors. In the Skin of a Lion (1987) dramatizes the heroic efforts of workers who construct skyscrapers.

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