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building is laid out in a pretty taste, and in one of its fine shorn lawns, a vase, curiously and richly ornamented with groupes of figures in bas relievo, is beheld with pleasure by every one who sees it.

The delightful walks of Envil are so extensive and entertaining, that even a day is too short to go through them. Indeed there is a riding round the extremnity of the grounds, cut, as a glade, through the woods for the purpose of enjoying them in a carriage. This may be agreeable to fome, and permission is given by the nable proprietor to the visiting parties. to take the advantage of it: but this liberty is of no consequence to a man of taste; he will never suffer himself to be confined in a vehicle in the midst of so many surrounding beauties, where almost every step varies the scene, and where every variation is picturesque and new. Too great an attention cannot be paid to places where na. ture and talle have sprinkled so many charms; there are several delightful recefles in the wood, and many points from whence are collected more pleasing prospects, than, perhaps, appear from the several selected from the feats where the path immediately leads to ; and these will be easily found by those who figh nat on approaching a feep hill, and who take a pleasure in the contemplation of such quiet and amusing scenes.


There is one or two in particular which. I cannot help mentioning.

It will be remembered, that the path, after winding round the grass plot of the cottage, enters into the fine ground before noticed, when, instead of pursuing it to the left, as the spectator is commonly led, he will mount the

gay hill to the right, not forgetting to observe the portico as he paffes, so finely embofomed by the grove ; and soon after, among the sheltering pines on its brow, he will find himself at


This is a large sumptuous building ; the middle part composing a noble arch with a sort of portcullice, and each wing ari alcove, from whence the eye is ravished with the most delectable views : that on the right cominands a very extenfive range of country, but its chiefest objects are collected from the lovely lawns, falling and rising in wantoa diversity ; the water in the sweeping valley in different lakes; the boat-house and the far-stretched plantations of the dark umbrageous fir. The taste shewn here is exceedingly expressive and strong, and is indisputably one of the most amusing scenes in the whole range of

the place

The other wing takes in the same variety ; a fine distant country, water, woods, and, to add to its consequence, the billiard-room, Thaded by the rich dark pines


of the shrubbery, is seen from hence in great beauty.

Envil is so different from Hagley, that to oppose one against the other, would be ridiculous. Hagley is a park, Envil a farm. But Hagley, in spite of all its lovely appendages, in one respect must give the palm to Envil; that beautiful water which consitutes the glory of the latter, can never be equalled in the same manner by the former; and it must be confeffed, though the woods of Envil have not the charms which dignify those of Hagley, time, and an exertion of taste, may render them equally as important. The latter now flourishes in all its bewitching pride ; scarce a tree even to its underwood but is a century old ; others perhaps two or three, branching in the most

striking luxuriance : the former is in its infancy, and may one day, I doubt not, flourish in the same glory.


But, as I observed before, these places totally differ-one is an elegant park, enriched by the hand of genius in all the luxuriance of fancy; the other rather like the Leafows, and dedicated more to the common uses of life, which is very co:nmendable; yet when we consider it as the resident of an opulent nobleman, that sort of simplicity, however pleasing, does not strike as it does in the grounds of a plain country gentleman: we expect, when we approach a palace, to see it surrounded with correspondent graces; to rise in splendor, but at the same time to be confined, like Hagley, within the limits of true and genuine taste.

Nature very profusely spreads her charms at Envil for this purpote; and however pleasing it may be at present, ! doubt not, whenever the design is executed, which I am informed is in agitation, of building a noble manfion, and throwing a large part of the domain into a park,



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