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Hon. JOSEPH MCKENNA, Circuit Justice....

.Washington, D. C. Hon. WM. W. MORROW, Circuit Judge........

..San Francisco, Cal. Hon. WILLIAM B. GILBERT, Circuit Judge..

.....Portland, Or. Hon. ERSKINE M. ROSS, Circuit Judge....

..Los Angeles, Cal. Hon. JOHN J. DE HAVEN, District Judge, N. D. California..

.San Francisco, Cal. Hon. OLIN WELLBORN, District Judge, S. D. California..

.....Los Angeles, Cal. Hon. JAMES H. BEATTY, District Judge, Idaho....

Boise City, Idaho. Hon. WILLIAM H. HUNT, District Judge, Montana

.....Helena, Mont. Hon. THOMAS P. HAWLEY, District Judge, Nevada.

.Carson City, Nev. Hon. CHARLES B. BELLINGER, District Judge, Oregon.

..Portland, Or. Hon. EDWARD WHITSON, District Judge, E. D. Washington 10 ...... North Yakima, Wash. Hon. CORNELIUS H. HANFORD, District Judge, W. D. Washington........Seattle, Wash,

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19 Appointed by Act of March 2, 1905.




Page Ætna Indemnity Co. v. Ladd.... 274 Camden Interstate R. Co., AmeriAh Tai v. United States..... 225 can Bridge Co. v......

131 Alfred W. Booth, The.

69 Cayuta Wheel & Foundry Co. v. A Lot of Precious Stones & Jew

Kennedy Valve Mfg. Co....... 563 elry, United States V.........

1 Chaffee Mfg. Co. v. Selchow... 668 American Bridge Co. of New York Cheshire Provident Inst., RamsV. Camden Interstate R. Co.... 131

den y.

89 American Car & Foundry Co., Chicago Pneumantic Tool Co., Robinson v.

331 Cleveland Pneumatic Tool Co. v. 485 American Gold Min. Co., Griffin v. 637 Choctaw Const. Co., American American Linseed Co., Rascov

Surety Co. V.....

199 or V..........

11 Christensen Engineering Co. v. American Surety Co. v. Choctaw

Westinghouse Air Brake Co., Const. Co.

476 199

two cases Andre, In re


City of New York v. New York
& E. R. Ferry 00......

14 Anglo-American Land, Mortgage

Clark Pressed Brick Co., Groton & Agency Co. v. Lombard, two

Bridge & Mfg. Co. V..... 577 89 Clement v. Wilson...

387 Arrott, Standard Sanitary Mfg.

Cleveland Foundry Co. v. Detroit Co. V., two cases.

388 Atlas, The

233 Vapor Stove Co..... 666

Cleveland Foundry Co. v. Kauff

man Baltimore & O. R. Co. v. Kitchin 70

Cleveland Foundry Co. v. Silver Bell, United States v...

& Co.

87 Bennett, Roberts .....


Cleveland Pneumatic Tool Co. v. Bernard, Frank V......


Chicago Pneumatic Tool Co.... 485 Black River Traction Co., Thom

Columbia, N. & L. R. Co. v. Means 651 son-Houston Electric Co. v..... 461

Commonwealth Roofing Co. v. Boatmen's Bank of St. Louis, Mo.,

North American Trust Co...... 418 V. Fritzlen


Conkling, United States v. 220 Booth, The Alfred W..

Cooper V. Brazelton...

188 Booth v. Moran


Coutourie, Texas & P. R. Co. v. 177 Brazelton, Cooper v...

188 Crim v. Woodford. Brill v. Peckham Mfg. Co....... 486 Brosnan v. White...

642 Brownlee v. Wallace.....

678 Darnal v. United States.....

40 Buck v. Mason...

Davenport v. Southern R. Oo.... 444

148 Buckhannon & N. R. Co. v. Davis 345 Davis, Buckhannon & N. R. Co. v. 345

De Laval Separator Co. v. VerBuckley, Greene v.....

mont Farm Mach, Co..

474 Buffalo Expanded Metal Co., New

Dennison Mfg. Co. v. Scharf Tag, Jersey Wire Cloth Co. v...... 672

..... 658

.. 584 Page

Label & Box Co....

263 Busby, The Leonard J..

666 Detroit Vapor Stove Co., CleveBuster V. Wright... 505 land Foundry Co. v...

233 Dines, Stratton's Independence y. 161 676' Dorchester, The ..

518 68 C.C.A.


Cahill, Olsen V.......

Page Dow Portable Electric Co., Fol- Hughes Bros. & Bangs, No. 49,

551 ger V...


381 Dresser, In re.

207 | Hurlbutt, Hatch & Co., In re.... 216


Emmons V. National Mut. Bldg. Independent Mfg. Co., William A.
& Loan Ass'n.....
327 Force & Co. V....

663 Erie R. Co., Rosney v.

155 Indian Land & Trust Co. v. Shoen-

196 Farwell v. Home Ins. Co.... 557 Fitz v. Leadam...

414 James Rees & Sons Co., FredFleming, The John....

ericks y.

368 Folger V. Dow Portable Electric

John Fleming, The....

661 Co.

551 Jones v. United States, two cases Force & Co. v. Independent Mfg. Jones v. W. K. Niver Coal Co.. 372 Co. 663 | Jones, Russell v.....

487 Frank v. Bernard.

566 Fredericks V. James Rees & Sons

Kahn v. Starrells......

82 Co. ...

368 Kauffman, Cleveland Foundry Fred Macey Co. v. Macey... 363 Co. V.

658 Fritzlen, Boatmen's Bank of St. Keen, Mutual Life Ins. Co. v.... 315 Louis, Mo., Y.

288 Keene Five Cent Sav. Bank,
Ramsden V.......

89 Ganoga, The

385 Kennedy Valve Mfg. Co., Cayuta George v. Wallace...

40 Wheel & Foundry Co. V..... 503 Graham, Kenova Loan & Trust

Kenova Loan & Trust Co. v. GraCo. v.....


355 Great Northern R. Co. v. Herron 599 Kinney V. Manitowoc County, Greene v. Buckley.....


203 Greene v. Manhattan Refrigerat- Kitchin, Baltimore & O. R. Co. v.

70 ing Co......

70 Griffin v. American Gold Min. Co. 637 Ladd, Ætna Indemnity Co. v.... 274 Griffith, Strand v... 377 | Leadam, Fitz v......

411 Groton Bridge & Mfg. Co. v. Clark Leonard J. Busby, The.

666 Pressed Brick Co...

577 | Letson, Memphis Consol. Gas & Electric Co. v..

453 Haff, In re

380 Lombard, Anglo-American Land, Haff, In re.


Mortgage & Agency Co. v., two Hahn, United States v...


89 Hallenbeck, The O. L..

676 London Assur, Co., Meigs v... 21:9 Hartford, The

230 Hatcher v. Hendrie & Bolthoff McCague Inv. Co. v. Wallace.... 40 Mfg. & Supply Co....

19 McConnaughey, United States v. 58 H. B. Chaffee Mfg. Co. v. Sel- Macey, Fred Macey Co. v.

363 chow 668 Macey Co. v. Macey.

363 Heide v. Wallace & Co.. 16 Mandel, In re.....

516 Hendrie & Bolthoff Mfg. & Sup- Manhattan, The

230 ply Co., Hatcher V......

19 Manhattan Refrigerating Herron, Great Northern R. Co. v. 599 Greene v.. Hetzer, Southern Pac. Co. v.... 26 Manitowoc County, Wis., KinHolder v. Western German Bank 554

ney V...

203 Holmes, Santa Fé Pac. R. Co. v. 631 Marcus Hook, The.

382 Home Ins. Co., Farwell v...... 5.37 Mason, Buck v...

148 Hook, The Marcus. 382 Maurice, The

223 Howard, In re...

339 Means, Columbia, N. & L. R. Co. v.


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Page Media, The ..... 127 Roberts v. Bennett...

386 Meigs v. London Assur. Co..... 249 Roberts, West V....

58 Memphis Consol. Gas & Electric Robinson American Car & Co. 7. Letson 453 Foundry Co......

331 Michigan, The 372 | Rosney v. Erie R. Co.

155 Miller, Sloan & Wright, United Russell V. Jones.

487 States v.......

131 Moore v. Petty

306 St. Louis Southwestern R. Co. v. Moran, Booth v.. 69 Purcell ...

211 Morsman v. Wallace

40 Sale, Standard Life & Accident Morton v. Wallace.... 40 Ins. Co. V....

678 Mossberg v. Nutter.. 257 · Salt v. United States..

412 Mott v. Wissler Min. Co..

335 Santa Fé Pac. R. Co. v. Holmes.. 634 Mueller, In re...

349 Sapery v. United States... 140 Mutual Life Ins. Co. v. Keen.... 315 Scharf Tag, Label & Box Co.,

Dennison Mfg. Co. v....

263 National Casket Co. v. Stolts.... 84 Schuyler, Southern Pac. Co. v.. 409 National Mut. Bldg. & Loan Ass'n, Selchow, H. B. Chaffee Mfg. Emmons v.

Co, V.

668 National Tube Co. v. Spang. 59 Shoenfelt, Indian Land & Trust Neresheimer & Co. V. United

Co. V....

196 States 654 Shoesmith, In re.

322 New Jersey Wire Cloth Co. v. Buf- Silver & Co., Cleveland Foundry falo Expanded Metal Co...... 672

Co. V.......

87 New York Central No. 22, The.. 661 Sims v. Three States Lumber Co. 413 New York & E. R. Ferry Co., City

Southern Pac. Co. v. Hetzer..... 26 of New York y..

14 Southern Pac. Co. v. Schuyler... 409 Niver Coal Co., Jones v.


Southern R. Co., Davenport v.... 444 North American Trust Co., Com

Spang, National Tube Co. v. ..... 59 monwealth Roofing Co. v...... 418 Standard Life & Accident Ins. Co.

368 Northern, The


v. Sale Nutter, Mossberg v...


Standard Sanitary Mfg. Co. v. Arrott, two cases


423 0. L. Hallenbeck, The..

Standiford v. Thompson..

676 Olmsted, Rees v.


Stanley Instrument Co., WestingOlsen v. Cahill...

house Electric & Mfg. Co. V... 523


Starrells, Kahn v..
Oregon, The

Steinway, The

14 Patria, The


Stolts, National Casket Co. v.... 81 Peckham Mfg. Co., Brill v. 486


Strand v. Griffith....... Petty, Moore v.


Stratton's Independence v. Dines 161 Plymouth Cordage Co., In re.... 434 Poppleton v. Wallace....

40 Texas & P. R. Co. v. Coutourie... 177 Press Pub. Co. v. Westinghouse Thompson, Standiford v...

42.5 Mach. Co.....,

469 Thomson-Houston Electric Co. v. Purcell, St. Louis Southwestern

Black River Traction Co...... 461 R. Co. V... 211 Thornhill, The ...


Three States Lumber Co., Sims v. 413 Ramsden v. Cheshire Provident

2,000 Tons of Coal ex the MichiInst.


372 Ramsden v. Keene Five Cent Sav. Bank

89 United States v. A Lot of Precious Rascovor v. American Linseed Co. 11 Stones & Jewelry.

1 Rees v. Olmsted...... 50 United States v. Bell...

144 Rees & Sons Co., Fredericks v... 368 | United States v. Conkling.


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Page United States v. Hahn...... 130 Wallace, Morton V........

40 United States v. McConnaughey.. 58 Wallace, Poppleton r.

40 United States v. Miller, Sloan & Wallace & Co., Heide v..

16 Wright 131 West v. Roberts...

58 United States v. Wishkah Boom Western German Bank, Holder v. 554 Co.

592 Westinghouse Air Brake Co., United States, Ah Tai v.

225 Christensen Engineering Co. V., United States, Darnal v........ 678 two cases

476 United States, Jones v., two cases 68 Westinghouse Electric & Mfg. Co. United States, Neresheimer & v. Stanley Instrument Co.... 523 Co. V...

654 Westinghouse Mach. Co., Press United States, Salt v.....

Pub. Co. V......

469 United States, Sapery v.... 140 White, Brosnan v...

642 United States, Wong Din v...... 340 William A. Force & Co. v. Inde

pendent Mfg. Co.....

663 Vermont Farm Mach. Co., De La- Wilson, Clement v.

387 val Separator Co. V... 474 | Wishkah Boom Co.,

United States V.....

592 Walbridge, W. P. Walker & Co. v. 569 Wissler Min. Co., Mott v... 335 Walker & Co. v. Walbridge. 569 | W. K. Niver Coal Co., Jones v.. 372 Wallace, Brownlee v.....

40 Wong Din v. United States. 340 Wallace, George V...... 40 Woodford, Crim V.......

584 Wallace, McCague Inv. 06. V.... 40 W. P. Walker & Co. v. Walbridge 569 Wallace, Morsman v.. 40' Wright, Buster v...


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