Demonology and Devil Lore, 1879, Volume 2

Kessinger Publishing, 1 de jun. de 2003 - 488 páginas
Volume 2 of 2. The natural world is overlaid by an unnatural religion, breeding bitterness around simplest thoughts, obstructions to science, estrangements not more reasonable than if they resulted from varying notions of lunar figures, all derived from the Devil-bequeathed dogma that certain beliefs and disbeliefs are of infernal instigation. Dogmas molded in a fossil demonology make the foundation of institutions which divert wealth, learning, enterprise, to fictitious ends. It was not, therefore, mere intellectual curiosity which kept Mr. Conway working at this subject for many years, but an increasing conviction that the sequelae of such superstitions were exercising a formidable influence. If everyone busied himself with the Devil as Mr. Conway did, the kingdom of God would gain by it. It was with this sentiment in mind that Mr. Conway presents this work to the public. Due to the age and scarcity of the original we reproduced, some pages may be spotty, faded or difficult to read.

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