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Dream of Achilles-Dream of the Mother of Zartusht-Series of

Dreams from Herodotus-Crosus-Sabacon-Sethon-Atanes
-Hipparchus-Xerxes--Artabanus Pherecydes--Socrates-
Xenophon-Alexander the Great and Jaddua the High Priest
-Hyrcaneus—Calpurina-Series of Dreams from Cicero
Dream of Hecuba-Tarquin-Mother of Phalaris-Cyrus-
Hannibal-Hamilcar-Publius Decius-Detective Dream of
Sophocles -A Roman Rustic - Two Arcadians Cicero's
Dream-Imperial Dreams—Tiberius—Caligula-Claudius-
Nero—Vespasian-Domitian-Fannin's History cut short

- The Dreams of a Neophyte-Dreams and Visions about the
death of the Emperor Julian—The Genius of the Empire-
Monica and Augustine-Genadius persuaded-King Arthur's
Dream and its fulfilment -The Story of Cædmon-Dunstan-
Anselm-Fate of William Rufus foreshadowed-Henry more
pious than Rufus-Eagle and Seven Missiles—The Scribe
and the Angels-Mystical Dream of Giraldus Cambrensis-
Case of Walter de Barri-Charles VI. flies a Falcon in a

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Dream-The Flying Hart–Vision of Ingulphus -- Thomas à
Becket a razer of Walls—Dream of Chaunteclere-Sir Thomas
More's eminence foretold-Dr. Faustus dreams of Hell
Symbolical Dream of the Emperor of Saxony-Polemical
dream of Zuinglius-A King in a ditch-Benevolent im-
prisonment-Sir Thomas Wotton-Joannes Maria Mauro.
cenus-Ludovicus Madius—The Legend of the Swaffham
Tinker-Bishop Hall's Mother-Bread even in secret_Wal-
lenstein's Dreams-Dream in an Unknown Tongue-Henry
the Second of France warned in vain-Lord Strafford's Death
mysteriously represented—Van Helmont listens to a Bottle
and sees his own Soul-Peter Sterry makes a mistake-Mil.
ton's Dream-sonnet-A Numismatologist Providentially En-
lightened-A Lady foretells her Death, and justifies her pre-
diction-Thirteen at Supper-The lot falls on the Chaplain-
An Island of the Blessed—Madame Guyon's Dream and its
analysis--Not to be done to death by a Dream-bully-Series
of Dreams from John Aubrey-Archbishop Abbot's Mother-
Doctor Harvey's Life preserved-Nine Finches-- Premoni-
tions of the Death of Friends—A Triple Elm-tree-Admiral
Dean's Wife-Robbery and murder of Mr. Stockden dis-
covered through a series of Dreams-Determination of Dr.
Reid-Mrs. Griffiths' Dream saves her nephew's life-Dreams
of Emanuel Swedenborg-A Dumb Man recovers Speech-
Zimmermann's Dream-The Man in the Blue Coat-Dr.
Johnson's Wit Contest-Murder and Conviction in Ireland
A native of Alderney's Dream-Coleridge's Kubla Khan- Dr.
Cromwell's Dream-poem-The Sacrilegious Dentist-Richter's
Appreciation of Dreams-His • Dream upon the Universe'-
Joanna Southcott—Dreams of the English Opium-Eater—The
Lottery Ticket-Dream of Count de Lavalette-Murderer
Self-discovered—Dreams dictated by External Suggestions-
Remarks and Examples of Dr. Abercrombie-A Volunteer's
Dream-A Bank-deficiency-The Portugal piece of Gold-

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