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the lower part of the wood, mingles in the rich scene; and higher on the left, one of the Clent hills at a considerable distance, adorned with a groupe of firs, closes the view on that side, and the stue pendious hills of Malvern, from an opening of the grove, at least twenty miles diftant, terminate it on the other.

From hence the path bends on the right within the shade to


on which stands an elegant statue of Frederick, Prince of Wales, the father of his present Majesty, executed in a masterly manner.

This pillar is erected upon a delicious eminence, skirted by the most beautiful grove imaginable; while the dark ample firs behind, mingling with the lighter tint of the other trees, give it an agreeable

richness, richness, and add a higher lustre to the building. I don't remember to have seen a more chearful enlivening prospect, than appears from this lovely brow; the verdure of the sweeping lawns, the inexpreffible richness of the spreading trees, the beauty of the house, and the luxuriant, uninterrupted expanse beyond it, affords at once, one of the most splendid, diverfified scenes, the eye can wish for, or nature can give.

Down from this spot, which calls in so many beauties, the path leads again to the alcove already described, and runs into that which takes to the house.

Whether this delightful place be considered as a garden or a park, or both, its beauties every way correspond, and every scene is conducted with the strongeft marks of a lively fancy and delicate taste. The elegance of its buildings, happily arranged in every point of view, throw a graceful luftre upon the whole : but nothing appears gaudy or trifling ; nor is it loaded with a superfluity : an esror often fallen into, which gives more dif gust than a total suppression of them.


A park gives great latitude to a man of taste; beautiful objects are absolutely necessary, and should be carelessly thrown about, where proper places demand them, with a liberal hand. The Witchberry hills in their natural state were delightful; that, and their proximity to the park, caught the eye of the designer; they called for embellishment, and when the plantations, the Grecian temple, and the obelisk rose upon their brows, who can dispute their being rendered infinitely more fo? They formerly were overlooked, but now claim the deepest attention, and are visited with pleasure by every one who rambles through these charming recesses.


Were I to presume to think any thing exceptionable in this enchanting park, it would be the cropping of some of the laurels in the grotto, and the confined extent of lawn on the north fide of the house : but when these trifles come to be considered, we find a strong necessity for both.-Were the laurels suffered to take the freedom of their growth and luxuriance, the beautiful vista from the alcove would be obstructed, and the house lose great conveniencies, by being situated at a farther distance from the offices. Upon the whole, it is but impertinence to point out a blemish; every part has so much merit; every scene so connected, and engagingly blended together, that it may justly vie (if not claim a pre-eminence) with the most celebrated places in this kingdom for taste, elegance and beauty,

A man never wants for amusement, whichever


he turns in this rich and pleasant country ; every mile affords va


riety, and his eye is constantly filled with a succession of interesting objects.

The town of Stourbridge, so eminent for its glass manufactory, which gives employment to thousands, lies in the way of this agreeable tour, and affords a pleafing hour to a stranger, who never saw the curious art of forming that delicate ware into its various uses. This branch of trade extends itself to other towns in the neighbourhood, and even the country for several miles, particularly on the Dudley road, is a continued street, filled with inhabitants and industry.

From this town we turn to the left, and ride over an extenfive chearful common, which falls into a rich valley at Stupony, where the navigable cut from the Trent, lately executed, runs through and falls into the Severn at the mouth of the river Stour : the country about here is delicious ; but soon after a gloomy dark defart fpreads itself, even to the foot of the ranging hills of


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