Albania: A Narrative of Recent Travel

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"Has the great merit of being a plain unvarnished record of his personal experiences; it is pleasantly written, spiced with adventure and anecdote, and, in short, eminently readable. The author started with the great advantage that he knew nothing whatever of the lands and peoples he was about to visit, and was therefore saved from falling into the trap of obscurity which besets the path of writers who, knowing too much about their subject beforehand, at times too hastily assume that the general public has an equal acquaintance with it." -The Pall Mall Budget

"This is one of the most entertaining books of travel that we have seen in a long time....We strongly recommend the volume to our readers." -The Spectator

"A readable description of life and manners on the Adriatic coast appears at a favorable moment, when all eyes are turned to watch the next phase of the Eastern Question in Adriatic waters, and the daily journals are filled with the names of Cattaro, Cettinge, Scutari and Podgoritza. The reader will learn a great deal about these places and their inhabitants, and may study their physical features in several artistic views." -The Bookseller

"Mr. Knight gives us many curious and deeply interesting glimpses of the people, their customs, and their opinions....However strong Mr. Knight's prepossessions for the Albanians may be, he does not seek to gloss over their faults. The first thing that must strike a stranger, is the exceeding lawlessness of the people....Life in Albania, it seems, is of no account, murder or assassination being regarded more apparently as an amusement than anything else. The author says that you will readily find marks of bullets on any house in Scutari, but it is rare to find an old man." -The Literary World

"Mr. Knight's book is...the newest on the subject, and the best; and the subject is such an attractive one that we are glad to call attention to it." -London Quarterly and Holborn Review

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Edward Frederick (E. F.) Knight (23 April 1852 - 3 July 1925) was an English barrister, soldier, journalist, and author of 20 books, many based on his dispatches as a war correspondent. (Wikipedia)

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