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The dusky building, which is called


at the extremity of the vista, only looks back upon the walk, and has this infcription,

Pan primus calamos cera conjungere plures
Edocuit; Pan curat oves, oviumque majestros.

That is,

'Twas mighty Pan,
To join with wax the various reeds began;
Pan, the great god of all our subject plains,
Protects and loves the cattle and the swains.


As this part of the Leafowes has been reflected upon for a regularity totally excluded from every subjoining part of the farm, I shall beg leave to ask, how this regularity could possibly be avoided ? The nature of the ground is such, that E 2


48 ) had it been otherwise, it would be fantastical and ridiculous : Suppose it had taken a sweep along the ridge up to the Gothic seat, which is scarcely practicable, the expence, the labour, and the art, which must have appeared in cutting the walk through the fides of the hill, would have been infinitely more ftiff and formal than the straight line itself; obvious. as a deviation from the fimplicity which accompanies all the rest may be, the prefent agreeable level hath its advantages, and capital ones too ; it neither offends the eye, nor lends a farther aslistance to tire the limbs, already jaded by the difficulty of climbing to the summit of so steep a precipice.

The path now again precipitately falls down the declivity among trees, and shelving banks, regaining its former simplicity, and the spectator is pleasingly amused, with a total variation from every thing that appeared before. The walk


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paffes close under a thick hawthorn hedge, and stretches itself to a feat within the shade of firs, which comprehends the beauty and riches of a grazing farm, interspersed with the finest diversity, every distant object is here shut out, all is sylvan and pastoral. From the foot of this seat the land gently falls, and rises again in a lovely swell, adorned with a groupe of firs, and here and there a spreading single elm, or ash, decks the intermediate space; this swell forms, on the other fide of it, a deep narrow valley fringed with trees, shrubby alders and willows; and the bold rising lawn beyond, bounded by wood and detached light groves, with its Gothic alcove on a rising lawn over the trees which surround the house, and other chearful objects, compose the rural prospect.

Such scenes as these, where various groupes of animals are seen feeding on the rich turf, dedicated to the uses of E 3


life, give a pleasing warmth to the idea of the happiness of those who prefer the calm rational pleasure of retirement, and is a strong incentive to every thinking being, who perhaps moves in the gay circle of folly and dissipation, to quit it for these more commendable pursuits, and live as becomes a man, in the laudable exertion of his reason and understanding.

From the next seat in a clump of firs, which is dedicated to Lord Lyttelton, the eye fastens upon

three or four falls of water, rushing precipitately among trees down the narrow vale, or dingle between the swells of the lawn; the fine hanging wood's high front, with its Gothic building peeping through the glade, and the vivid fields around, give this situation as much consequence as any before visited. But this feene, endearing as it is, is scarcely remembered, when, after passing another seat, without any great variation,


the stranger finds himself in the delightful mazes of


An exertion of the most lively and pᏅ etic fancy, discovers itself in every corner of this romantic and lovely folitude ; it exactly marks the mind of the designer, and proves to what extent the power of genius and good fense can arrive. -From the rude and insignificant hollow it once was, arises a thousand charms, and carries with it such an idea of enchantment, that one is ready to think one fees the Naiads, Fairies and Fays, in their quick motions, gambol through the recesses of

the grove.

The entrance into this delightful retirement, is through a finall wicket, where the glimpse of an obelisk on the right first catches the attention ; this in a fe


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