Memoirs of the Wistar Institute of Anatomy and Biology. v. 2-5, 1911-15, Volumes 2-5


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Página 68 - The development of the mammalian jugular lymph sac, of the tributary primitive ulnar lymphatic and of the thoracic ducts from the...
Página 68 - An examination of the methods used in the study of the development of the lymphatic system. Anat.
Página 20 - If we accomplish all possible hybridization 100,000,000 different crosses will result. Of these teleosts only a very small proportion, namely, about one one-hundredth of one per cent., can live. It turned out in my experiments that the heterogeneous hybrids between bony fishes formed eyes, brains, ears, fins and pulsating hearts, blood and blood vessels, but could live only a limited time because no blood circulation was established at all — in spite of the fact that the heart beat for weeks —...
Página 70 - MCWHORTER, JE 1914 Experiments on the development of blood vessels in the area pellucida and embryonic body of the chick. Anat. Rec., vol. 8.
Página 69 - Anat. und Phys. KAMPMEIER, OF 1912 a The value of the injection method in the study of lymphatic development. Anat. Rec., vol. 6. 1912 b The development of the thoracic duct in the pig. Am. Jour. Anat., vol. 13. 1915 On the origin of lymphatics in Bufo. Am. Jour. Anat., vol. 17. LEWIS, FT 1905 The development of the lymphatic system in rabbits.
Página 101 - It is not my purpose at this time to enter into the extensive literature of comparative experimental teratology.
Página 100 - ... are produced from normal eggs by conditions which either interfere with their nutrition or poison them." There is evidence to show that defective implantation, using the term in its broadest sense so as to include relation to the embryotroph or pabulum, is directly associated with abnormal development. Comparative experimental teratology so successfully followed by a number of European and American experimental embryologists warrants the conclusion that all of the abnormalities or malformations...
Página 68 - The development of the main lymph channels of the cat in their relation to the venous system.

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