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which hovers about it: the principal objects from hence are the Boat-house and the water straggling up the deep vale, glistening between the trunks of the lofty trees on the steep brow of the hill, and over the tops of others, with a beautiful range of country beyond in perspective. This scene is so delicious, fo connected, and so sweetly blended, that it is impor. sible for any one to look and not to admire it.

Hence through the botom of the wood, the close shady path leads to a seat under the spreading branches of a noble oak, looking upon the bold swell of an opening lawn, where the rotunda, every way surrounded by the dark umbrageous forest, stands uncommonly graceful. The forest here is so interwoven with its under-wood of hazles and other bushes, fo connected and so thick, that scare a funbeam ever cheers the folitary way.


The woods on this side at length, af ter rising another hill, fteep and amazingly rich in trees, open to a lovely and chearful down, extending itfelf in the gayeft diversity. This is called the Sheepwalk, and the numerous groupes of those animals feeding and browzing on the flowry turf, give a pleasing reflection to every one who visits these sylvan scenes. This charming down, which adds a lustre to the delightful walks of Envil, affords innumerable objects equally entertaining : the eye is never tired in roving from one point to another; every one varies, and every one reflects a beauty on the other.

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In the midst of this large rich tract of ground, dedicated to the uses of life as well as pleasure, is a building called


Built in the Gothic taste, and stands on an elevated spot, catching, at one view, over the woods, and on every side, a most unbounded prospect. One of the rooms of this house is decorated with fhades of his lordship's family and friends in profile : this has a whimsical appearance, and the likenesses are so exact, that every one acquainted with the living ob. jects, immediately know and point them out. The other room is adorned with prints, chiefly perspective views of the most celebrated places, stuck on the naked walls, and the sides of the stair-cafe arc rudely covered with old ballads and Christmas carols. The fimplicity of such ornaments are entirely correspondent with the place, and to the shepherd (wain who is supposed to inhabit it.

This delightful down lies extremely bold and open, falls on each fide precipitately, and keeps an easy level in the middle; various clumps of firs decorate its brow, and single trees in other places afford a shade, in the parching heats of M


the summer months, to the panting flocks. Kínver church and ridge of hills, with its romantic rock underneath, are finely marked. Here the black defart in the adjoining valley is secluded by the woods, and nothing is seen but a rich cultivated country, interspersed with great variety. Malvern hills and the Wrekin, the town pf Bridgnorth, great part of Shropshire, Worcestershire and Staffardshire, and fome of the Welch mountains, dignify the noble prospective

Upon entering the woods again, down the steep sides of the hill, the path winds


This is an exceedingly handsome light building, much resembling that at Hagley, and as agreeably situated upon a bold eminence; the falling ground and the fine hanging woods, which adorn the

swelling swelling fides, divested of its underwood, give it an engaging consequence : the tower of Kinver church, a very indifferent object, is unfortunately let in by a glade, cut through the oppolite rising grove; by this a greater beauty is destroyed to look at a much less, merely for the sake of a distant object, which was not at all required from this place. I am afraid the face of this noble wood, though the glade is newly planted to fil it up again, will not very soon regain its pristine beauty. It is a very juft obser: vation, that young trees seldom flourish ainong old ones; for my pare, I know no instance of it, at least it is very rare, and where they do, for a number of years, the deformity is very visible; but fortyDately for this place, I found (upon a nearer inspection) the forest trees younger than I expected, and consequently a few years will unite them again. The perfpective from this building is exceedingly

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