Twelve sketches of scenery & antiquities on the line of the Great north of Scotland railway, by G. Reid. With illustr. letterpress by W. Ferguson


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Página 50 - And there they stand, as stands a lofty mind, Worn, but unstooping to the baser crowd, All tenantless, save to the crannying wind, Or holding dark communion with the cloud.
Página 40 - Were I Glenallan's Earl this tide, And ye were Roland Cheyne, The spur should be in my horse's side. And the bridle upon his mane. "If they hae twenty thousand blades. And we twice ten times ten, Yet they hae but their tartan plaids, And we are mail-clad men. "My horse shall ride through ranks sae rude, As through the moorland fern, — Then ne'er let the gentle Norman blude Grow cauld for Highland kerne.
Página 18 - auld town' of Aberdeen, with its one arch and its black deep salmon stream, is in my memory as yesterday. I still remember, though perhaps I may misquote the awful proverb which made me pause to cross it, and yet lean over it with a childish delight, being an only son, at least by the mother's side. The saying, as recollected by me, was this, but I have never heard or seen it since I was nine years of age: — " ' Brig of Balgounie, black 's your wa', Wi' a wife*s ae son, and a mear's ae foal, Down...
Página 55 - Annie. Proper he was, both young and gay, His like was not in Fyvie ; No one was there that could compare With this same Andrew Lammie.
Página 70 - Ye winds that have made me your sport, Convey to this desolate shore Some cordial endearing report Of a land I shall visit no more. My friends, do they now and then send A wish or a thought after me?
Página 59 - O mother dear, make ye my bed, And lay my face to Fyvie ; Thus will I lie, and thus will die, For my love, Andrew Lammie...
Página 109 - They came after that to the other town; and it was pleasing to Columcille, because it was full of God's grace; and he asked of the mormaer, to wit Bede, that he should give it to him, and he did not give it; and a son of his took an illness after refusing the clerics, and he was nearly dead.
Página 53 - Sendar monastery is said to have been erected on the site of an ancient Bon temple, called Darding sergo tamo, and was built several hundred years before Tashilhunpo ; and was sacked by the Jungar Mongols in the 17th century. When they demolished the chapel, the Bon high priest hurriedly concealed the sacred treasures and scriptures, written in silver on dark blue tablets...
Página 66 - We'll stop a while and tak' a rest, And tipple out a cogie. Come now, my lads, and tak' your glass, And try ilk other to surpass, In wishing health to ev'ry lass To dance the reel o
Página 106 - Marishell, a learned, wyse, and upright good man, got the abacie of Dier in recompence from James the Sixt, for the honorable chairge he did bear in that ambassage he had into Denmerk, and the wyse and worthie accompt he gave of it at his returne, by the conclusion of that matche whereof the royal stock of Brittanes monarchic is descended.

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