Works of the Camden Society, Edição 19

Camden Society, 1842 - 137 páginas

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Página 8 - March 1869, and that we have examined the said accounts, with the vouchers relating thereto, and find the same to be correct and satisfactory. And we further report that the following is an Abstract of the Receipts and Expenditure during the period we have mentioned.
Página 10 - I. THAT the Society shall be entitled "THE CAMDEN SOCIETY, for the Publication of Early Historical and Literary Remains." II. That the objects of the Society shall be, First, the publication of inedited Manuscripts ; Second, the reprinting of Works of sufficient rarity and importance to make Reprints desirable ; and Third, the publication of Translations of Historical Works not previously rendered into English. III. That the Society shall consist of One Thousand Two Hundred Members, being...
Página 22 - Rev. Robert H. Groome, MA Caius Coll. Camb. (c.) The Right Hon. Earl Grosvenor. John Grundy, Esq. Hampton Court Palace. The Lady Charlotte E. Guest. Edwin Guest, Esq. MA Fellow of Caius Coll. Camb. Sir John Guise, Bart. Rendcomb. Gloucestershire.
Página 18 - George L. Craik, Esq. Rev. John Antony Cramer, DD Public Orator, Oxford. Rev. Richard Crawley, MA Steeple Ashton, Wiltshire. Anthony Crofton, Esq. Barrister. The Rt. Hon. John Wilson Croker, LL.D., FRS THOMAS CROFTON CROKER, Esq. FSA, MRIA James Crofts, Esq.
Página 21 - John Gidley, Esq. Exeter. Edward Gifford, Esq. Admiralty. Richard James Gilman, Esq. William Anthony Gilman, Esq. Thomas Ward Gleadow, Esq. Hull. The Literary and Scientific Association of Gloucester.
Página 29 - Marlborough Pryor, Esq. Hampstead. James Brook Pulham, Esq. Hamilton Pyper, Esq. Advocate, Edinburgh. Madame la Marechale Duchesse de Raguse. Henry Raikes, Esq. Chester. JM Rainbow, Esq. Rev. James Raine, MAFSA Newc., Secretary of the Surtees Society. Charles Ranken, Esq.
Página 10 - being taken down from her horse .by the Earl of Leicester, Master of the Horse, at the church wall at Mortlake, did see some of the properties of that glass, to her Majesty's great contentment and delight...
Página 30 - P. Roupell, Esq. QC, MA Rev. Martin Joseph Routh, DD President of Magdalen Coll. Oxf James Yeeles Row, Esq. Daniel Rowland, Esq. Richard Roy, Esq. Edward Rudge, Esq.
Página 12 - ... subscription shall receive a copy of every work published by the Society during the year, for each sum of One Pound subscribed, without any charge for the same; and that the number of copies printed in each year, shall be limited to the quantity required for the number actually subscribed for. VI. — That every member of the Society who shall intimate to the Council a desire to withdraw, or who shall not pay the subscription by the time appointed, shall cease to be a member of the Society ;...
Página 3 - The number of 1200 Members, to which the Society is limited, has been maintained ; and there continues to be a large number of Candidates for admission upon vacancies. The investment standing in the names of the Trustees for the Society has been increased, since the last General Meeting, from the sum of £408 Os. 4d., Three per Cent, consols, to £574 13s. 8d. This increase has arisen from the investment of sums received for Compositions ; and the Council recommend that whatever sum may now be in...

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