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<“ should be delayed until the morrow.-I

“ wish you a good morning, and hope you -66 will be ready to accompany us in our ;“ next walk.”

Thus saying, he took Charles by the hand and left the room. 1.! : Charles would fain have interceded for :

his fifter, but Mr. Richardson, was deaf to all palliatives; and entering the carriage he ordered it to Lambeth.



A Visit to Lambeth Palace.When built.

Account of the Lollards Tower.-Distress of Mary, Wife of James the Second.---' Number of Volumes in the Library.---Longevity of a Tortoise.--- Anecdote of the Pedlar and his Dog.---Tomb of the Antiquarian Transcendant---His Epitaph.

As they were going forward, Charles faid to his father," I did not know, Sir, “ that there was a palace at Lambeth; “ pray who resides in it?"

“ The Archbishop of Canterbury," returned Mr. Richardson ; "it was founded “ about the thirteenth century by Arch* bishop Boniface, but frequently enlarged “ by his fucceffors; until Henry Chickley, “who enjoyed the primacy from the year “:4414 until 1443, highly improved the “ whole, and built the Lollards Tower, “ a prison for the unhappy followers of “ Wickliffe, who was a minister that

" preached

“.preached against the then received re“ ligion. You will fhudder, Charles, in “ viewing this last-mentioned building, at " the top of which is an apartment where “ these poor men were confined; it is only “ twelve feet long, and nine broad : to “ the wainscot, which is of oak, is fastened “ large iron rings, to which the prisoners " were chained before they were brought " to the stake; there are likewise scratches, " half-sentences, names, and letters, cut “ with a knife by the unhappy sufferers.”

“How dreadful !” said Charles ; " but “ for a churchman to be concerned in is such a business, must make him de- . " spised "

“ It ought to have done fo, Charles ; s for humanity, meekness, and humility “ should be the marking characteristics of ;; “ teachers of the Gospel, and disciples ; 56 of our Blessed Saviour : but, alas ! in “ chose days it was frequently the reverse, “ for they were cruel, arrogant, and " proud ; and spared no blood to increase

-" their

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Rx Porter 1798

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Greatness and power cannot always secure its po

From the bleak Wind, or pitylefs Storm

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