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ORNER'S Revised Statutes, editions of 1896 'and 1897, met with unprece

dented success, showing the public demand for and appreciation of the

compact, complete, correct annotated edition of the Statutes. Owing to the recent death of its publisher, Mr. E. B. Myers of Chicago, and litigation growing out of the affairs of his estate involving the ownership of the copyright, the publication was for a time out of print and the late increasing demand for the work has not been met. We therefore determined, the obstacles in the way

haying been removed, to begin the new century with a new revision containing the complete statutory laws of the state of a general character in force down to and including the Legislative Session of 1901, with important and valuable laborsaving additions.

As a result we offer the public the present volumes containing upwards of 3,000 pages. By the use of specially manufactured paper and most compact form it is kept in two volumes of convenient size, although giving space for the new matter and for many thousand additional citations to Supreme and Appellate Court Decisions.

We set out not only all the laws of a general nature, but also the special city charters of cities of thirty-five thousand population and upwards, and add in a supplementary chapter valuable information, including the rules of practice in the Supreme and Appellate Courts. We call special attention to the citations by sections found in the back part of the book at section 7670. They are brought down to the 155th Indiana Supreme Court Reports and the 25th Appellate Reports, and will be found of great convenience to attorneys having the reports at hand.

In the preparation of the work, as heretofore, we have followed the same general plan adopted by those who prepared the 1831 R. S., so familiar to the profession and the general public. The amendments and additions to the general statutes enacted by the legislative bodies of the state which have convened since the publication of the revision of 1881 are numerous, and when a section of that revision has been amended or repealed, it has been omitted and the new section inserted in its place, with explanatory note stating when it took effect if a new law, and when amended, if an amendment.

The section numbers of the revision of 1881 are retained where the law is still in foree. The importance of so doing cannot be overestimated. More than one hundred volumes of Supreme and Appellate Court reports make direct reference, in almost every case reported, to the Revised Statutes of 1881 by the section numbers there used. These numbers, as a means of designating a given section of the statute, are so interwoven into judicial reports and proceedings, into digests and works on statutory construction and law books of every kind, and into the title and body of the very laws themselves, that a departure from them by the adoption of new numbers for the same sections, in a new compilation of the statutes, would be a grave offense against public convenience. We therefore retain the original section numbers where the 1881 statute is still in force or has been amended, and add the new laws upon like subjects as supplementary thereto, with alphabetical prefixes “a, b, c," etc., to the section numbers.

In view of the premises we trust that this revision will become as popular as that of 1881 and take the place of that revision in every township and hamlet, in every business room and office in the state.

FRANK A. HORNER. Brazil, Indiana, Oct. 1, 1901.

Chapter 2.


ries ..

1. Jurisdiction


3. Fugitives from Justice....

4. Surety of the Peace...

5. Search-warrant

6. Trial before Justices


The Grand Tury ...

8. Indictment and Information...

9. Arrest and Recognizance



12. Continuances .

$$ 1573 to 1591 13. Rights of Accused - Accesso

1592 to 1597

1598 to 1605i 14. Jury, how impaneled..

1606 to 1618

15. Evidence

1619 to 1624 16. Trial

1625 to 1647 17. New Trial

1648 to 1668 18. Arrest of Judgment.

1669 to 1679 19. Exceptions.

20. Judgment

1728 to 1767 22. Appeal

1768 to 1780b General provisions...

1781 to 1784 22a. Stolen property......

S$ 1785 to 1789

1790 to 1795

1796 to 1820

1820a to 1839

1840 to 1842

1843 and 1844

1845 to 1849

1850 to 1880

1881 to 1896

1897 to 1901

1901 a to 1901f

1680 to 1727

Venuc ..


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