The Life and Treason of Benedict Arnold

Hilliard, Gray, 1835 - 335 páginas

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Página 268 - if after this just and candid representation of Major Andre's case, the board of general officers adhere to their former opinion, I shall suppose it dictated by passion and resentment ; and if that gentleman should suffer the severity of their sentence, I shall think myself bound, by every tie of duty and honor, to retaliate on such unhappy persons of your army as may fall within my power, that the respect due to flags, and to the laws of nations, may be better understood and observed.
Página 230 - The person in your possession is Major John Andre, adjutantgeneral to the British army. The influence of one commander in the army of his adversary is an advantage taken in war. A correspondence for this purpose I held, as confidential (in the present instance) with his excellency Sir Henry Clinton. To favour it, I agreed to meet upon ground not within the posts of either army a person, who was to give me intelligence : I came up in the Vulture man-of-war for this effect, and was fetched by a boat...
Página 81 - I confess," writes Washington to Arnold, " this is a strange mode of reasoning ; but it may serve to show you that the promotion, which was due to your seniority, was not overlooked for want of merit in you.
Página 258 - I have a mother and two sisters, to whom the value of my commission would be an object, as the loss of Grenada has much affected their income. It is needless to be more explicit on this subject; I am persuaded of your Excellency's goodness. " I receive the greatest attention from his Excellency General Washington, and from every person under whose charge I happen to be placed.
Página 26 - ... we have been obliged to force up against a very rapid stream, where you would have taken the men for amphibious animals, as they were a great part of the time under water : add to this the great fatigue in the portage, you will think I have pushed the men as fast as they could possibly bear.
Página 257 - Tarrytown, in a disguised habit, being then on his way to New York, and when taken, he had in his possession several papers, which contained intelligence for the enemy.
Página 165 - I have been taken prisoner by the Americans, and stripped of every thing except the picture of Honora, which I concealed in my mouth. Preserving that, I yet think myself fortunate.
Página 257 - Believing these facts to be established, the board further reported it as their opinion, that Major Andre ought to be considered as a spy, and, according to the law and usage of nations, to suffer death.
Página 234 - I know you young men are all in love with Mrs. Arnold, and wish to get where she is as soon as possible. You may go and take breakfast with her, and tell her not to wait for me. I must ride down and examine the redoubts on this side of the river, and will be there in a short time.
Página 230 - I beg your Excellency will be persuaded, that no alteration in the temper of my mind, or apprehension for my safety, induces me to take the step of addressing you, but that it is to rescue myself from an imputation of having assumed a mean character for treacherous purposes or self-interest ; a conduct incompatible with the principles that actuate me, as well as with my condition in life.

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