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WHIS celebrated park is situated on tho

north-west side of the Clent hills, and ranges down to the road leading to Bromsgrove and Stourbridge in Worcestershire. An easy winding avenue of spreading limes, and other trees, leads, for a considerable distance, to the noble mansion, which at length bursts upon the stranger, in all its glory : grandeur, in this modern pile, is supported by simplicity; a proof that true elegance needs not the aid of superfluous orna.


The rooms are happily disposed, and adorned with rich cieling-pieces and cornices; the paintings, numerous and well chosen,-in many of which Vandyke, and other capital masters, shew their inimita. ble pencils;. the whole is furnished with great taste and judgment, every way be.


(68) coming the well known character of the noble poffeffor.


· The entrance into this princely habitation is up a grand flight of steps, where, in the Hall, the lovers of sculpture - willi find a pleasing amusement.

Over the Chimney-place in stucco.

Pan courting Diana, with the offering of a fleece of goat's hair, after a picture of Carlo Maratti; by Vapili.

Medallions, and other ornaments ; by the fame.

Stone work of the chimney; by Lovell.

Statues in Seaglione, copied at Florence from the antique in the Great Duke's gallery.

Six antique busts, and two by Rifback, viz. the heads of Rubens and Vandyke : that on the right hand from the door, next to Mercury, is Vandyke.



On each side the door fron the hall.

Hay, lord Carlisle, full length; by Vandyke.

Countess of Portland ; by the same.

Next the Chimney.
The marriage of Neptune and Cybele.

An emblematical picture of the mixture of earth and water, producing plenty.--The human figures are by Rubens.

Over the Chimney, The royal family of Charles the First ; by Vandyke.

Over the Door.

Charles the First; by old Stone. And over the opposite door his queen. It is doubtful whether this be an original by Vandyke, or a copy by Jervise, at the Lale of whose pictures it was bought.



Opposite the Chimney.

Venus reconciled to Pfyche; by Titian. Next to that Jacob and his family journeying; by Giacomo Bassano.


Cieling; by Cipriani.

Flora scattering flowers, with zephyrs about her in the air.

· At the four corners, the seasons represented by Cupids.

Over the Chimney.

Lord Bath; by Ramsey.

Lord Cobham, and lord Chesterfield ; by Vanlo :-That on the right is lord Cobham.

Over the door next the windows.

Mr. H. Pelham ; by Shakelton.
Lord Hardwicke; by Ramsey.


On each side looking into the park.

The princess of Orange, mother to king William; by Gerrard Huntorst.

Sir Thomas Clifford, afterwards lord treasurer , by old Stone.

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Oliver Cromwell, with Sir Peter Temple; a copy by Jervise, from the original in the Rich family, into which his daughter married.

Lady Barrymore with her page; by Lely.

Over the door from the drawing room.
The countess of Bedford ; by Vandyke.

On the right hand of this, Sir Christopher Minnes, an admiral, killed in one of the Dutch wars; by Zoest, a Dutch painter.

On the left hand Miss Erown, fifter to
Sir George Brown ; by Lely.
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