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60. The young ones cannot use their wings a forb flight untild many months after they are hatched', being covered, during that time, with only a blackish downį, likej that of a gosling

61. Their food consists & ofb the carcasesc of deerd, cattle, and other animals.


1. I always had the fault of not being able a to keep silent when I saw an injustice.d

2. Solon did not a flatter b Croesus at alla, but told the truth.

3. Man is not a being a belonging to this or that country, but one belonging to the whole earth; and he is not a being merely comprehendingd the earth, but one embracing the whole universe.f

4. As often as a you feel yourself more powerful in your perceptions than in the faculty of expressing them, then boldly d believe that your mind is lazy ®, and will not produce all it possesses.


60. • Flügel, m. zu. cdas Fliegen. d bis. enachdem. fauša bråten. 8 bedecken. hschwärzlid. iFlaumfeder, f., in pl. gleich.

61. a bestehen. bin. cleichnam, m. (pl.-e). dReh, n. (pl.-e). e Rind, n. (pl.-er), in plural. 1. a say, that it was impossible for me. bschweigen.

c when, meaning whenever, is wenn. d Unrecht.

2. a keinesweges. schmeicheln, Dat. cbut, when denying a preceding negative expression, is sondern.

3. a Wesen. bangehören, say, which belongs. say, a being. d umfassen. e begreifen, and treat the Participles as Adjectives to being. Weltall.

4. *fo oft. b machtig. Empfindung. d kühn.efaul.



5. The prophetsa existedb in a spiritual atmosphered ase their peculiar element of life, toh which others raise i themselves only in hours of exaltation.j

6. The refined taste a of man has, atb all times, acknowledged the rose to be one of the most beautiful productions of nature.

7. Sir Francis Bacon has finely a described some advantages, or as d he callse them, fruits of friendship.

8. The whole appearancea of Blücher had b the impresso of a herod, who could commande as well as fight.

9. Men even bear the hard yoke of bondage and slaveryd before they leave the paternalf soil.:

10. In the same way a asb they say that economy is the greatest revenued in reference to our fortunef, thus one can also say, that humility is the same toh the tranquillity of our mind. i

11. Widely different as a were Arnold's juvenile compositionsb in many points from those of his afterd life, yet it is interesting to observe in them the materials for his future great historical works.

5. a Prophet. bwandeln. geistig. dUether, m. e as, implying identity is als. Feigenthůmlich. & Lebenselement, n. bzu. erheben. j Weihe, f.

6. Scdnheitssinn, m. bin. canerkennen. d say, as. e Naturerzeugniß, n.

7. a sinnig. b beschreiben. Vortheil, m. as, implying likeness, is mie. e nennen. 8. a Unsehen.

Gepräge, n. d Kriegsheld (G.–en). e gebieten. fwie, and treat who could) command and fight as Participles of to command and fight, and make them agree with hero.

9. afogar or eber. b Joch, n. Leibeigenschaft. Knechtschaft. eehe. Svåterlid. Boden, m.

10. a eben so. b wie. Sparsamkeit. a Einkommen. e in 2bficht. Vermögen. say, it. für. say, our mind-tranquillity.

11. a so verschieden auch, and mark, this is a relative expression, as if it were said, of whatever difference, etc. b Jugendarbeit, f. € Hinsicht, sing. dvorgerůckt. Alter,n. doch, this must stand after Verb and Nominative, which must lead. 8 unterhaltend. Stoff, m., sing. 'spåter.



say, bore. C


12. The example of those who are born deaf and dumb proves", in how small a degreed man can acquiree reasonable' notions, evenh in the midst ofi men, without the assistance of speech, and in what brutishi savagenessk all his impulses' remain.m

13. These solemnities & seemed so much more dignified, asd they livelye called back the olden time, and what from thence had yet come toh us.

14. The morea humility remindsb us who we are, and how much we still want", the mored she encouragese us to apply ourselves to our improvement.h

15. However mucha the proud man is pleased b with his arroganced, stille he hates it in others.

16. However necessary a it is that he who wishes impressively b to inculcate a great truth shouldd ponder overe itf, should well arrange his materials", and treati his subjecti with all zealk possible, still this is not yet? the realm methodn by whicho one can arrive at9 a vigorous' representations of one's ideas.

17. The misera can return to the golden middle




h sogar.



12. · Beispeil, n. b say, of the deaf and dumb borp.

c zeigen. wie wenig. egelangen zu. fpernünftig. & Begriff i unter. j thierisch. k Wildheit. "Irieb. m bleiben.

13. • Feierlichkeit. bum so, with comparative. cwürdig. e lebhaft. fvergegenwärtigen. sdaher. h auf.

14. a je mehr quanto magis, therefore relative. erinnern. csay, is wanting to us fehlen. d desto mehr es magis, therefore demonstrative. e ermuntern. farbeiten. gan. b Verbesserung.

15. a so sehr auch ; however is so — auch; much, sehr is inserted. say, pleases himself. in. d Hochmuth, m. e doch, cf. Note 11 s.

16. bndthig, cf. 15 a. b måchtig. cvortragen. d express by the Subjunctive Present of the Verbs following. e überdenken. the same. & ordnen. h Stoff, m, sing, i behandeln.

j Gegenstand. kWårme. Inoch nicht. meigentlich. Weg, m. o worauf. p gelangen. 9 zu. " kräftig. Darstellung.

17. Geizig. zurüdtehren. cauf.




wayd as soon as he likes ; but for the spendthrift it becomes more and more difficult, the farther8 he recedesh from it.

18. Many a rule is the b oftener neglected thed oftener one hears it repeated.

19. I am not the lessa determined b to separateç, because I clearly d know what I separate from.

20. On a Christmas eveä my mother crowned b all her favours byd having a puppet-show exhibited to us.

21. This transition a from ab domesticc education d to e the instruction f at a public school was connected with some" unpleasantness', for) byk throwing children hithertom kept by themselves carefullyo at home, among a rude mass of young urchins9, they had, quite unexpectedly", to suffer everything from vulgarity, malice, nay baseness", because they Jacked every weapon and every capacity of defending themselves against them.2

22. After the Bible, the catechism, and books of edi. fication of every kind, the works of classical literature were multiplied d by printing®, so that every man now was able to attain tof a higher cultivation of the mind.:

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d Mittelstraße, f. e sobald. fimmer mehr.

s je weiter. hfidh entfernen. i davon.

18. a Regel, f. b desto. cpernachlåßigen. dje.

19. say, on that account not less darum minder nicht. schlossen. escheiden. I deutlich. e say, know it. fwovon.

20. a Weihnac'tsabend. bdie Krone auflegen. Wohithat. dins dem. e lassen. fPuppenspiel, n. 8 vorstellen. 21. a Uebergang.

chäuslich. Erziehung. Unterricht, m.

say, the.

8 say, had.

b mandı. i take the neuter of the Adj. unangenehm. Jdenn. kindem. Thinunterstoßen. m bisher. nabgesondert. • sorgfältig. P unter. 9 Geschopf, n. runerwartet. odas Gemeine. i das Schlechte. udas Niederträchtige. ermangeln, with Gen. wall. * Fähigkeit, sich schůben.. * take an Adverb.

22. a nåchst. b Catechismus, m. cErbauungsbuch. d vervielfältigen. e Drud, m. f theilhaftig werden, with Gen.

8 Geistess bildung.

e zu.

23. Would not too great a heat or cold hurtb or kille us, ifd the sensation of pain did not, as it weref, inform &

us of it."


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24. Whencea could we knowb if in the interior of us C a dangerous inflammation d was forming, unless pain revealed 8 it to us!

He will not guess it unless he be more shrewd than all other men.

26. Sincea we must associate with human beings, it is our duty not to give them, knowingly d, even the slighteste cause of forming a bad opinions concerningh us.

27. Humility elevates& us by humbling us, and pride humbles us by elevating us.

28. New enjoyments with which the barbarian gets acquainted, created in hime new wants', which he can only satisfy8 by abandoningi his manner of living.

29. The kindnessa of the proud man towards b the humble one is a sure proofd that humility must be something excellente, since it is even sought after 8 by her own enemy; and that pride must be something unnaturalh, since its owneri can bear in others nothing less than his own self.j

23. & auzu. bschådlich werden. сtodilich werden. wofern. Empfindung. *gleid,sam. 8 benachrichtigen von. an Adverb. 24. a woher.

Csay, in our interior das Innere. Entzündung. eentstehen, take the Subjunctive. fpofern nicht, and place pain between them. 8 offenbaren.

25. a errathen. say, he be then; and be express by the Subjunctive of must, with the Infinitive. cklug.

26. & the moral and logical reason can be expressed either by weil or da. bumgeben. Csollen. d wissentlich. e entfernt. Gelegenheit. 8 schlecht denken. hoon.

27. aerhdhen. bby implying means, is indem. cerniedrigen.

28. a Genuß. Barbar. c kennen lernen. dfchaffen. e say, to him. Bedürfniß, n. & befriedigen.

1 aufgeben. Lebensweise, f. 29. a liebe.

bzu. Demüthig. d Beweis. e Portrefflich. cf. 26 a. 8 suchen. b Unnatürlich. Besiger. I say it, namely pride.

d wenn or

h take

6 say, know it.





comp. 27 b.

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