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pleasing, and calls in a range of court try equally entertaining and chearful.

From hence the wood is not so con nected, but a little farther it is again closely embraced as before, and the path resumes its former folitariness and gloom, winding down the steep hill, and then

opens to


A building supported by rustic pillars, looking down a concave narrow valley, deep and delightfully wooded on its.

rising banks ; over the plantations, which shut in this vale; is seen, in the center of a distant and diversified horizon, Sedge: ley steeple, at about nine miles diftant.

Through this portico the walk takes a range up the still surrounding forest, fequestered and gloomy, to a small opening of lawn, where an urn without any


inscription presents itself, and marks the calm recirement of the place. From hence the declivity becomes fo. steep, that the path is obliged to be cut almost in parallel lines to gain the bottom; when after exploring still the confines of these capacious woods, the eye, at length, which perhaps wanted variety, failers upon


Whether it is the name, or whether it is the fimplicity which cominonly furrounds the dwelling of indigence, or rather from the fables we have read of the supposed happiness that live within its doors, is a matter of no consequence ; & cottage, properly situated within the precincts of an extensive park or pleafure grounds, is an object which always ftri es the fancy, and fills the mind with a pleasing contemplation. No one of this fort I think has a juster claim, from


M 3

situation, to be admired than this, so delightfully distinguished within the mingled gloom of high surrounding woods, and chearful vallies.

A small circular lawn, sliut up every way by the hanging groves, opens in front of this humble thatched dwelling; and a menagere on each side the house, filled with great variety of extraneous birds of the gayest plumage, give such a pleasing turn to this rural fequestered place, that one knows not when to leave it.

The path winds round this lonely recess, and enters into the finest ground imaginable, where turning to the left, a large irregular sheet of water shews itself glistening among the trees; and from a bridge of the most simple construction, even to rudeness, is feen a cascade gushing from a ragged heap of bricks, stones; and cinders..


From the bridge, which leads over the current of the water-fall, the ground takes a lovely sweep on every fide, and the path, which now looks again into different compartments of the wood, meets with a seat opening to another extensive lawn, chequered with water, and delightfully fringed by trees, hanging sides of a deep valley. On the left, more open, Envil church, upon an eminence, is a great object; it enriches the fore ground, and gives a consequence to the ranging hills, which touch the clouds at a very great distance.

on the

These noble woods, which here terminate, are joined by a shrubbery, whose broad gravel walk gently falls among

the choicest evergreens, and gives feveral very judicious openings on one side, to catch the fine views resulting from the highhanging woods; and the other, close to a common highway, without the precincts of the walks, the country is entirely.seclude ed. The gothic gateway, as we advance nearer to the body of the shrubbery, has a bold appearance, and the woods from hence are exceedingly striking, particularly where a large battlement peeps over the rich foliage of its extending arms.


A building, as we advance into the more pleasing and diversified

part of the fhrubbery, catches the attention, called


This is a stately gothic edifice, which does honour to the projector, and is extremely well executed. Its inside is richly adorned with stucco, the cieling remarkably fo; at one end, in a niche, is a buft of Ho. mer; and the opposite a Cicero. A billiard-table and a chamber-organ are the furniture of this noble room, which unfortunately is, at present, ro object from any part of the walks, except from the gothic gateway. The ground about this.


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